Joined the challenge Nov 5th 2019. Music Production & Audio Engineering Major. 24 years old. Working for PRG Audio. Mexico City based. I only knew how to read candles, basic support & resistance; no previous market experience whatsoever. Commited 100% to this shit (don't know if I'm allowed to swear but Tim does it). Not touching a single buy or sell button in my broker's software till I'm not done with the DVD's & Video Lessons. Will start on a 1.5 K account on TradeZero, but before that I'll open a Thinkorswim account with 500 bucks as there are 0 commisions (only on OTC) and like .0001 fees or something like that, just to test my strategy. Ready for bad execcutions, just going for my first approach to the market. Like petting that street dog carefully in case he'll bite just to become his friend after. PDT = Perfect Dose of Tacos

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