Pure pump dump stock with big Green Day and mutiny mouth break out set up also strong close. Bought in to the close try to sell next day. Unfortunately, OTC release a CE report on KALY overnight. I have to choose overnight position very carefully.


($342) Loss
ADILShort Stock

Second Green Day. Gap up Short. Bad entry in the morning. Could not add later on when spiked to $3.10 due to SSR with Etrade. Should have taken profits at the day low of $2.55, but why? Its only $30 and it can crack more. Watching higher highs come in then short squeeze and halt at $3.61. Got out almost at the top. Multi day resistance at $4.10, so glad I was out. Greed got me.



Entry comments: No morning panic so I'm buying small position for a morning spike, only got partial execution, moving too fast

Exit comments: Zzzzz no big spike, not gonna risk it in this tricky market on this tricky stock, potential re-buy lower



Broke my rules, didn't cut losses quickly when it didn't go as expected. had a technical breakout. I thought it will continue but it didn't


$14 Profit
CRONShort Stock
$99 Profit
HEMPLong Stock

Longer swing trade. Was waiting for a breakout to new highs and finally got it. Small position, took wayyy too much risk though.


($48) Loss
UXINLong Stock

This was an error. Thought I had double tapped the Sell order on STT. When I checked, it was a Buy so I had to sell quickly since stock was going down. Lesson; close out the dang stock once trade over! This wouldn't have happened had I closed out! Also, as stated in last few trades, CHECK YOUR ORDERS AFTER HITTING A BUTTON TO ORDER PRIOR TO HITTING ANY OTHER BUTTON ON ORDER BOX!!!!!! Last set of arrows---Really?! Four trades on 1 stock!


($16) Loss
UXINLong Stock

Just stupid. Saw spike continuing and jumped in. Chased. Lesson; get out once trade over so ya don't get caught up!!! FOMO. Plus, wanted to make up for loser trade on 1st attempt! 3d set of arrows. Also, didn't play by rules, although paper trade, PDT in effect stupid!



1st time intra trade in a while. Decide to try due to sched. Woke up and quick planning.Found on scan w/news, but didn't take time to chk news. Plan buy B/O once pass long term resist @ 7.32. Bought @.7.34, but alert symbol blocked buy arrow and didn't know. Bought more not realize double amount bought. Spike failed, and sold when risk @ 7.20 broke. R/R was 1/2 so not great, but tried. Lesson: confirm transaction 1st; no time research, no play. 1st set of arrows.



Entry comments: Fortunate my plane just landed and this hasn't bounced yet, morning panic predicted by yesterday's first red day and in my watchlist, goal is to sell into 10-20% bounce, got 500k shares this time, not gonna make math error I did last time on low priced HMPQ, same http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern as always

Exit comments: Nice $700+ midday profit from the airport, not bad for under an hour's work, but it is having problems around the high .015s like it failed on its first bounce attempt earlier today so not sure if it can keep bouncing or if it needs more panic first and tomorrow could be the big bounce day, we'll see, for now I'm just playing it safe as I like doing in this tricky overall market


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