Please everyone congratulate Jackaroo in chat on another $2k in profits today, $2k/day keeps him laughing at life while rolling in the hay

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New York state has now lost more people to COVID-19 than the number who died at the World Trade Center in the 9/11 terror attacks

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miguelhumpierres Apr 04, 11:04 AM

I will capitalize on opportunity!!!! Thank you very much

Lefdsks Apr 04, 11:17 AM

I will capitalize on this opportunity!

oldnewby Apr 04, 11:40 AM

@timothysykes yes, that's the battle --> It's me! Ha! I reread my rules each morning and then apply patience. Stay humble and then singles as I watch for a shot at a double or triple. Keep reminding your dad to stay safe. He is probably my age so I know how our age think. Ha! Have a great weekend and I will keep studying.

timothysykes Apr 04, 11:53 AM

@oldnewby gooooood, always stay humble and if you ever forget the market will humble you real quick :)

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