i've just started a few weeks ago with the supernova alerts. today i was watching amrx. they are dropping hard today but there seems to be very good news surrounding this company. was looking for confirmation if this would be supernova status. thank you and have a great weekend

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Jason1517 Mar 20, 10:17 AM

Wow apha here is you alert tim 🤣🤣

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$814 profit BKYI Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative Friday morning spiker, big volume and big new contract huge % gain already but looks like it can get more, small position, goal is to make 7-15%

Exit comments: Got the day high breakout but also a halt which messes me up reading the chart, now 2.55 so looks like I played too safe, but I like taking singles on speculative trades like this, congrats to all longs, hate trading stocks that get halted

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chrispham82 Mar 27, 11:07 AM

Awesome Tim!!!!! I wish I could trade now.

Windwalzer Mar 27, 12:53 PM

Did you wait to enter after it got close to the high of the morning open or would you say you chases a bit? I can see how halts are annoying and frustrating the past several weeks especially. Thank you for your time.

rollingrick Mar 27, 2:22 PM

My account is super small since i'm just starting out. Reading up on what material i can and watching videos on your youtube. I played in at 2.40 sold at 2.56. I only had a $5 gain but I'm glad i did it still and i got some experience.

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