PetrusBothaJun 15, 14 9:47 AM

Thank you Tim , I'm almost done being poor LOL

6rizardJun 15, 14 11:49 AM

Thanks for your video Tim. Since you have students from all over the world, Can I also please suggest to add a few details on the list on whether these brokers are assessable for non-US residence? (Ie any addition information/ hurdles required) I know for sure that Suretrader is the first option for someone out of US. Thanks in advance.

iclozmJun 15, 14 11:57 AM

Thank you!

mavericktrader8Jun 15, 14 12:27 PM

Thank you Tim. This video was helpful as i am just starting to trade

KDLJun 15, 14 2:12 PM

When people say Suretraders software is crap, do they mean it's annoying, or do they mean it doesn't execute trades in a timely way?

Skywalker12Jun 15, 14 2:18 PM

Just sent an email for an intro to the new preferred broker, Thanks Tim

DrinkmanJun 15, 14 3:25 PM

I'm working on getting out of the "POOR HOUSE" LOL, hey we all need to start somewhere, being here is the most important start!!!

britishbulldogJun 15, 14 4:51 PM

Thanks Tim. Aside from Suretrader does anybody know of any other brokers accessible for UK residents with <$10,000?

moneytrader99Jun 15, 14 6:30 PM

My suretrader acct is ready to go as of Friday. Im beyond excited.

Sandman23Jun 15, 14 7:02 PM

Does TD allow short trades for accounts under $25k?

PeeOnJun 15, 14 9:21 PM

@KDL: Both! I started out with their web-based level one platform. When they upgraded the platform, it just stopped working & I was unable to place trades. Even DAS Tech couldn't figure out why. The only solution was to upgrade to the software-based level two platform. I do not like it, as it is unnecessarily complicated, but so far it has worked. There are numerous other issues with ST programming that doesn't allow me to recommend them.

PeeOnJun 15, 14 9:31 PM

@KDL Their customer non-service is CRAP. They have no 800 number, so there is no cost effective way to reach them by phone. All customer service is web based. The simplest of questions often takes 20 min's or more and you will often spend 2+ hours and be switched to multiple people for "complex" questions (which are actually easy questions). They do have generally have shorts available, however. Any specific questions please email me @

Realife11Jun 16, 14 12:00 AM

Tim, I know you don't like Leverage.. but will the new preferred broker have any leverage like Suretrader? Thanks

stewlvJun 16, 14 1:13 AM

Great advice as always. E^trade Pro has been spot on for me. Great costumer service as well.

tradeDawgJun 16, 14 11:59 AM

Good motivating video, thanks

ShortSqueezeJun 16, 14 2:59 PM

Hello Tim, I liked the tip on mind-set. Food for thought. Thank you, Douglas

enricoJun 16, 14 4:33 PM

@britishbulldog well I'm from Italy, and the only brokerage firms working for the non US citizens are IB, Speedtrader and Suretrader.

TickTockTickerJun 16, 14 5:09 PM

@LucasMcCarthy It's not just about the intro but more importantly what you put on the form when you fill it out. You probably need to say extreme high risk for everything and greater than 5 years for your goals to achieve this.

SteveSkiJun 17, 14 7:11 PM

I am just starting, have less thank 10K, live in the US, and want to buy and short stocks. Suretrader is the way to go? Just want to hear form someone in my same situation so I know ifs ok to send them my currency, thank you

Aubibi1Jun 18, 14 11:29 AM

in all it would be great to work with the best, but this happens all the time

c_moneyJun 18, 14 1:02 PM

It keeps saying the video was deleted :\

Imi75Jun 18, 14 2:27 PM

The video is not available

MariannaJun 20, 14 11:01 PM

love the pep talks

AussieChrisJul 06, 14 8:26 PM

Wow, so much great information in this video. Thanks.

jimmypeteJul 07, 14 11:28 PM

Thanks Tim,alot has to be said for the encouragement you put into your videos and lessons and it all makes sense. If you follow your strategy and learn the trading patterns and apply them, one will become a better trader and more successful and eventually reap the rewards of their efforts. Thank you again.

LimitedEditionJul 10, 14 6:31 PM

Hmmm ... just discovered that to open an account with Interactive Brokers, one must have at least 100 previous trades beneath the belt! Guess it'll have to be Suretrader to start.

LimitedEditionJul 10, 14 7:46 PM

Interactive Brokers: "In general, to qualify as an IB customer, you must meet these requirements: You must have executed at least 100 prior trades for any product type. To trade any product, you must have a Good or Extensive Knowledge Level for that product. To trade any product, you must have a minimum of two years trading experience with that product." Well that cuts out all beginners ... LOL

PeeOnJul 11, 14 12:38 AM

@LimitedEdition You're in luck! Suretrader is a better broker with access to as many shorts and a lower fee schedule. Start with the level 2 platform and watch all the "DAS" vid's on UTube to figure it out. Stay W/I 2/1 margins and if u get a "margin call," it may be phantom based on bad programming. Always check w/ customer no-service PRIOR to liquidating positions to verify that you are out of margin.

LimitedEditionJul 11, 14 12:50 AM

@PeeOn Hey thanks! I've never traded before and know nothing about it, so all help is appreciated. Just waiting to hear back form SureTrader now after completing the application. Guess I won't be trading tonight! :) I'm in New Zealand, so my trading day will be starting at 1.30 in the morning!

PeeOnJul 11, 14 2:38 AM

@LimitedEdition They are not known for their speedy service. It will take them about a week to process your application and assign you an account number. One you send your international wire transfer to fund your account, it takes another 4 business days before it arrives and is credited to your account. Make sure you find a "virtual" account until you know what you're doing. I use Optionshouse for that and for going long.

LimitedEditionJul 11, 14 4:56 PM

@PeeOn Well they must have improved - my account has been approved already ... :)

PeeOnJul 11, 14 7:44 PM

@LimitedEdition Let's hope so! I will say things have smoothed out. I have not received a "phantom" margin call or needed to contact customer no-service in well over a month now. When I started in March, through June, I could NOT, in good conscious, recommend them. As of this month (July), they have improved to the point that I can recommend them.

JesseJessJul 21, 14 4:26 PM

Tim, Love You Man ,For Letting me know !!! I am Poor, In the Broker world !! How,ever I will work on my Game, Everyday is a new day, and one day closer to my goals/dreams.... Thank You !!!

LenAug 01, 14 10:23 AM

one day at a time...I am a new student, thank you

LimitedEditionAug 01, 14 3:39 PM

@PeeOn Well my money still hasn't turned up at SureTrader and the bank is trying to trace it. Such a frustrating waste of time - it's nearly a month since I sent it!

PeeOnAug 01, 14 4:36 PM

@LimitedEdition Yes, agreed! But a blessing in disguise because after one major and one minor screw-up in July ('14) I am back to NOT being able to recommend ST due to MAJOR issues with programming.

LimitedEditionAug 01, 14 6:33 PM

@PeeOn Well assuming I get my money back, who do I work with? None of Tim's other recommendations are open to me yet.

PeeOnAug 02, 14 12:38 PM

@LimitedEdition You know your bank is SHIT when they can't even send a money order properly! Big mega-bank? Try Optionshouse (which has been good) or E trade.

LimitedEditionAug 02, 14 2:16 PM

@PeeOn Lol - unfortunately I made the transfer myself, so I can't blame the bank. But everything was correct as per SureTrader's instructions ...

PeeOnAug 02, 14 2:22 PM

I don't get it, Jan. Did you mail a money order?

LimitedEditionAug 03, 14 3:08 PM

@PeeOn No - I set up an overseas transfer through internet banking - never had problems before. I'm quite sure it's not the bank that's at fault - they're excellent. :)

PeeOnAug 03, 14 11:03 PM

@LimitedEdition Ahhhhhhhhh OK I got it and that's where the problem is. "Internet banking" is good domestically only. Since ST is in the Bahamas, you MUST go with an international wire transfer. It's between $60-100, depending on who you're using, BUT, they WILL get the money in 3 business days.

LimitedEditionAug 04, 14 6:13 PM

@PeeOn Just had a call from my bank - the money was deposited into SureTrader's account but they don't have a date. So the problem is with SureTrader. I "sure" hope they can find it now! Lol

PeeOnAug 04, 14 9:42 PM

@LimitedEdition I wouldn't hold my breath! A blessing in disguise. Hang in there.

LimitedEditionAug 07, 14 6:38 PM

@PeeOn I think you're right. I got cross with them, and the response I got was that they're doing everything they can! If I haven't heard anything by Tuesday, I'm going to ask the bank to recall the payment. I need money to trade with! lol It's nearly $6000 NZD and I don't have any more to send, even if I was to lose that. Guess I would NOT recommend SureTrader to anyone. The only Sure thing about them is that they've lost my money! I just want to trade!

PeeOnAug 07, 14 6:53 PM

@LimitedEdition It's really good luck that this happened. Their programming issues have really cost me a lot of money. I can't in good conscience recommend them. Escaping the PDTR is not nearly enough to off-set all the negatives.

LimitedEditionAug 07, 14 8:21 PM

@PeeOn Hmmm ... perhaps I should just try to retrieve it and find another company.

JASONYISep 03, 14 5:54 PM

I highly recommend Tim's high networth broker if you have enough.

LimitedEditionSep 03, 14 6:42 PM

@JASONYI That's my goal eventually. It took about five weeks, but they did credit my account in the end, and in the meantime I got the call about the Challenge! So it worked to my benefit really. :)

JASONYISep 03, 14 6:46 PM

@LimitedEdition Good to hear! Congrats on both fronts! Learn well, trade to profit, & enjoy the process!!

PeeOnSep 03, 14 10:33 PM

@LimitedEdition it took 5 weeks for the super secret broker to open your account?

LimitedEditionSep 04, 14 12:20 AM

@PeeOn Yes it did. But now I don't mind because the wait was to my advantage. :)

PeeOnSep 04, 14 10:54 AM

WOW! I'll have to stick with my super non-secret broker with reasonable customer service.

adamthefirstSep 05, 14 11:22 AM

I think instead of bad mouthing ST we should all send them some constructive criticism whereby they can atleast fix problems , introduce new ways of making sure they cater more professionally.

PeeOnSep 05, 14 11:57 AM

@adamthefirst I send manager Earv a razzing every few weeks. They're not loosing enough customers, yet. They will lose one more very soon!

LimitedEditionSep 05, 14 4:46 PM

@adamthefirst I tried that. The only decent response I got from them was when I started my email with "I've been told of your poor service but ..." . That got me a long email telling me what they were doing about the problem. Then it was back to the "we're looking into it" replies, and telling me to check with my bank. I had already paid to have it traced and the bank said that they had the payment. They said they'd had a payment for the same amount, but it was in someone else's name...

LimitedEditionSep 05, 14 4:48 PM

@adamthefirst Eventually they said that they would credit my account with that payment, but if it turned out not to be my money, they would take it out of my account! Guess I'd better hurry up and make some money just in case ...

PeeOnSep 05, 14 11:44 PM

@LimitedEdition Tell manager Earv that you're part of a large trading network and you will tell everyone about their "legendary" customer non-service. LOL.

LimitedEditionSep 06, 14 12:44 AM

@PeeOn They already know that because I asked for a discount on fees! lol

RUSiriusSep 23, 14 10:54 AM

Has the new preferred broker been announced?

CoulisnosajSep 23, 14 4:25 PM

For shorts, SureTrdr or InterB? My account at E*Trder is $25K. I demo both platforms at ST and InterB and they are both kinda crap. Love to hear peoples thoughts on these two, which is better over all. Hate missing out on all these Sykes shorts!

PeeOnSep 24, 14 1:03 AM

@Coulisnosaj I/B, of course. Don't even think about S/T--unless you like losing lots of money!

JonnyXBrownSep 24, 14 9:36 PM

No Suretrader is definitely not the way to go, especially when starting out. UK residents can use Sogotrade by the way.

milwaukeetrades360Oct 01, 14 9:31 PM

My Suretrader is about to activate here within the next 48 hours!

milwaukeetrades360Oct 02, 14 1:20 PM

@PeeOn Trading a small account, one step at a time! Just finalized paperwork about to transfer funds. I'm excited!

TeneilFedOct 11, 14 7:32 AM

Thanks Tim, you're the best

TeneilFedOct 11, 14 7:32 AM

Thanks Tim, you're the best

SchyOct 11, 14 7:26 PM

Great Info

AbirOct 15, 14 4:08 PM

Thanks a lot, i am new subscriber for 2 months, I am from Canada. I have a canadian broker account, but it's hard to find short on that broker. I can open with IB but I don't wanna put that much money right now. I will check SureTrader. Thanx a lot for info.

NgabrielOct 16, 14 9:09 PM

@Abir Hi, I'm from Canada and have account with InvestDirect - HSBC, But they have a lot of restriction, so please advise with broker you would prefer, thanks and wish u best of luck

AbirOct 16, 14 9:46 PM

@Ngabriel I use Questrade. They are good for long but for short they don't have share most of the time.

NgabrielOct 16, 14 9:52 PM

@Abir Thanks for ur reply, actually as im a new trader, i really dont understandshar what do u mean by they dont have , what can we do, is directinvest better in this point? What u do to overcome this problem? Also i noticed thst most of Tim trades is short ! Thanks in advance for ur clarification

AbirOct 16, 14 10:35 PM

@Ngabriel long you make money when price goes up. Short when price goes down. Google everything

NgabrielOct 16, 14 10:43 PM

@Abir Thanks Abir, Most of Tim trades are short, Then what is the broker you would recommend?

NgabrielOct 16, 14 10:43 PM

@Abir Thanks Abir, Most of Tim trades are short, Then what is the broker you would recommend?

NgabrielOct 17, 14 6:43 AM

@PeeOn Thanks, pls advise Im in Canada and dont know which broker is good considering za short selling

PeeOnOct 17, 14 12:37 PM

@Ngabriel IB is OK for shorting. Contact them and see if they allow Canadian Citizens to open an account.

NS786Oct 22, 14 10:01 PM

Thanks Tim, appreciate the insight for brokers and being so encouraging!

PeeOnOct 29, 14 5:46 PM

DO NOT open an account with SureTrader. You WILL regret it!

PeeOnOct 30, 14 11:55 AM

@sykes_next_millionaire They refuse to take any responsibility for their failed executions, costing me approx $15k, among numerous other problems. I closed my account and went back to my super-secret low Pee-On broker.

PeeOnOct 31, 14 12:25 PM

@ekotr You were lucky! And the PDT rule turned out to be irrelevant as I hold my shorts overnight 99.9% of the time. Look at it this way: You know how important that education is that Brother Tim always talks about? Well you tuition was $5k and mine was $15k. LOL!

DaveTradesDec 04, 14 4:34 PM

can't wait to get around this PDT

DaveTradesDec 04, 14 4:35 PM

can't wait to get around this PDT

PeeOnDec 04, 14 6:27 PM

@DaveTrades Plan your trades well and the PDT rule is irrelevant.

kpmorganDec 10, 14 5:23 AM

Im in Australia, Speedtrader requires minimum $15000 and require paper there anything else, I don't want to use Suretrader..

sparkcityDec 15, 14 1:17 PM

@britishbulldog I am also from UK, How is the trading ? I am based in Dubai and ready to open account, which did you go for?

LahainaKatJan 01, 15 3:23 PM

Thanks Tim Happy New year!

goodgirlJan 01, 15 10:39 PM

Tim--Happy New Year. I so appreciate the details and benefits of the different brokers as well as your continued kicks in the butt to make profits and grow our accounts! Could you address the problem of PDT rules with small accounts, (which adds another dimension to the problem of being poor on Wall St.^) The limit (for accounts under $25,000 ) seems only to be solved by Suretrader at this point. Am I correct^, or is there another option^ THanks!

arminFeb 22, 15 10:53 PM

nice video! Email sent!

kguyApr 14, 15 11:35 AM

whats best for canadian

Amy_LeeApr 24, 15 10:31 PM

Thanks for this video, and for being willing to teach instead of just keeping it to yourself. I really appreciate the lack of BS in your teaching. I'm just on the trial for a couple of weeks until I can get some money together, but I'm so excited to learn from you!!!

mackey316May 14, 15 3:15 PM

Thanks for the lesson on researching the facts in order to make an informed decision. And, the brokers of course!

ShadowStrikeMay 15, 15 6:21 AM

Great video ! Im looking for brokers that are best for Europe citizens can you help me with that? Thanks!

seanybaby6969Jun 20, 15 7:52 AM

Guys , whats the best set up to start out with? Not sure my Samsung tablet will cut it , but want to try and keep costs down as im just starting?

harryvJun 23, 15 4:55 AM

Any reviews of

JeanRalphioJul 03, 15 11:58 AM

Td does do shorts under 25k All you need is 2k + for a margin then your good to go

JchambersJul 19, 15 11:48 AM

@stewlv I'm new to all this and was wondering how easy the platform on pro is. Also is it easy to set up for Mac Pro

jacksimJul 24, 15 7:36 AM

@britishbulldog Hi, I am also a UK resident who has just started trading. What platform have you decided to trade on?

SamMarinJul 28, 15 8:59 PM

is Etrade ok to start and grow my account?

bambam87Aug 04, 15 8:04 AM

Next stop upper east side....See u later Ghetto!

TraderGeeAug 19, 15 11:38 AM

What is the best broker for someone who is a UK resident and with $5000 to open an account with. I just signed up today. Thanks

TraderGeeAug 19, 15 11:49 AM

Actually i could open with $10,000 as long as i could withdraw some of that money once the account has opened... I am new to trading so i would hate to blow out my entire life savings if i screwed up. But if you can get a much better account for opening with $10,000 it is probably worth it, right? Again, i am from the uk and based in the UK.What are my options??

hahtsahsSep 01, 15 4:56 PM

Thanks, Tim. Onward and upward.

Taliyah157Sep 13, 15 10:41 AM

Is there any other way to view the video. I keep getting a error on this one.

dn29832757Sep 21, 15 12:18 AM

Thanks for the info and video. I'll definitely avoid suretrader. I'm considering opening an e-trade account. Should I be getting a brokerage account with pro elite status?

LRaeSep 25, 15 4:41 PM

Thanks Tim

viodave21Sep 26, 15 4:39 PM

Thanks for the advice, Sweet and to the point

Gabriel30Oct 05, 15 11:17 AM

@timothysykes thank you for this information I will definitely email the admin so that I can get the updated preferred broker.

ksinghosuOct 07, 15 4:14 PM

what do you think of robinhood

kurty_burtyOct 26, 15 1:23 AM

hi Does anybody know of a broker assessible to Australia?

NcboxerNov 04, 15 10:14 PM

Currently using TD Ameritrade and I enjoy a lot of the features. Think or swim is great. But I have no ground to base my statement since this is all in know from experience.

Chicago777Nov 20, 15 10:58 AM

Very good Tips in this lesson and good motivation

equilibriaNov 30, 15 5:10 PM

I already have an account with Trade King... Know anything about them?

jamminjaymanDec 13, 15 6:33 PM

New Trader here and I read all the issues with sure trader. I've been learning and paper trading for 6 months now. I'm ready to invest with a broker and start trading I only 2,500.00 to start. Does anyone have one that they can recommend with the trading style tim has taught us?

The_Bearded_TraderDec 15, 15 6:14 AM

I'm using TD Ameritrade with $3500... They "identified" my trading patterns to be day trading which means that I must have $25,000. I don't know when this happened but I might have to switch brokers... :(

HiroDec 17, 15 1:35 PM

When I signed up Glenn told me to open a Etrade account, but Tim did not mention etrade here at all. Is etrade nor recommended?

RaptorsvtJan 03, 16 12:41 PM

i have etrade account I've never short trade before can I short with trade? i need help learning how to short ... Thanks

andywilliamsJan 11, 16 6:18 AM

@britishbulldog how did you get on finding a broker for UK residents? I am new to this and currently looking for some options. Any advice much appreciated!

Joseph02124Jan 19, 16 5:14 PM

Hey guys im wondering what laptop should I use to trade stocks fast with no lag that is not soo expensive

amriet108Jan 26, 16 7:47 AM

I'm looking for a broker which allows me to register from The Netherlands in Europe

28MsLolaFeb 09, 16 7:36 AM

Etrade have been in process of closing non-US accounts for Some time now.They require a US residentie to open an account now.Does anyone know good brokerage firms for the Netherlands,Europe?

McKinnonMar 19, 16 12:19 AM

I live in Australia and wondering what the best trading software is here? Anyone else out there from Australia with a great working Account that can help me out?

MachinistradesJun 13, 16 11:54 PM

Good video. You want a broker that actually has locates and good executions so you can go long and short, also, you get what you pay for (Robinhood sucks).

trader2017Aug 05, 16 3:04 AM

hey Tim, any good broker for Canadian?hard to do day trading when my broker review my all market orders for 2-3 mins b4 they send to the market & get surprise price.

LoveSep 01, 16 3:38 PM

I'm having a hard time finding a good broker to use from the UK. Anyone have one to recommend that doesn't have a high minimum?

STickerDec 19, 16 6:34 AM

Alreaday have the righ broker, for my small account :D! Will upgrade later to the high net worth broker! Think in big picture and dont get discouraged by broker fees!

KunalnbJan 09, 17 10:18 AM

hello everyone i know tim uses interactive brokers and etrade, id like to know what brokers anyone from spain or any european countries are using?

Davy_GarciaMay 19, 17 5:51 AM

This summer I'm going to cash in my recyclables to get a better broker. I save plastic and cans all year for my kids but this year I have to have some money to invest...

suesgaggeroMay 21, 17 8:45 PM

will learn both longs and shorts with dip buy

GarzarJun 14, 17 3:44 PM

I'm a newbie but very motivated, I'm a very poor husband and a father of 4 looking to change the life of my family. Got my first account with robinhood no money in there yet but where to start.

rmnotesJul 03, 17 11:34 PM

thanks for the info

Kr8tosAug 02, 17 11:04 AM

I promise myself to get out of being POOR! Thanks Tim! Im gonna study hard for me and my family!

Pang28Aug 08, 17 8:18 PM

great, thanks

LRamosSep 09, 17 5:06 PM

I just started on platinum. I do not have an account yet. When can i open one?

tyree7Oct 23, 17 11:14 PM

Swell Thanks

Ambie8Oct 29, 17 8:32 AM

thank you Tim,

Ambie8Oct 29, 17 8:33 AM

thank you Tim

mbsdadMar 21, 18 2:48 PM

watched and learning.

thomasfronteraJun 04, 18 1:17 AM

Thanks, Tim! Im poor, not offended but determined and motivated, i have watched lessons 1 - 1822 and all your DVDs

aleonNov 20, 18 8:13 AM


TonyG1Mar 09, 19 6:51 PM

Tim, good video

axlkMay 23, 19 3:39 AM

Thanks Tim

piscott0306Oct 05, 19 4:23 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

SaileshJun 13, 2:07 PM

thanks you tim guru

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