($2) Loss
PUFXFLong Stock

Entry comment : Morning spiker with news Exit comment no spike



Entry comments: Former runner with nice contract this morning https://tim.ly/2WiTB8k its spiking already so I grabbed some, goal is to make 10-20% on more spiking

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz going nowhere fast, like all morning spiker wannabes today it seems so I exit and play safe and wait for something moving more


($61) Loss
CMRSLong Stock

Entry comments: Try again....

Exit comments: took too long to sell..



Entry comments: Former runner spiking on news with Amazon https://tim.ly/2Huh1zi goal is to make quick 10-20%

Exit comments: Whewwww, this one moves fast so I'm not chancing, taking my single as it didnt spike as much as I thought it would, always good to remember former runners that are spiking on big volume and a seemingly solid catalyst like this one



Entry comments: Swing, VWAP ripper. STT alert 17 May. Low float. 16 and 17 May hung around VWAP with gap up @ opens. 20 May pre-market gap. 17 May closed below VWAP by 0.17. Enter at B/O HOD possibly PM move, TGT 4’s w/partial possible into close or at mid-high 3’s. Risk intraday SPT @ 2.64.

Exit comments: Exit because after market day prior hit 4's, then big gap down @ open.



Entry comments: New OTC first green day, spiking big on new PR https://tim.ly/2Wj1b2E undercutting pricing on Lyft/Uber, nice new story that will likely spread, small position though as the stock is up 100% already today, but my goal is to make 15-30% on overnight play, probable gap up tomorrow given news just hit an hour ago and not many people have seen it

Exit comments: No gap up so I play it safe and lock in profits, congrats to all longs here


($26) Loss
CRSMLong Stock

Entry comments: Swing. STT alert, OTC Gapper, close at multi-month, year highs, many back- back green days, uplisting to Nasdaq soon. 17 May closed 0.32 above EMA4 & 9. Risk either EMA, TGT 10-20%: 9’s.

Exit comments: Didn't see stock was uplisting day after buy. Heard about it during STT webinar. Exit 1st thing when saw heavy selling on LVL 2. No pic cause can't upload 2 different pics of this stock since buy was on OTC and sell was on NASDAQ. Also never experienced being in stock and it uplisting. Wasn't sure what would happen. Lesson, pay more attention to all press releases and not just most recent.


($48) Loss
SMRTLong Stock

Saw this dropping at close for a dip buy, small news with amazon, should of recognize the head and shoulder topping like tim s said


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