littlemoneyMar 03, 15 4:30 PM

Tim, Your explanation on how you find stocks are always so very helpful.I thank you for Your continued hard work and dedication. I value your mentor ship.

jobeMar 03, 15 4:32 PM

Tim, My first short today and small profit - now I know how to do it - thanks a meg.

lexramMar 03, 15 4:33 PM

Great video. Seeing again how you find your plays is always good to know.

PennyBucksMar 03, 15 4:54 PM

Very clear process, thank you Tim.

AlphaMar 03, 15 5:24 PM

Excellent long lesson today Tim!!! One of your best. Matching Tweets and recent Twitter promos to price action for spotting/predicting early action. Ingenious! Pretty easy to see the hype when you help us sift through the noise.

bankhead89Mar 03, 15 5:33 PM

Thanks for this great lesson Tim. Explained everything and very good trade.

Kms24Mar 03, 15 6:20 PM

This was what I was looking for. Thankyou

santanaMar 03, 15 6:35 PM

This lesson is a keeper. There are so many new things to learn. Picking %gainers on yahoo i have heard many times but this lesson follows through to the end. I think this will help me enormously ( did i spell that correctly?).

derekwoods6Mar 03, 15 6:54 PM

Just watched Tim Fundamentals Part Deux as well, so this was good reinforcement. Seeing Tim in full on research mode is awesome and motivating!

86jashikMar 03, 15 9:15 PM

I learnt more from your videos than my past 6 years of trading. "Winner Don't do different things, they think differently"

BigDogMar 03, 15 11:01 PM

Thank you Tim, another great lesson. You are just wonderful man.

leonidasMar 04, 15 12:08 AM

New trader = please keeping showing how to short stocks, ( Leonidas)

fadzsterMMar 04, 15 12:31 AM

thanks brother ! lesson learned

leonidasMar 04, 15 1:07 AM

I'm up until 2:30am or 3:00am trying to learn how to trade before I open account! This is all I do, just had surgery on leg and can't walk 2/26/15 !!! I need a new career !! Please keep helping me !!!

bhaywoo1Mar 04, 15 1:31 AM

Tim Thanks! signed up about a week ago. Starting account with less than 400 I'm going to build and become one the greatest traders ever. BTW I'll take you out to a restaurant on the west coast when you're in town once acct hits 10k

turay7Mar 04, 15 6:09 PM

Hi Tim, i am a subscriber. I would like to know more about stocktotrade and how to sign up for.

ShortSqueezeMar 05, 15 5:38 AM

Hello Timothy, Great clear lesson thank you!

KDTrey20Mar 05, 15 6:57 PM

to me this is what the Trading challenge is all about, learning how to do this yourself and become self sufficient so you only have to rely on yourself, and not on someone else. Tims not always gonna be around so learn to do this yourself!

SecondLevelMar 05, 15 7:09 PM

Awesome lesson Tim - lots of value in walking back through your research/diligence. I saw that Twitter user only had a couple hundred followers - is that enough to spike the stock? Is he likely working in conjunction with an email list?

WakkoMar 05, 15 10:54 PM

Just watched it again for the 3rd time, one of the best video lessons so far. I could not think about one good reason to get back on Twitter until this lesson. Thanks a ton Tim!

TallHandsomeRobMar 09, 15 6:50 PM

Excellent! 1. Use Yahoo finance to find % gainers. 2. Spot stocks trading about abo. 500K shares and less than 100M shares: right liquidity. 3. Match with stocks that are less than about $10 and have a smaller market cap (less than about 20M) 4. Look for catalyst: Twitter, News, Earnings, etc. 5. Look for support/resistant and trends based off catalysts to come. Thank you Tim.

ParadoxTraderJun 07, 15 10:14 AM

watched, great video on how you see promoters pass work.

leonidasJun 07, 15 5:10 PM

I like that, that how I'm picking my stokes to trade right now, I don't know how to short stocks but one thing at time.

marklarioNov 01, 15 6:42 PM

great video Tim loaded with information

Chicago777Dec 01, 15 3:13 AM

The main purpose of this lesson was to show you a bit of DD that Tim made and the dots he connected, here we saw how it was picked by "small cap ir" they did research on it and they stand bullish on it, Tim shows the reaction it had in the morning and explains how getting initiating position at later time near support would be a better r/r given that the odds are high the next morning an Analyst picks up on it and upgrades it or elaborates further on the matter. Very good lesson.

AdrianalineDec 28, 15 12:48 PM

this is one of my favorite lessons. 3rd time watching

BearhawkApr 04, 16 3:19 PM

Of the thousands of PS Silver video lessons I have watched so far, this has to be one of my all time favorites! Tim has a way of explaining his methods for finding stocks in a simple and clear fashion that anyone can do. Thank you @timothysykes for being the excellent teacher that you are!!!

YaroYasinskiyNov 23, 16 11:47 PM

Another great lesson, ideally you want wait to go long right before the market close because you don't know what the stock will do after you buy at say 2:30 or 3:30. Ideally you see an uptrend towards market close and you go long for a nice sell into morning spike. Thanks

MachinistradesJan 31, 17 9:56 AM

Great video, concise explanation of the research process.

FlockstockJul 20, 17 11:58 PM

Why is the stock up .. No overly liquid stocks they are choppy .. Low price, high volume, good chart, good news , small marketcap , low float =good play .. No financials, no mergers, no biotechs .. If no news, what causes big spikes, check twiiter for hype news and pumping

Israel500Oct 26, 17 6:17 PM

muy bueno muchacho.

mbsdadDec 21, 17 8:46 PM

watched and learning.

MsaldamarcoMar 13, 18 4:51 PM

Excellent vid. Very helpful to see and understand the process behind the magic!

tyree7Apr 02, 18 8:00 PM


ClovisApr 12, 18 12:59 PM

Great history!

SlayerApr 12, 18 1:24 PM

Thanx Tim.

HagenApr 30, 18 1:04 PM

Thanks for helping me to become a self sufficient trader

CrazyWillowsMay 01, 18 1:35 PM

Never a dull moment!! Brilliant Mr Sykes

SlipKidMay 08, 18 2:11 PM

Always nice to see an approach from our Leader. Thank you.

TraderChefJun 03, 18 6:06 AM


thomasfronteraJul 05, 18 11:43 AM

Lessons 2616-2618: great lessons detailing the actions of stock promoters with $TSRI , $MDR, and $HMNY. Very meticulous research behind the scenes of price action, thank Tim.

Willbee_RichNov 05, 18 1:30 PM

Great video on the insights of how to pick an earnings winner...Thank You Tim!!!

mynbtsaNov 09, 18 10:56 AM

Great leasson Tim thanks

axlkDec 13, 18 6:02 AM

Thanks Tim

CrazyWillowsJun 28, 19 7:47 AM

Hahaha love the part of how you talk about the stock you researched earlier like you'd never seen it before to emphasise importance of pr.. lol.. keeping it real!!! LOVE IT!!! Good lessons, thanks Tim.

hannon777Aug 03, 19 8:56 PM

10/4 be meticulous!

gjbailey36Aug 13, 19 4:51 PM

Nice tidbit I picked up about the Market Cap. Thanks

piscott0306Oct 02, 19 8:06 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

TrentUglowMar 25, 10:12 PM

This by far one of the most valuable video lessons out. Has Tim's thinking the entire way and he guides us along the way. Never thought about using Twitter as a source.

KDJourneyMay 28, 12:20 PM

Learning every day . . . going back five years history to study dip buys & Panics

rubenfavelaMay 30, 6:12 PM

Be meticulous!, good way to perform research gambling, understand the the hype and promotion. Go through a processs from finding the catalyst for every spike and find patterns in Twitter. Thanks Tim for all your lessons.

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