littlemoneyDec 18, 14 5:21 PM

You continually push your students to maximize their learning potential. Although I am truly loyal to you, as odd as this may sound, I suggest you continue being a "wuss" as opposed to being a "real man" since we only benefit. When you are called out by one of your haters, it actually prompts you to become even more precise and descriptive in your thesis regarding your trades. I consider you a real man regardless of your haters' perceptions, and I continue to value your mentor ship.

BatmannDec 18, 14 5:29 PM

Hi Tim, as always great info and BIG thanks for your transparency/lessons from Vancouver BC. Dreidel-Dreidel ;)

DrinkmanDec 18, 14 5:33 PM

great vid Tim, I saw you your alert this morning, but I did not buy due to slow price action and I was not sure how far it would comeback. The afternoon uptrend and strong close near the b/o level at 6.18 to 6.20 made me think this could go 20-30 cents tomorrow, if not I will get out around 6.10. Good risk reward, went in with a plan, not following your alerts, but simply using them to form my own trading thesis. Learning a lot as a trading challenge student. :)

markcroockDec 18, 14 5:43 PM

Another perfect play for Tim's strategy. Learn and you will predict the alerts before they happen :)

stewlvDec 18, 14 6:24 PM

Thank you Tim....

LahainaKatDec 18, 14 6:27 PM

Thanks for another awesome video :)

MasiJuniorDec 18, 14 6:34 PM

Great Video again. I am glad I could also buy into ZAGG and now am more convinced to bank tomorrow

bankhead89Dec 18, 14 6:37 PM

Haha great video. Favorite quote: I don't want to be a real man. lol. I don't wanna guess and no one like loosing money so I agree with you and will also play gimmies.

DreamLynx7Dec 18, 14 6:46 PM

Great review on ZAGG Tim and very informative lesson on buying earnings winners thanks.

NS786Dec 18, 14 7:39 PM

Tim's strategy is very sound, more chances of winning. Thanks Tim.

PyrynDec 18, 14 8:06 PM

@littlemoney Frankly, as a teacher, he should be on the safe side of the trade more than anything else. Ultimately, small, safe gains are far more likely to lead to a person's long-term success than big risky trades, and I'd say Tim's approaching this in the completely correct way. I'm more or less reiterating what you said in different terms, but wanted to say it nonetheless.

PeeOnDec 18, 14 9:27 PM

Brother Tim, I don't understand homey's comment re "large caps." I mean unless you're an investor, large caps generally do you no good because of LACK of liquidity. We're TRADERS, NOT investors. So homey is talking Apples/Oranges w/ the large cap nonsense.

PeeOnDec 18, 14 9:31 PM

Homey would REALLY hate my strategy: I SHORT overvalued/garbage stocks @ or above the 1 year high. If that shit has liquidity, is overvalued and is @ 1 year highs, it's getting shorted down to Hell. Yes, a very complicated strategy. LOL! Guess I really am a pussy!

zottsDec 18, 14 9:44 PM

Haters have no CLUE....embrace your fears and learn from them

MrMiller21Dec 18, 14 10:48 PM

"I dont want to be a real man" LOL

thecoxmanDec 19, 14 9:32 PM

Timmy you da best! I am 18 years old and am learning so much from you.. One day

Chicago777Nov 28, 15 1:48 AM

This is an example of a ticker with all the right indicators going for it its an earnings winner, it is a b/o that held support it had news and possibly might have more news coming up, the risk reward ratio is also there less risk more reward given that its an earnings winner its a fundamentally strong company as opposed to shorting a fundamentally weak stock, when all the right indicators are there you can be bit more aggressive under rules. Always following collecting profits and or adapting.

Conner_TaMaderSep 26, 17 7:32 PM

Good video on $ZAGG ER and breakout. Stock is breaking out past $6.20 key resistance over multi months/year. It didn't hold above it into the close but a/h it is slowly up trending. This broke past that resistance intraday which showed that this stock could in fact run on earnings. Earnings they double revenue growth from $15M to $30M.

mbsdadJan 10, 18 3:05 PM

watched and learning.

sdcacJan 17, 18 11:05 PM

look for the give me's

tyreeMar 05, 18 10:58 PM


ZachRApr 10, 18 8:43 AM

Thanks Tim

NelehMay 16, 18 12:18 PM

Thanks ,Tim

thomasfronteraJun 23, 18 7:08 AM

Lessons 2377-2379: Trading gimmies like $ZAGG on earnings from 12/17/14, thanks Tim

AndrooJul 06, 18 12:54 PM

Thank you Tim, very cool!

mynbtsaNov 08, 18 6:34 PM

awesome Thanks Tim

Sylvia_ccDec 08, 18 3:01 PM

And again look at the risk reward!!! Also look at the odds if they are on your side!

axlkDec 24, 18 4:13 AM

Thanks Tim

FlockstockJan 11, 11:16 PM

Trade gimmies, short pumps, buy breakouts, simple news, guidance increases, predictable pump fails, past history, backtesting, odds on your side

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