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A veteran smallcap swing trader who focuses on buying stocks with explosive potential. More often than not, he can spot momentum before others which is why his students love his alerts and research.
Get Superman's weekly video lessons and research reports to stay on top of the market. You'll also get access to our community of traders to discuss the newest strategies.
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1) How many stock picks will you put out?

It will vary depending on market activity. There will be focus watch lists developed each week. The chat room will have live analysis of news. Real time alerts will be sent out with each new pick.

2) Do you only go long stocks?

No, my stock ideas include both long and short and occasionally options.

3) What is your style?

I focus on momentum stocks. This includes earnings plays, undervalued stocks, under followed stocks and stocks effected by current news releases.

4) Do you only trade low float stocks?

No I trades stock of all floats but I prefer them to have a lower float.

5) Will I have access to you if I join your service?

I will be in the chat room most of the time. I will answer all questions within a reasonable time period.

6) What are premium research reports?

Premium Research reports are in-depth analysis of upcoming earnings or momentum stocks and sectors. In depth review of SEC filings, Financial Statements, technology and sector. Allows you to find the momentum before it happens!

I thank you for your time and effort into sharing stock pick ideas. I made over $33,000 from your LIVE (Live Deal) stock recommendation. WorldChamp

I have followed Superman for at least 6 years now. Superman's stock picks are some of the best I have ever seen and I have traded the stock market for over 15 years. Superman has the ability of finding small cap stocks that have massive upside moves. Superman usually trades stocks that have strong fundamentals and excellent earnings power. Not only can Superman find these massive winners, he knows how to tell the story in his writings about them. This has helped me understand his stocks picks while owning them. Many thanks Superman for the years of outstanding picks. Always looking forward to your next stock ideas. Steve

One of the best low float traders out there. Many China plays in the past that doubled, tripled, but what will always stick out was his alert and table pound on EFUT that ran from $10 to $50 in two weeks with many doubters along the way. Even on the US mainland, he duplicated that with PDO that went from $5 to $46 in two months. That said, the memorable gain for me was with LIVE. In 7 minutes off his alert, I bought $6.17 and sold $19.75 for a $4000 gain. Who else has that kind of effect on stocks? Derrick

Superman is constantly providing great research that goes in depth into Companies earnings and their future potential for growth. I made $12,000 on his analysis of MTSL’s earnings release. Superman is a must watch for momentum stock picks. Louis

Superman is the most exciting stock trader out there. I have followed him for years and he has consistent winning calls. His calls on ROSG made my year as I bought in the $5’s and sold in the $13’s for a profit of over $10,000! His experience is evident and I look forward to more idea. Doug

Results may not be typical or may vary from person to person. See disclaimer here.