AustinGFeb 10, 14 12:40 PM

I learned a lot today! Thanks Tim! Keep up the awesome vidssss and its "GET OVER HERE" scorpion's hook from mortal kombat ;)

ryantwFeb 10, 14 12:41 PM

Thank you Tim. YOD opened my eyes. Finally!

matbFeb 10, 14 12:42 PM

I'll have to check out the long term subscription when my account is bigger for sure ! good job Tim spotting YOD

r_sinaiFeb 10, 14 12:55 PM

like the advnace alert time, much appreciate it. Gave me the time to try and find shares to short

TickTockTickerFeb 10, 14 3:56 PM

Great pattern forming on CNTO to short. Thanks.

WizcoFeb 10, 14 4:10 PM

Pretty sure 90% of us are still kicking our own asses for selling too soon... Either way we all made $$$ on YOD. Thanks Tim

kunasawaFeb 10, 14 4:48 PM

Very grateful for the insight. I will turn your teaching into profits.

vetdoc75Feb 10, 14 6:41 PM

Thank you Guru . For talking about YOD on friday in one of your video and I am up 3k . Lets see what will Happen Tomorrow. Thank you.

wetsuit509Feb 10, 14 6:59 PM

Right on the money with YOD, Tim. Thanks for the heads-up.

darkdeathtradingFeb 11, 14 12:02 AM

Hey tim I haven't started trading with you yet as iam watching your dvd's and learn and was just setting up a Etrade account over the weekend... I was watch this trade with you guys and now wish I was trading over the weekend with you... Thanks tim your great teacher and hope to soon join your trades.

olivermeFeb 11, 14 7:44 AM

I'm a new subscriber yesterday. I started stocks investing last month. I own couple of stocks and made few bucks so far. I want to learn further especially with penny stocks so I want to learn from the best and choose Tim as one of my mentor.

jdginnFeb 11, 14 6:03 PM

You are awesome and I really appreciate all these explanations. About half way through dvds but will need to re watch them and cherry pick . You know a ton and I just want to learn. Very excited to give this a shot but it is challenging for sure. Seems like more I read , learn and try to come up with a plan the less I know. Anyway I look forward to everyday, just trying to keep up.Thanks!

SuperMario8Feb 12, 14 10:04 PM

Great Job on the CNTO pick.

KNUTMar 15, 14 6:38 PM

I would like to see this play out with SMSI...

KurdmanJul 05, 14 6:49 AM

Thanks Tim - always get something out of your videos: [Note to self] - keep in mind the previous levels that a stock reached when trading to assist with trading decisions

Chicago777Nov 16, 15 10:57 PM

good video good example of a long term pick with a b/o chart on the daily

STickerDec 20, 16 2:39 PM

Your promotion can actually change life in a positive way!

PrinsSFeb 20, 17 7:54 AM

nice video

JameyJul 08, 17 3:22 PM

Great video lesson. Thank you, Tim.

Conner_TaMaderAug 13, 17 9:03 AM

Great lesson on your long term pick of $YOD with Netflix. Even if you aren't a subscriber to the long term you should still be buying the breakout because it blew past $3.26 double top with volume. $CNTO is a potential short as this pump seems to be coming to an end. Head and shoulders pattern with $1.90 being the neckline.

AngelTradesAug 13, 17 11:15 PM

Awesome long term pick on $YOD I remember the announcement. Crazy how far this went. Stupid Seeking alpha just regurgitating your shit. Typical lazy humans. Even short term that buy at 3.03 was awesome. It's EDUCATION!! FOOL! I strangely feel like I already seen this video but hey maybe it'sjust because I've studied so hard. $CNTO it could crash on Long red day. First down day at that. Blatant pump and now they have a cease order lol nice short.

AngelTradesAug 13, 17 11:17 PM

I have seen this video before because I remember the Mortal Kombat reference to scorpion and telling you that it's "Get over here!" not "Get back there" oh well. Nice video overall thanks tim!

tyree7Oct 10, 17 11:24 PM

Swell Lesson

willsDec 20, 17 3:36 AM

Don't listen to the haters! you're giving so much education.

zarazaMay 09, 18 8:31 AM

Thank You Tim....

thomasfronteraMay 26, 18 2:08 AM

Lessons; 1462 - 1465; Predicting 50% on $YOD(2-10-14). Thanks,Tim

mbsdadJun 01, 18 4:31 PM

watched and learning.

AndrooOct 02, 18 9:27 PM

Thank you Tim, very cool!

piscott0306Dec 23, 18 3:01 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias Tim.

axlkJan 17, 19 7:13 AM

Thanks Tim

TinCup72Jun 24, 19 6:33 PM

Thanks Tim great lesson

hannon777Jun 26, 19 2:33 AM

study!! study! thanks tim!

piscott0306Aug 27, 19 1:35 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

PocketPATSep 06, 19 8:54 PM

Thanks Tim!!! Bookmarked!!!

KStangerOct 26, 19 3:26 AM

Awesome! Thanks Tim!

bdriesDec 30, 19 9:29 PM

Watched. Thanks!

HenryCraigMar 07, 11:31 AM

Preparation + Opportunity = Success "Knowledge and self-sufficiency are critical to my success in penny stocking."

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