MarcMunozFeb 28, 14 2:07 PM

Nice! Showing an actually real time chart moving up on earnings which you defined for us. I got the alert early enough but I'm in something else so I couldn't play it but everything you say makes so much sense. Anyone can tell you know your stuff. Awesome Tim. I'll watch this over and over. FYI You're not weird Tim. Nothing boring about the way you teach. You keep our attention as you teach and that's huge. Once again PROPS!

lickem1979Feb 28, 14 2:42 PM

Hey Tim been almost a month on your silver alerts I just been doing as much studying videos and reading the books you email. I made my first deposit by studying the graphs and doing research I bought 5k of NVLX today at .44 on the climb I got out on the fall at .585 made $700 it crashed again to .42 would you buy it again and hold it when it goes in the green.

lickem1979Feb 28, 14 4:01 PM

Well I bought back in at .37 cents hope to sell at .47 before market closes but I will sell sooner if it doesn't reach it 10K of shares don't want to carry over the weekend

lickem1979Feb 28, 14 4:02 PM

Well I bought back in at .37 cents hope to sell at .47 before market closes but I will sell sooner if it doesn't reach it 10K of shares don't want to carry over the weekend trying to be independent and follow your rules

lickem1979Feb 28, 14 4:27 PM

Sold it at .436 over $600 in profit on the bounce over $1300 in profit today I'm happy with that. Any profit is good. Ty for the lessons

MauricioFernandezFeb 28, 14 7:20 PM

Tim check out $CNTO it crashed, is it a worthy buy? It seems like a good opportunity but i'm not completely sure on it.

Chris_OFeb 28, 14 7:33 PM

Great video lesson, as always! Thank you Tim!

LefendartyMar 01, 14 10:07 AM

Fantastic video! Really shows that keeping it simple is so powerful! Thanks Tim.

jdginnMar 01, 14 10:36 AM

Great and simple, the learning keeps me inspired, thanks.

tradechaser75Mar 01, 14 11:19 PM

you gotta send this alert 6am or sooner because when I am at work there is no chance for me to buy or place an order I can't even get a chance to read your email at that 9am

tradechaser75Mar 01, 14 11:20 PM

but it was a great call and I really appreciate your hard work

SchyMar 02, 14 7:46 PM

Thanks for the great lesson.TY

Oasis19Mar 03, 14 3:45 PM

Good video. Really like to see the real time videos. Thanks!

hasho1988Mar 04, 14 12:26 AM

Hi Tim. Just signed up with silver membership. You are amazingly simplistic at what you do and I just opened an account very recently and so far.... my mind has exploded with good information

SuperMario8Mar 04, 14 10:04 PM

Thanks for showing this video. It really help, because I was having trouble buying breakouts, couldn't figure out what was the right entry point.

Chicago777Nov 17, 15 11:00 AM

Very good lessons that was a nice ending to the short after the halt decent Meat of the move cover! Good trade Good info =)

YaroYasinskiyOct 28, 16 10:14 PM

Awesome Lessons Tim. Buying predictable setups is always rewarding. Nice little morning panics on DANG & PEIX and nice bounces up to morning high resistance that lead to some rewarding earnings winners breakouts.

STickerMar 07, 17 3:37 AM

Learn your own strategy! And never short earnings winners...

FlockstockMay 22, 17 9:09 PM

Earnings winners =reaction to earnings. NOT the analyst estimates ... Buy the breakout if it consolidates and breaks at the wrong time so be it ... Buy it as it is going higher new highs) .. Buy a dip buy after a long run up and then is consolidating .. Track earnings plays for multiple days ... Watch stocks AFTER earnings PR is already out.. Buy earnings winners , short pumps, ignore everything else

M893REYJul 02, 17 3:21 PM

Thanks for the in-depth video on ideals and what to look for when looking at an earnings winner

M893REYJul 02, 17 3:31 PM

Thanks again Tim

JameyJul 09, 17 2:14 PM

I love it when you can take the watchlist comments and connect the dots to technical b/o's and ideal entry positions on what the pattern is doing on a chart. Totally a great lesson on mitigating risk because in the chatroom everyone is harping on dip buys when, as you state in the lesson, you don't know if it's coming back when it dips in the morning after it's up premarket. Wait for that technical b/o. Great lesson, thank you Tim.

Conner_TaMaderAug 15, 17 12:13 AM

Great lesson on two earnings winners that spiked nicely over two days. $DANG spiked a lot more when it broke out past multi month resistance and kept surging. Can buy the morning dip, midday breakout, or afternoon dip to hold breakout level as support. $DANG closed very strong by making new highs and holding them all day. $PEIX was a strong stock in the morning but when it came near eod it had trouble getting past a previous top. It topped eod and next morning which caused it to drop.

tyreeOct 14, 17 6:52 PM


SvaldoMay 06, 18 1:25 PM

Thanks Tim!

thomasfronteraMay 27, 18 10:35 PM

Great great lessons on earnings winners(#1512 - 1514), FOCUS ON BREAKOUT POINTS!!! Thanks, Tim.

mbsdadMay 30, 18 12:03 PM

watched and learning.

zarazaJan 27, 11:27 AM

Thank You Tim Single most important event 4 times/year. Wait for the reaction not the content of the news.

axlkMay 26, 12:24 PM

Thanks Tim

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