My bad, here are updated stats, Jack made $230,000 this week not $150,000 and please congratulate/retweet Griff on his nearly $200,000 profit on BNGO here https://tim.ly/35KoaqU get inspired to study first, scale up later only after you have enough experience!

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$975 profit TPTW Long Stock

Entry comments: Late day breakout and I'm catching it on a dip, lets' see what more can it do during power hour, goal is to profit 5-10%, not sure if I['ll hold overnight, depends o how it closes

Exit comments: Wanted to give it more time, but that was an ugly double top just now at previous day highs at .056, can't reward that and I don't feel like stressing over the weekend anyway as this one has disappointed me in the past so I just play it safe here

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Windwalzer Jan 15, 7:08 PM

You have brought that up, remember the history. Thank you history teacher.

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$1,072 profit CLWD Long Stock

Entry comments: One more dip buy o this play that finally cracked key support at .10 and opened up this dip buy opportunity, I think it can bounce into the .10s or .11s

Exit comments: Nice patient win here, it didn't quite hit my goals yet, but this one just trades weird so I'm glad to lock in safe profits into this bounce just under the key level of .10 that it cracked earlier

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Parallax278kAU Jan 15, 1:52 PM

But you said not to have goals in the market ?

Sabo Jan 15, 2:59 PM

Thanks for the comments on Entry/Exit Tim. As a new trader I see why you chose the entry and exit on this one. Pretty clearcut and helpful..

Windwalzer Jan 15, 7:03 PM

Nice patience on this one. Well done, thank you for sharing.

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$2,115 profit ECDP Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on this dip buy, PERFECT http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern here, just wish it were more liquid, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce, cut losses if no bounce

Exit comments: Beautiful bounce happening now after some earlier choppiness, I learned from my being too early on CLWD yesterday, similar choppy bottoming price action, its actually better to be a little late on patterns like this, far less stress

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MrXHO Jan 16, 2:53 PM

How did you know it was going to crash

KNUT Jan 16, 5:11 PM

Wow. Nice work. Them swings were huge.

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