$275 profit DFODQ Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on this recent runner spiking fast today on news https://tim.ly/2STeMu2 goal is to make 10-20%, might be quick but this ran for several days just a few weeks ago so let's see how far it can run now, cut losses if morning spike fails

Exit comments: Nice little gain to start the week, probly could wait and give it time, but it's up nearly 50% on the day in a down overall market so I'll take this single

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($140) loss HENC Long Stock

Entry comments: This big winner from yesterday dipped nicely and I got small position on this fast spike and red to green price action, goal is to make 10-20% on further spiking

Exit comments: No followup spike despite going red to green on the day, ideal play was to dip buy the morning panic in the .16s, small loss for me which is acceptable

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Windwalzer Feb 13, 4:58 PM

Is it because of the breakout yesterday and the up trending you chose to play this stock again, and the pattern in the morning is one of your favorites, dip buy morning panic? You waited to enter above or at the resistance line of .1999/.2 and the stock didn't do what you wanted or expected and you exited? Rule #1 best rule! Thank you.

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($466) loss AIM Long Stock

Entry comments: Nice multiday breakout today on a coronavirus play, buying into this dip into the close, not sure if I'll hold overnight or not, goal is to sell in the 1.50s or 1.60s

Exit comments: Bought into a brick wall of sellers, not a good close, rule #1 cut losses quickly, small losses are acceptable

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finnie3d Feb 12, 6:31 PM

I didn't buy but I'm tracking...

jupiter6man Feb 12, 6:32 PM

lost 260 im okay i will get it back tomorrow i missed several big plays today due to daily life distractions see you on the flip tomorrow

Windwalzer Feb 12, 10:27 PM

This is a good lesson that you keep teaching us, the stock doesn"t go our way and follow the #1 rule. You have had a number of really good trades at the late day dip, this one wasn't for sure. Thank you for showing us how it is done, over and over .......

anas6791 Feb 13, 12:19 AM

I bought in the morning at 1.40 sold at 1.54 for a 10% profit

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CrazyWillows Feb 13, 2:00 AM

This is why reading your watchlist everyday is so important "it's an inexact science so don't feel bad if you make similar mistakes, just keep trying to take it one trade at a time and do the best you can on any given setup." This is not a video lesson but a KEY phrase for me, thanks.

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