littlemoneyApr 05, 15 2:28 PM

Tim G, congratulation on your success and thank you for all the sacrifices you make answering questions on your free time and making valuable video lessons. I feel fortunate and inspired to be learning from a student of Tim's and feel more confident in his teachings based on your success. I value you both for your mentor ship.

jdic20090310Apr 05, 15 2:47 PM

Please push this to YouTube sooner than later so I can share it with others sooner than later.

0010ALogisticApr 05, 15 2:50 PM

This Guy Is Superman, FLY INTHE SKY>

OxytoxicApr 05, 15 5:53 PM

Thank you Tim, really need that.

PedroMadApr 05, 15 9:46 PM

thankx for the sharing Tim! It 's good you are so straight hnest and humble and not a fck moron....can t wait to join Challenge students!

jessrobertsApr 06, 15 12:44 AM

Where can we find Tim G's webinar archive??

Do_You_Even_Trade_BroApr 06, 15 3:47 AM

I think its bloody awesome that you said "these are the things i learnt from him"!!! Just goes to show that even the master is still humble enough to learn stuff (or at least be reminded of it)

DrinkmanApr 06, 15 1:05 PM

Excellent recap, thank you Tim Sykes and Tim Grittani for what you guys do, we students really appreciate this opportunity to learn.

MasiJuniorApr 08, 15 2:21 AM

This is one of the best videos in 2015 so far! So inspiring. I like Tim Grittanis attitude. He is such patient, calm and honest person. Very very very cool to learn from him. And thank you Tim btw for you webinar yesterday. Can't wait to watch it again, there also where great lesson!

raphavongalApr 08, 15 9:32 PM

Tks for share your trades. Nice Tim G.

BigDogApr 09, 15 1:12 AM

Thank you Master Tim.S for great learning video. Very inspiring, and thank to Tim.G too. watched 2 times this video, learned a lot.

Blakemaute123Mar 30, 16 10:37 PM

Both of the Tim's are great inspirations. I'm greatly inspired by you guys thank you

MachinistradesFeb 16, 17 2:22 PM

Excellent video, theres so much to learn from so many great traders!

Conner_TaMaderOct 09, 17 6:15 PM

Awesome little video with TG. Lots of good nuggets of wisdom in here.

mbsdadDec 16, 17 8:19 PM

watched and learning.

ZachRFeb 12, 18 10:04 PM

Thanks Tim's

thomasfronteraJul 17, 18 2:29 PM

Lessons 2696-2698: Trading with Tim G from Colorado, 4/5/15.

axlkMay 11, 19 12:13 PM

Thanks Tim

piscott0306Oct 01, 19 1:09 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

HenryCraigJul 19, 20 1:05 AM

Knowledge supports growth and development.

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