Hey @Palmer ! How do you find TOS and TDAmeritrade when you want to short a stock? Do you usually find shares to short when needed? Any good or bad experience when shorting would be very much appreciated :)

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Palmer Feb 08, 17 9:13 AM

You can add the HTB/ETB to the scan list headers to see if the stock is shortable...check video #3 here If a stock is HTB you can call to try to reserve shares..extra step but it can be done. I have been focusing on momentum trading lately so I have not shorted much in a while.

alealvarez Feb 08, 17 6:08 PM

Thanks @Palmer . I've just implemented the HTB/ETB column :)

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[TimAlerts] I'm on TDAmeritrade and thinking of switching to IB...tried to short FATE at 2.75 but TD didn't have any shares to short, does anyone know if IB did? PM me

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Top penny stock broker platforms for buying and short selling include ThinkOrSwim, SpeedTrader, Interactive Brokers, SureTrader, Etrade and TDAmeritrade. More information is given at the following link, discussing what is the most suitable brokerage for you!!

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Philli Feb 10, 16 3:56 PM

youmay want to look at trade station

m1riske9 Dec 25, 17 10:25 AM

for people from Europe, which one is the best? Saxobank, Degiro?

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