Guys, not sure if you're color blind or just lazy but this is NOT a first green day on $DECN it was up huge yesterday too and as todays midday panic proves it can drop fast, no position either way for me now just hate misinformation

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rubbersidedown Apr 07, 3:30 PM

Thanks. I liked the free guide and watched it the day you put it out.

meech Apr 07, 3:32 PM

Thank you, Tim! Watched your volatility survival guide, really great info and lessons, really appreciate you putting this out!

Leelepore1 Apr 07, 3:43 PM

Lmao please please pleasee please ( infinity ) . Heck yea ima watch it

pyakurelk Apr 07, 3:43 PM

its really knowladgeable video . Thank you Tim

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Retweet this https://tim.ly/2RjuUEV ONLY if you promise to watch and take notes on a detailed video lesson I can make on my trading today, all the good and bad things, I'm tired but I'll make it comprehensive if I get over 200 retweets!

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Pretty funny, I'm inundated with messages from lazy/dumb people daily, how in the world could I could I forget that's our niche and you have literally 20 minutes to buy $DECN after that PR before it started ramping LOL

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$438 profit TAUG Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought this new coronavirus test maker that's spiking today on a dip https://tim.ly/2yCkWbf as it already hit .075, would love to see it retest that # and possibly breakout to the .08s, that's my goal, similar to DECN which has been hot, but this is first green day with big volume already

Exit comments: Got a little breakout over the morning highs, but not much, I'll play safe and lock it in, potential re-buy later today if it can hold or extend these gains for a first green day OTC pattern

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Windwalzer Apr 07, 3:21 PM

The volume (bars) in the morning is amazing, what a difference from yesterday and this morning. Thank you.

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$296 profit YGYI Long Stock

Entry comments: Spiking on news of hand sanitizer https://tim.ly/2V8NqkL goal is to make 10-20%, could be quick

Exit comments: Whew that was quick, only got partial position that I wanted too which is probly a good thing with such a fast spiker, AKER also spiking and halted right now, shorts getting crushed there

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NeoVaga Apr 07, 9:54 AM

Excellent trade. A sniper....

Windwalzer Apr 07, 3:26 PM

This had a lot of halts all day. Big volume spikes. Thank you.

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