Everyone please wish Tim Gritttani aka kroyrunner a happy birthday today!

us1tahoe Feb 27, 9:18 AM

Good Morning,... Well... My emergency alert tone went off on the text notification, that's a good thing.... Ready to rock and roll..........

MDM Feb 27, 9:23 AM

Good morning Tim and everybody I did notice codx this morning myself that it has uptrend big-time and then I got the alert so I guess I am noticing these stocks then I get the alert so I feel pretty good that I seen it too I'm watching the watchlist

MDM Feb 27, 9:28 AM

Happy birthday kroy Runner have a blessed day

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$140 profit CORV Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this early runner on a dip off its highs in the .60s, I think it can get back there today, small $ position though since its speculative

Exit comments: I got a little gain but volume is now fading and it couldn't get back to its morning highs so I take my single and go, HENC was a better dip buy and runner, but I missed my execution there

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key82lo Feb 25, 10:00 AM

I’m still studying. Looking forward to making my first trade!

Windwalzer Feb 26, 6:27 PM

I can see the dip after the morning high and the decrease in the volume on the cart. I must get better a looking at the volume, I am working on it daily. Thank you so much.

RChen Feb 27, 12:54 AM

Good trade. learning a lot. Thank you.

jacobrubio1880 Feb 27, 6:20 AM

I didn't realize what the "dislike button" said til now LOL

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$212 profit HENC Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial execution on this classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce

Exit comments: Nice little gain here for me here on a decent bounce...just remember that the best bounces recently have been happening 11am-12pm EST lately so potential re-buy then, maybe after another leg down first

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Windwalzer Feb 21, 10:31 PM

Did you enter after it went above the beginning of the dip ai 11:43 and got out when you got close to your 10%? Thank you for all you do.

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