Cali_TraderJun 21, 15 12:41 PM

Great video, Your technical analysis is just fantastic !!!

fadzsterMJun 21, 15 12:45 PM

God bless you lessons !! another very informative video Tim keep it up !

timothysykesJun 21, 15 12:48 PM

@BryantArt thanks, glad you liked it!

dr_strange_stockJun 21, 15 12:58 PM

I was in this trade just before your alert Tim. It was exciting to see I was spot on about the trade and I made a nice profit as well.

MattMan44Jun 21, 15 2:27 PM

The More You Learn The More You Earn!! Thanks for another great video.

removalprojectsJun 21, 15 2:31 PM

I had 2 spectacular father's day presents today. A hand made book about "dad" from my 5 year old daughter and this lesson! Thanks for taking the time on this holiday to help dads like me and I'd like to wish a happy father's day to your father Joel as well.

knowledgeispowerJun 21, 15 2:42 PM

Do you think at 3.45 INUV is still a good pick up?

LithuanianNightmareJun 21, 15 4:17 PM

Thx for this video lesson. You put everything in such easy-to-understand terms. Much appreciated!

JDUPS705Jun 21, 15 7:27 PM

Is it important that the there is also a 2 month b/o at $3.50 from early April?

benglish93Jun 21, 15 7:57 PM

probably my favorite video lesson of all time from you. Thanks Tim, buying the dip and analyzing risk/reward is really making sense now.

TheProtegeJun 21, 15 8:58 PM

Thank You Tim. I'm new and just subscribe to your pennystocking trying to learn the ropes in this world. I truly desire to be a badass like you.

LucidJun 22, 15 5:01 AM

god bless

nmjbJun 22, 15 5:57 PM

Today was a sad day for me because this was my first trade and everything did not go well. I bought INUV right at the moment the market opened hoping this would breakout, but instead i walked into a wall full of sellers and now I have taken a huge loss off $949

timothysykesJun 22, 15 6:09 PM

@nmjb sorry to hear but that's what happens when you break the I said in this weekend's video lesson DO NOT CHASE INUV at 3.50ish, the key to my success was dip further messed that up by breaking rule #1 about cutting losses quickly...can't break rules and expect to be okay, sorry!

nmjbJun 22, 15 6:49 PM

@timothysykes thanks for the reply and i won't allow this failure break my confidence even though this was my first trade. Even though I saw the stock drop, I wanted to give it a chance to rise but before I knew it the price crashed down to $3.04. I need to be better prepared so I can never taste this loss again

DrinkmanJun 23, 15 12:10 AM

thank you Tim :)

Chicago777Dec 04, 15 4:10 AM

Happy Fathers Day continued (sun) In this lesson we get to see what an ideal b/o chart looks like on the daily, Tim goes into explaining why it is basically the best chart at that moment in the whole market, based on technical's and its potential very good r/r

mbsdadOct 27, 16 10:21 PM

watched and learning!

HIMMENYMar 31, 17 6:35 AM

Thank you tim! i would be the dumbass buying at the breakout level this is why i try to avoid breakouts as im terrible at them

MachinistradesSep 08, 17 8:39 PM

Wow, that really is a nice cup and handle. Gotta love the clear support and resistance too. Definitely an ideal chart

dmatinNov 12, 17 5:55 PM

Hot Damn that chart is sexy.

ham159Jan 27, 18 10:09 AM

Great analysis

YPFFMar 12, 18 11:12 PM

The more meticulous you are, when planning your trades, the better you'll do.

axlkDec 04, 18 7:09 AM

awesome lesson Tim. I've to work on buying nearer to support and not only watch out for the b/o so I get a better r/r and odds for a gain/ bigger gain are even higher

Learning4FFApr 07, 19 12:48 AM

watched & bookmarked, plan your trade

TonyG1Apr 25, 19 6:30 PM

Thanks Tim!

CrazyWillowsMay 06, 19 2:27 AM

The r/r when buying on the dip is much greater than buying on the b/o as it could be a fake but if you in at the dip your cushion for mistakes is a allot less, Tim points out all 7 indicators and highlights key support levels that held into the afternoon before deciding to buy, strong volume relative to its history and also being a recent runner.

JonathanIParraOct 24, 19 7:56 PM

thanks tim , nice cup and handle breakout , once it spiked in the morning it held support for a nice dip buy and good stuff tim

bdriesJul 10, 3:16 AM

Watched. Thanks!

HenryCraigJul 19, 1:07 AM

Knowledge supports growth.

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