After using StocksToTrade for a couple months and then trying ThinkOrSwim and ETrade Pro, I appreciate StocksToTrade MUCH more... The others kinda seem terrible in comparison... You really have to appreciate what StocksToTrade has been able to build with limited resources. Imagine if they had the multi-million dollar budgets that these mega-brokerages have had to build and maintain their software.

Alexag Jun 06, 19 3:21 AM

Great Job Andrew!!

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Hi @Arussell125 I was chatting with ThinkOrSwim support and they told me that it's not possible to short penny stocks (OTC stocks can't be shorted). I was wondering how did you deal with this?

alealvarez Jan 17, 17 11:18 AM

Just spoke to the Etrade support chat and told me the same "Unfortunately, you can not short penny stocks (any stock trading on any of the the OTC markets)"

anupchak Jun 04, 12:46 PM

Like any other broker they classify stocks as ETB, HTB and NTB, which means, Easy to Borrow, Hard To Borrow and Not To Borrow respectively. For you to short on the HTB stocks you will need to maintain an account balance of more than $100,000 with TD Ameritrade. Thats what they told me

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@Arussell125 Hi Arick, I could see in your YouTube channel that you are using TDA Ameritrade with ThinkOrSwim. Is the ThinkOrSwim platform for free? Thanks

GreTa Jan 10, 17 9:23 PM

@alealvarez you can paper trade with real time quotes, you have to call and ask them.

alealvarez Jan 11, 17 9:42 AM

Hi @GreTa Thanks for that, today's morning I realised that my PaperMoney account at ThinkOrSwim was very delayed. I will give them a call and ask for real time quotes as you suggested. Thanks for your information Guys :)

anupchak Jun 04, 12:44 PM

I think if you have a balance of more than $25,000 with TD Ameritrade they give you the Thinkorswim platform for free.

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[TimAlerts] if any of yall are with IB and using TWS, before there was not $Level2 for OTC stocks. but now there is. It comes with NASDAQ Totalview, as NDQ now runs the OTC data sector. Shows NITE, CSTI, etc etc. a bunch of them. more so than $ThinkOrSwim

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