KNUTApr 12, 14 9:53 AM

Cool man. Thanks for the Vid lesson. These are priceless.

KNUTApr 12, 14 9:59 AM

I thought you made your first million going long on penny pumps... Why can't TIMlongterm make bank going long on the pump and then bail before the dump??? Some of these pumps took a few days or weeks to run up?

timothysykesApr 12, 14 10:00 AM

@KNUT I did make my 1st million buying, but this market is fugly for longs of any kind right now so u gotta stay in cash and wait for the proper entry times...problem is people like being invested at all times and then they lose 30-50-70% and have to come back just to breakeven which is very dififcult

orleanstraderApr 12, 14 10:12 AM

good video Tim! I seem to never get enough of listening to lessons.." Knowledge is Power"

MarcMunozApr 12, 14 11:04 AM

Good stuff as always

paul9handApr 12, 14 11:35 AM

tim what happens if a stock long or short gets halted?

razmanApr 12, 14 11:43 AM

Nice video. I need to start taking losses and using my money to make profit elsewhere instead of trying to make it back with the same stock...for some reason that mentality is hard for people to overcome.

msansingApr 12, 14 12:25 PM

Great video!

KNUTApr 12, 14 12:44 PM

I lost my ass on SMSI. I did not want to do it, but Tim gave the word to bail, and Tim is the expert. I lost 1400 bucks and sold @1.91, now SMSI is @1.75 Tim is the Pro, and I am the student. My lost could had been worst.

msansingApr 12, 14 12:47 PM

My first trade ever was on FRTD :( because i did not listen to the rules and was to eager to get started. I lost 10% on the trade which is not horrible compared to the price now but it just shows I need to listen to Tim and always cut loses the second you see it going the other way!

epadr003Apr 12, 14 2:28 PM

Good video Tim. Off topic . I need to buy your DVDs , store still down for more than two weeks. This Doug guy does not call. Need help ! Money hungry!!

MypianotechApr 12, 14 2:55 PM

I think you can purchase video streamed versions of Tim's DVDs through Investimonials if nothing else works.

epadr003Apr 12, 14 4:15 PM

I want the DVDs instead.I need to watch those videos 101 times.

Motherlode46Apr 12, 14 4:34 PM

Good lesson. Lets see what happens Wednesday. A lot of people probably got a shock when they saw how much the owed in taxes. I think that going on right now with a lot of this selling.

oops47Apr 12, 14 6:20 PM

Really good trading lessons. Too bad for some but I bet it will not be hard for them to listen now. Rule #1 cut losses quickly. Rule #2 follow rule# 1.

DreamLynx7Apr 12, 14 8:46 PM

Tim you always deliver a good message on your videos hope some of us start to follow the rules. Great lesson

hcir87Apr 14, 14 12:32 AM

Just got finish watching Tim's Level 2 DVD, This video will be needed so you don't buy the right stock at the wrong time. Tim shows you when to stay out of a trade when there is a wall of seller's and how to identify it in level 2. It Saves you so you don't buy a stock and then it drops. Learn your craft first, then the money will come.

0010ALogisticOct 17, 15 9:03 PM

Good speculated reasons is all catching momentum !

Chicago777Nov 18, 15 1:47 PM

Learn the patterns/Rules to avoid huge losses

MachinistradesJun 01, 16 12:45 AM

Trade safe.., lock in profits and cut losses quickly

YaroYasinskiyOct 31, 16 10:41 PM

great video on pumps and cutting losses.

STickerDec 20, 16 3:20 PM

#1 Rule - "Cut losses quickly"!

FlockstockMar 18, 17 12:28 AM

Don't trust penny stocks .. Cut losses quickly, don' learn the wrong lessons .... Blue chip undervalued companies ...never take losses rule while it applies to undervalued blue chips ..this rule doesn't matter in penny stocks .. Have accurate rules. They protect you from disaster .. Supernovas are unsustainable on the long side, crash is eminent... Lock in profits .. Accept market for what it is .. Don't risk big losses

TimeFliesBuyApr 15, 17 11:56 PM

Wait a minute, are you really telling me there are no Lollipops, little midgets, rainbows or unicorns??? What the heck? Segway to a joke here: Where does a leprechaun keep his wine? .... A Short Cellar ...ok I'll stick to studying and keep my day job, for now.

Conner_TaMaderAug 20, 17 1:06 PM

Great video again on these marijuana stocks. Can't wait to see how far they drop in the coming future and if there are any bounces that could be good shorts.

tyree7Oct 16, 17 10:19 PM

Swell Thanks

mbsdadApr 24, 18 11:47 AM

watched and learning.

thomasfronteraMay 30, 18 2:31 AM

Accept the pennystock market for what it is; Lessons 1644-1646. Thanks Tim

blainematthewApr 28, 19 9:51 PM

great stuff another video lesson down

zarazaMay 12, 19 7:12 AM

Thank You Tim.....Pump and dumps will eventually fail miserably.. This is not an easy game. You have to get incredibly lucky to find a teacher like Tim Sykes in this world of fakes. So when you do...LISTEN

Daniel_CMay 12, 19 2:46 PM

Thanks For The Warning Signs In These Last Few Videos Tim!

axlkMay 25, 19 8:39 AM

Thanks Tim

piscott0306Jun 19, 19 11:09 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

hannon777Jun 29, 19 8:32 PM

take the pennystock market for what it is!!! follow the rules!

KStangerDec 28, 19 1:23 AM

Follow the RULES!

HoldmytexanDec 18, 20 10:44 PM

Thanks for the lessons boss

didixiuDec 05, 21 2:59 PM

Thank you Tim.

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