FneJan 26, 17 3:30 PM

Feed the need for speed (improvements) in your trading with STT optimize optimize optimize ....note to self Tim takes anything and runs with it. Be prepared for public exposure and transparency

SpaceBountyJan 26, 17 5:10 PM

@tbohen Great job on the video. The new features on STT w/Oracle & Twitter feed have been awesome! Look forward to what's to come. #alwaysbuilding

bank_a_tronicJan 26, 17 5:25 PM

STT sounds so amazing. WOW-the order adds-the filter & twitter integration! AFLIPPINMAZING! This is wayyyy cool, Tim. Gotta find out what makes mine glitch so much (even with my 2k computer & 3 different operating systems) & get STT as soon as possible! Finding Hot Stocks! Tim Bohen is perfect for this as well-on point teacher-enjoyable voice- unique.

GoodKarmaJan 26, 17 5:41 PM

Great video. Looking forward to making more use of Oracle. First I want to fine tuning my watch list without extra tools but it's great to have these for reference. Thanks guys!

ssweeneyJan 26, 17 6:24 PM

This is exactly what I looked forward to when signing up for Silver Tim! I want to learn how to make my own "Tim Sykes worthy" Watchlists every day, or at least weekly. Maybe you can setup a grading system on watchlists that we create each week on profit.ly, and tell us why you gave us an A,B,C,D,F and what to do better? But then again, I know you already have a shit ton of other work you to do/teach everyday, so just wishful thinking Tim! I want to be a ticker picking machine like you!

mwienerJan 26, 17 6:32 PM

Why does every video start or end with a STT commercial?

BrandynladdJan 26, 17 6:54 PM

STT is amazing! I had no idea what I was missing before I subscribed. STT is a necessity now!

alan316Jan 26, 17 6:55 PM

I tried to give 1000 karmas. Thanks Tim B, Thank you Tim S, THANK YOU THANK YOU,THANK YOU! took me over 2 hours to finish, I was on my STT and rewinding video so I could click on all the things so I could get used to them. I've had STT for over a Year. love this new stuff! Thanks to you and your team. ya'll are bad ass! LOVE IT!

alan316Jan 26, 17 6:58 PM

@mwiener because it is the best out there, that's why!

mwienerJan 26, 17 7:01 PM

@alan316 Tried it, Always crashed on me, I really think its best to learn how to find your own stocks to trade. I think Tim is an amazing teacher but also an amazing marketer. I will not be signing up any time soon. Watch his video lessons it's crashing every 30 seconds.

alan316Jan 26, 17 7:01 PM

@Brandynladd yes it is and now it's better than before. thanks for karma, back atcha. just my country self. lol

EbogeyJan 26, 17 7:02 PM

Nice job Tim B Stocks to trade is the BOMB

alan316Jan 26, 17 7:05 PM

@mwiener I understand, I have it on 2 pads and 3 pc's I had problems on a couple of them so I called tech and they fixed it. no problem now. some days when they up date I have problems. not often,

alan316Jan 26, 17 7:09 PM

@mwiener hand shake? just answered the question before no biggy!

AdrianNYJan 26, 17 7:37 PM

Oracle looks really cool, wish I can see it in action live. Maybe will sign up.

mbsdadJan 26, 17 8:43 PM

watched and learning!

GutterRatJan 26, 17 9:54 PM

I tried the trial but I can't see myself putting down so much money for this program that is really good but crashes soooo much.

trugreenJan 26, 17 10:50 PM

Thanks again.

bodazaphfaJan 27, 17 12:40 AM

How is Tim B. shorting in paper trading? The only options I have are buy and sell. I've checked STT.com and there's nothing relevant. 😄

nguyenslimJan 27, 17 1:22 AM

When i started studying on 1/10/17,i didn't use stocktotrade. I started losing money and my profitly account is negative 421.26. When i started using stocktrade, i was able to start turning profits. Starting with a $5000 account. Was able to make start making a profit of 342.25 today and found these stocks with stocktotrade. Combining the study materials and stocktotrade definitely accelerates the learning curve. Found PULM and AUPH both on stocktotrade. I will update my verified purchases soon.

tvaughnJan 27, 17 6:09 AM

Great stuff Tim S and Tim B. I'll watch this and all many many times until I get all of this burned into my little brain. Education is king. Thanks.

ashaleeJan 27, 17 3:11 PM

Amazing! Just purchased my subscription and I'm so excited 😊

suesgaggeroJan 27, 17 4:43 PM

very good but could not follow the curser to see where he went to click on anything. Had to go back several times to understand. Please when going through these especially for newbies go slower with the curser. Loved all the info. Thanks

TraderTravJan 27, 17 8:40 PM

Bohen, you rock as much as Sykes does! Your energy and knowledge keep me glued to your videos. Thank you for the work you've put into training us. It is making a huge impact. I'm ready for the future.

cardsfan95Jan 27, 17 10:56 PM

Great video, I cannot wait for broker integration!

jeanniebeanieJan 28, 17 9:32 AM

Great Video, will sign up for trial . Oracle looks amazing and a great tool for me!

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"Let the stock come to you." This is plain as day, instead of chasing. Most importantly thank you for this video. As a challenge student I need this before Feb 1st.

TimeFliesBuyJan 29, 17 10:56 PM

If he watched this video lesson on the toilet his legs are numb.....

STickerFeb 04, 17 10:13 AM

Watched it recently on youtube, now rewatched it again! Still glade to have the early bird deal of February 2016! Price of @stockstotrade constantly rises!

IrvingFeb 05, 17 6:06 PM

love u

PapaTinnnnnFeb 07, 17 6:42 PM

Watched and continuing to learn!

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Thanks you @tbohen for providing awesome content for years now.

MKanjuMay 20, 17 8:52 PM


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Note to self: after your eyes stop bleeding of charts, study SST.

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Thank you Tim, Awesome presentation, a lot of information, and platform can't wait to really get into it. Question so when you decide no you didn't want this trade and you say you can just cancel and get out of it, so are you responsible for anything? or you wipe your hands clean from it? or are you talking that"s the second you want out of the trade?

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Knowledge supports growth and development.

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