@Arussell125 Hi Arick, I could see in your YouTube channel that you are using TDA Ameritrade with ThinkOrSwim. Is the ThinkOrSwim platform for free? Thanks

GreTa Jan 10, 17 9:23 PM

@alealvarez you can paper trade with real time quotes, you have to call and ask them.

alealvarez Jan 11, 17 9:42 AM

Hi @GreTa Thanks for that, today's morning I realised that my PaperMoney account at ThinkOrSwim was very delayed. I will give them a call and ask for real time quotes as you suggested. Thanks for your information Guys :)

anupchak Jun 04, 20 12:44 PM

I think if you have a balance of more than $25,000 with TD Ameritrade they give you the Thinkorswim platform for free.

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