$686 profit KBLB Long Stock

Entry comments: Looks like the sellers are finally tired, nice 50% drop off the highs, al I want is a bounce to the low .30s, worth a shot given this ideal pattern

Exit comments: Blehhh, got a little bounce but just can't seem to go red to green on the day which would give it a bigger bounce so at least I made back this morning's losses, but no big bounce so I'm out, taking this single, trying not to trade it again until better signs

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Nanigirl May 17, 4:52 PM

Thanks Tim!!🤙🤙🤙🤙

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($578) loss KBLB Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip bought this mini panic, getting closer to the low, big support in the mid .26s is my risk, goal is to sell into bounce in the low .30s

Exit comments: No bounce so I'm out, protect, protect, protect, still big sellers on the ask, will look to rebuy lower

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FloridaBoy May 17, 9:47 AM

Cool. Good luck with your trade. I have to sit out Friday due to PDT rule. But, again really appreciate you stating where you think support is on this play... it is helping me spot it better. The Alluch book is helping as well.

T7105ph May 17, 12:52 PM

Thanks for all your notes and sharing; bought and sold otlk this morning $180 profit

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$860 profit KBLB Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying one more time, biggest position yet as it looks like we're really nearing the bottom after weak crack after round number of .30, goal is just to make 5-10% bounce again

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz bounce is weak again, market maker CDEL keeps selling into the ask, likely an insider and/or promoter, probable further panic coming today or tomorrow so I gotta recognize that I'm overtrading and just be happy with my few thousand in profits today, now it's time to step away from my laptop before I do something stupid when price action isn't doing what I want

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TooShort May 16, 11:03 AM

I like this lesson. Veteran move.

George102 May 16, 11:06 AM

Tim can you do a video recap for the Trader Checklist Deux over $KBLB. It would be great to see the S.S.S. evolve as the price action changes.

risendure02 May 16, 11:07 AM

wow Tim I want your call of judgement at situations like this!!

BGoddard May 16, 11:12 AM

Great lesson me small position @.2931 going to see what happens. Thanks Tim

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$780 profit KBLB Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm back in with bigger position as its fading a bit more, still looking for a 5-10% bounce even though no true max panic yet which is disappointing, really wanted it to get under .30 but looks to have solid wall so I'll take this

Exit comments: Zzzz another little bounce but nothing major so I'll take it, tough to get executions...even with my 2 little singles, made nearly $2k today so not bad, but still waiting for max panic likely later today or tomorrow morning for the best bounce

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BGoddard May 16, 11:17 AM

I’ll have to sharpen my tools and get in and out a lot quicker. Thanks Tim

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$916 profit KBLB Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this stock I've been waiting for panic on perfectly, c'mon 5-10% bounce....CLASSIC http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern here

Exit comments: Still not a big enough panic for gigantic bounce, but I'll take my roughly $1k here in profits, look for potential bigger dip and bounce in a bit as that's whats been happening lately

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Kane7 May 16, 10:08 AM

Nice play dude nice play... unfortunately my trading app (Saxo capital markets) on my iphone won’t allow me to buy this stock for the dip and bounce 🤑

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($250) loss PRED Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this solid first green day breakout play, nice dip off its highs on low volume, should retest those 4.75 levels tomorrow, possibly up to 5, that's my goal on a gap up/morning spike

Exit comments: No gap up, continuing late day selloff from yesterday so I play safe and cut losses quickly, rule #1

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BGoddard May 15, 9:50 PM

I'm watching thanks Tim

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$290 profit KBLB Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip bought this recent runner into nice morning panic, classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern, goal is to make 5-10% bounce

Exit comments: Nice little bounce here, this stock is so strong, still not ready for major panic it seems so I'll take some more profits here, just taking singles, not going for home runs since this stock is still very over-extended

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eaglebear4 May 15, 2:27 AM

thanks for sharing learning so much in and out cutting your risk

tai4two May 15, 6:24 AM

Thanks for sharing.

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JessAaronMcNamara May 16, 8:43 PM

In the studying zone, working on the trading zone. Trying to build my trading account and be more consistent. Thanks Tim, good lesson

MoonShot May 17, 11:02 AM

Thanks Tim. Haven't been in the zone in terms of trading...yet.

Shouselaura May 17, 11:06 AM

I have been in the zone at the peak of my nursing career - now I want to be in the zone with trading.

2TheMoon May 18, 10:30 PM

I've been in the zone at some point... it feels great. And we have to appreciate those moments, as sometimes we lose it with life getting in the way.

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Here are the top 5 stocks I'm watching https://tim.ly/2vVcIqb retweet/favorite if you like how much better our greatly hated/looked down upon niche did today compared to all the big press IPOs that are absolutely suckinggggg, congrats to sooo many students, $500-2k/day keeps the real job away and these stocks are on fire!

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$319 profit HMPQ Long Stock

Entry comments: I wasn't going to have anything long, but thanks to my chatroom for the tip on this first green day on a former runner with solid news/uptrending all day and a history of multi-day spikes, goal is to make 10-20% into overnight gap up and possible morning spike tomorrow too, what do you know, my chatroom CAN be useful, good eyes here guys~but notice my small $ position size as I don't like such low priced plays, prefer KBLB-type plays, but I won't chase that now

Exit comments: Solid little gain here, no day trade user, onto the next, perfect first green day

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Hnichols45 May 13, 3:55 PM

I literally just sold, had the same thoughts, but you’ve been screaming don’t hold overnight, and now you’ve bought and everyone else has bought and I missed the move. SUPER FRUSTRATED

thughes3 May 13, 4:57 PM

More and more lately I find myself getting into OTC's only to have you buy them after :) studying pays

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