InfernalDanteDec 21, 14 4:30 PM

my first alert since joining and Holy Shit that startled me!! Thought I was busted

ferencDec 21, 14 5:41 PM

"Always be scary!" :)

aongahDec 21, 14 5:54 PM

If I plan to go long/short on a stock and it hits the point where I have to cut my losses, but then it starts to go the way I planned, would it be wise to re-enter the trade with my initial plan?

nelsdawgyDec 21, 14 6:01 PM

i'm studying just as hard as you did your tennis :)

timothysykesDec 21, 14 6:13 PM

@aongah depends on the setup I rarely get back in right away as then I'm second guessing myself and I'm all turned around

traderfromorkDec 21, 14 6:57 PM

Tim, what a treat! Thanks Brother!

LahainaKatDec 21, 14 8:05 PM

Thanks for the preview from your" How to make Millions" video, Yes i like and would love more videos like this. :)

NS786Dec 21, 14 8:32 PM

Thanks Tim. I really need to take time to study. Great video

msansingDec 21, 14 8:48 PM

Absolutly fantastic, thanks TIm

adam_04Dec 21, 14 8:57 PM

Thanks for the preview, brought this on Friday can't wait for release, $300 or £190 is great value and goes to a great cause, all in all a wise investment in yourself supporting a great cause.

LadySniperDec 21, 14 8:58 PM

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Watching at least twice before calling it a night.

AthensLiveDec 21, 14 9:17 PM

Tim, Great preview videos and I like the style of content. Looking forward to the rest of the DVD on Christmas morning.

somusundaramDec 24, 14 4:50 PM

When you say 4 to 1, its reward vs risk. Its called a ratio in math. I know you suck at math Tim. Just kidding.

Chicago777Nov 28, 15 3:37 AM

lessons teach us what the HTMM DVD content is like, key take away from it all is Always trade with a solid thesis and stay disciplined, these lesson have many other tips hidden gems within, an example would be the risk/reward formula! for every .50cents of potential profit your risk should only be .10 if its 1.00 of potential upside then your max risk would be .20cents Tim goes into showing you the calculations and explains if you stick to them you can grow your account exponentially,excellent!

MachinistradesDec 09, 16 6:07 PM

Always have a specific plan, goal, and exit strategy before you enter a position. Plans help protect you from big losses, you may ride the penny-stock hype and profit from it, but NEVER believe it! "This time is different" has cost many people a lot of money! Always cut losses quickly!

TimeFliesBuyJun 03, 17 4:26 AM

Who wouldn't love an annual salary in 3 trades?

Conner_TaMaderSep 26, 17 8:18 PM

Awesome! Got the video on the pre-sale and is very helpful DVD.

nedster50Oct 13, 17 7:16 PM

Buy simply breakouts they work, Be safe always, cut loses quickly, 8 , 10 cents enough for me maybe 15, TY Tim

mbsdadJan 10, 18 11:01 AM

watched and learning.

tyreeMar 06, 18 9:49 PM

Swell Lessons Already Watched DVD

thomasfronteraJun 23, 18 8:35 AM

Nice preview of "How to Make Millions" ,lessons 2387 - 2395 from 12/21-14

Sylvia_ccDec 08, 18 6:34 PM

Great lessons! Thank you!

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