KobischkaOct 18, 2:59 PM

Great learning experience. Humbleness is essential. I know the feeling of having red months with my account as low at -40%, and not being able to trade. I did it to myself. Don't get greedy and learn to CUT LOSSES early. I'm learning to trade scared.

ScipioOct 18, 3:20 PM

Great human spirit...

PopcheezOct 18, 4:20 PM

Great job guys! Keep up the good work! Welcome back Dom! Good lessons that hit home

JoshRiversOct 18, 5:31 PM

Coming back from losses is tough especially when you try to Make it back to quick.I was well over negative 100k and now a profitable trader. Many reasons why but not sticking to rules and discipline was main problem. Thanks for all the lessons! Staying humble and one trade at a time. God bless!

JennaOct 18, 5:59 PM

great video i have been wondering about this Dom ! love the OT swizzle

skatermdwOct 18, 6:00 PM

Thank You Tim !!!! The top winners of the challenge explain the pain of over trading and big losses that will humble ones trading habits, thank you guys for the knowledge!!!!

Sky_Hi_TradingOct 18, 7:29 PM

Wow that was awesome!!! So happy to see your strong comeback Dom!! Since I was with you guys at the conference last year, this episode is my fav! The feelings Jack expressed at the end for seeing Dom back in action is mirrored by me, not just for Dom but for seeing all you guys together again!! Much love and respect!!! BTW awesome message! Thanks for sharing your experience and what you learned Dom!

AdamR93Oct 18, 7:39 PM

I love Dom's reaction to you coming on the video call!!

andymezquita79Oct 18, 8:31 PM

Wow what a video amazing. Thanks to Dom, for being so transparent. Love it . thanks to all the rest, Kyle, Matt and come back Jack. Respect to all of you. Thanks Tim

froggy2371Oct 18, 8:32 PM

Great video, just feeling it with these guys. Teaching me to go with what works for me and to get complacent, markets to change. I've been humble and taking small gains with OT swizzle.

Boninm252Oct 18, 8:42 PM

Dude I’m kind of jealous. Wish I could grow hair like that. LOL the male pattern baldness thing got a hold of my head.

msbtaOct 18, 8:44 PM

great job

Crazey_CanuckOct 18, 9:58 PM

Thanks Tim, growing my hair for over 2yrs now just for the purpose of donating hair, mom and dad both passed because of cancer, mom wore a wig for a very long time which was my inspiration to donate the hair. Thank you Tim and if you have a charity you recommend to donate the hair it would be honor to shave my head that would actually be a cool video LOL

Crazey_CanuckOct 18, 10:01 PM

Also great to see Dom back great episode of TWIST pretty cool to see and you couldn't wipe the smiles of the lads faces. Thanks for sharing Dom

SurfinWavesOct 18, 10:22 PM

Wow. I loved this video. I finally understand the OTCSwizzle. I will look to trade that! Thanks Dom,Jack,Kyle,Matt!

007USMCOct 18, 10:33 PM

Great video message. I can't wait to join y'all in the Challenge this week and learn and grow. The unexpecting to see how I will do in the future.

Jo897BOct 18, 11:07 PM

Good to see Dom back, doing well, and has also grown as a trader. So much inspiration from you all. Thx Guys!!

GabytraderOct 18, 11:14 PM

See you Tuesday night as well, thanks you!

SHEANNOct 18, 11:49 PM

Learning every day, thanks Tim.

SalmanSheikhOct 18, 11:56 PM

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Matthew46Oct 19, 12:05 AM

Thank You Tim! Looking forward to Tuesday!

Badgerjoe04Oct 19, 12:30 AM

Such a Legit episode! Thanks a lot guys. The pattern breakdowns are on point.

PayingformyhorsesOct 19, 12:34 AM

This was such a great video. I took 3 pages of notes! Look at these young guys teaching us older gen x’ers. I love it!

DarbsOct 19, 2:02 AM

Great episode, thanks guys for all your lessons!!!!!!

dumbtradesOct 19, 4:28 AM

great stuff about coming back from losses

julz76Oct 19, 5:32 AM

amazing guys

happy1128Oct 19, 7:02 AM

I really enjoyed this thanks to you all

PeachtartOct 19, 7:28 AM

Thanks guys, and many thanks to you Dom for sharing your story. I certainly needed to hear it.

jackson54Oct 19, 9:33 AM

thanks for letting us know that we WILL learn to cut losses quickly

001CPOct 19, 10:24 AM

Great job Dom! Keep up the hard work. It was just a bump in the road on your path to success.

KDJourneyOct 19, 11:12 AM

Dom ~ Good to see you . . . Appreciate your lessons

VoxOct 19, 3:07 PM

@timothysykes great video! Keep going. crawling is acceptable.

piscott0306Oct 19, 3:42 PM

Videos watched. Muchas Gracias.

spiffautOct 19, 4:12 PM

Thanks guys for this talk!!

jburdOct 20, 5:29 AM

Great stuff love to see everyone helping each other and happy with others success.

AndrooOct 20, 2:37 PM

Thank you Tim, very cool!

GrimesOct 20, 5:52 PM

good stuff

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