MarcMunozFeb 26, 14 8:00 PM

Great lesson Tim. I wish I could find what it is I lack in my efforts to build enough bank to afford all the great things you have to offer because I really do want to be one of your next millionaires. I've watches all you DVD's but I guess I must be trying to hard. Keep teaching these great lesson so people like me can one day get it all together and make it.

asamedinFeb 26, 14 8:54 PM

Great video again Tim! can't wait to be one of your challenge students :)

SuperMario8Feb 26, 14 9:04 PM

Good training Tim, and congrats on your $100k plus gains for the week.

cardiffscottyFeb 26, 14 10:55 PM

Nice trades and great lesson- Thanks Tim!

Trade2TravelFeb 27, 14 1:03 AM

Well Done on EKSO and CNTO... You're trading is incredible! Can't wait to trade and profit on a yacht or island... Thanks Tim!

jwcollierFeb 27, 14 7:55 AM

Finished the vid lessons, appreciate good info. thanks

andretiiMar 03, 14 9:51 PM

Love this video. Always looking for great explanations of plays/strategies and this one really delivers. Thank you.

McBainApr 06, 14 12:15 AM

These video lessons are gold!!!

KurdmanJul 05, 14 6:42 AM

Thanks Tim: very enlightening. [Note to self] - Watch for trend changes (HH -> LH)

Chicago777Nov 17, 15 8:34 AM

"if you stick to the simple basics" "you will do well" Good lesson

MachinistradesMay 21, 16 12:37 PM

fantastic trades and even better examples!

GitfiddlerJul 02, 16 11:59 AM

Lock in the profits. I talk to so many people who just give it all back. I know couple guys Who trade large caps tell how they give back 75% of their gains. I'm an newbie and I'm like come man lock in those gains.

STickerDec 27, 16 3:33 AM

reals, existing product - better chance for an overnight story spread!

urboApr 18, 17 2:17 PM

take the meat of the move

urboApr 18, 17 2:19 PM

watch for patterns on daily charts too not just intraday

FneMay 22, 17 8:00 PM

Large cap stocks don't move much .. Volatility sucks ... Focus on volatile stocks .. Grow account quickly .. If stock story spreads. More buying occurs and price keeps running .. Dip buy isn't possible sometimes.. May want to chase a bit, but only if the hype and story will move the stock .. Uptrending chart breaking to new highs =get in and ride the spike wave .? Go long and short ...keep things simple.Short stocks when fading volume... crashes can bounce and fail to hit a new high

JameyJul 09, 17 10:44 AM

Thank you for a great video lesson, Tim. $CNTO was a good lesson from previous videos when it popped up, nice to see how it finished.

AngelTradesAug 14, 17 2:28 PM

Good review and why you don't trade these stocks like Google and Facebook etc. Thanks Tim. Good recap on $EKSO. $CNTO finally the results!! Beautiful!! That thing collapsed!!!! Amazing call man. You gotta look for the the indicators. The ending of the mailers and the ads. Man that's awesome. No audited financings and Canada halted it. Perfect signals.

Conner_TaMaderAug 14, 17 7:54 PM

Great video of $CNTO opening down big and covering for massive profits. Wish there was an intraday view of it.

tyree7Oct 14, 17 5:52 PM


SvaldoNov 28, 17 10:56 PM

Well played Tim, thanks for the lesson1

thomasfronteraMay 27, 18 12:18 AM

Great lessons Tim, thanks. Lesson# 1504-1506(2/26/14) making 152K in 2 days on $EKSO and $CNTO.

mbsdadMay 30, 18 1:45 PM

watched and learning.

Sheeker2018Sep 08, 18 7:16 PM

WOW!! this video was so much valuable!! I have learned a lot. People that ignore these videos are missing out a world of knowledge.

AndrooOct 02, 18 10:41 PM

Thank you Tim, very cool!

zarazaJan 11, 19 8:32 AM

Thank You Tim.. Trade volatile stocks.

axlkJan 18, 19 4:46 AM

Thanks Tim

KStangerOct 26, 19 11:53 PM

Awesome! Thanks Tim!

HenryCraigMar 07, 20 11:32 AM

Preparation + Opportunity = Success "Knowledge and self-sufficiency are critical to my success in penny stocking."

HoldmytexanDec 12, 20 10:10 PM

Thanks for the lessons boss

didixiuSep 04, 21 6:05 PM

Thank you Tim.

DDTOct 20, 22 9:27 AM

Thanks Tim

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