BearhawkDec 29, 15 3:48 PM

Wow, so glad to have these lessons and to see that I'm not alone in my mistakes. Lately, I've felt like my trading style was the inspiration to the Depeche Mode song, Wrong!! I study every day and trade when I see a play but lately it hasn't worked in my favor. No matter...if it takes me 6 months or 6 years, I will figure this out and make this happen. I appreciate you more than you know!! Thanks for all you do @timothysykes

KShimDec 29, 15 4:27 PM

Thanks for the lessons Tim.

teentraderDec 29, 15 4:40 PM

Thanks for the great lessons Tim! Feels good to know that my small loss was a good trade! I shorted $CNIT on a little bounce and nearly made back my RWLK losses! -3$ for the day haha

trugreenDec 29, 15 5:09 PM

Excellent. Thanks for being transparent.

RaidonDec 29, 15 7:20 PM

Thanks once again!

smillie327Dec 29, 15 7:39 PM

Thanks Tim...U sound on the move in this one...glad to know being wrong is part of trading even for gurus...makes cut losses quickly crucial to learn early in a trading career!

BearzRupDec 29, 15 8:19 PM

Even though you were wrong on EARS you were up on WTW for the day. Profit is what matters and you seem to be making it everyday. Happy New Year!

ParadoxTraderDec 29, 15 8:24 PM

Great video Tim. Loved how we were in the same trade and I executed it before you. (love to be on the right path as the guru.) Learning!

AashDec 29, 15 9:20 PM

Thanks Tim,

DecensteveDec 29, 15 9:28 PM

Utilize Past Pattern to be prepared for future,Have a plan and stick to it!

Valorie1111Dec 29, 15 10:06 PM

Thanks so much for this video lesson Tim, my favorite yet simply because it shows why I believe in you as a mentor. "you keep it real" word is bond. Keep up the great teaching!!

MathisTwoDec 29, 15 11:35 PM

Thanks Tim for the lesson very helpful to know that I'm always not going to have successful trades but always continue to learn from mistakes and never losing confidence

Walshy7650Dec 30, 15 6:07 AM

another great lesson Tim nice one never really had so much fun learning anything but the way you teach is just so easy to relate to and your vids crack me ryt up with some of the things you say hahahaha sure does sink in so thanks again ma man

midhun697Dec 30, 15 8:38 AM

Dont know sometimes the videos in profitly gets stuck and dont work, :(

digitalsoftailDec 31, 15 10:02 PM

Great information to have. Planning for me is essential.

TheVulcanTraderJan 02, 16 11:22 PM

Note: Use previous losses to learn, refine strategy AND CUT LOSSES QUICK! stick to plan when trading

SimonSJan 03, 16 1:32 PM

Grateful for the Two Lesson Tuesday, I don't always stick to the plan but I'm learning. Thanks Tim

dgleadsJan 26, 16 1:19 PM

Did my first papertrade today. Bought AMDA last night and sold it today for 21% gain, :)

Chicago777Mar 02, 16 3:10 PM

Always have a plan on Any trade a plan of entry a plan of exit and think of worst case scenario cut losses point and best case scenario profit taking point. If You go into a trade with this already thought out then you will know what to do at All times and you will also protect your account from Big losses.

mbsdadAug 25, 16 4:17 PM

watched and learning!

STickerApr 21, 17 6:48 AM

most two important lessons!

LevroneJul 23, 17 10:22 PM

thanks tim

HaywardAug 29, 17 11:24 PM

Thanks Tim!

MachinistradesSep 22, 17 3:10 PM

Great trades highlighted here. The patterns still work!

EnglishgentOct 31, 17 12:49 PM

Trading truly is simple.. but by no means easy. Thanks for the lesson Tim.

PlasticPaulDec 08, 17 4:25 PM

Learn from mistakes. yes. Thanks for the lesson.

ZachRJan 26, 18 10:08 AM

Thanks Tim

YPFFMar 07, 18 10:17 PM

Go in with a plan and stick to the plan!

axlkOct 25, 18 5:55 AM

Thanks Tim. Sticking to your plan is so important and sometimes hard if your emotions come into the play

Sylvia_ccDec 14, 18 4:52 PM

Always have a plan!!!! It is ok to be wrong!

CrazyWillowsMar 08, 11:29 AM

Go in with a plan and stick to the plan, its ok to be wrong, get out if you are wrong, small losses and small gains are educational, Trading Tickers talks about Grittani's plan, How to Make Millions teaches patterns, you need to learn past patterns to see how future patterns react... Great lesson Tim!!!

piscott0306May 29, 1:50 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

JonathanIParraOct 02, 9:23 AM

thanks tim , learn from every trade and get better and stick to the plan

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