$380 profit MMEX Long Stock

Entry comments: This recent runner is breaking out past the morning spike highs, nice new SEC filing today, no press release yet, everyone else watching CBLI which has terrible history of holding spikes, watching the wrong one in my opinion, goal is to make 15-30% later today or ideally tomorrow into a morning spike

Exit comments: Stock is now up 130% on the day and having trouble breaking out further, so I exit safely, since this is my tiny Etrade account I play extra safe, lock in a few hundred, I started the year at $5k, now $9k, still on the phone with IB as to why they can't trade this stock grrrr

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VanRyan Apr 17, 17 3:20 PM

@Jerry86 @Jerry86 once I listened to a millionaire trader advice on a stock I wanted to buy, and it cost me a huge profit. The teachers are there to help you become a self sufficient trader, not become a trader that relies on the teacher for advice. It's not good practice to tell people they are watching the wrong stock, that is bad teaching. He was advising against $CBLI at 3.15, now it's at 3.56. So it was bad advice. You need to learn to be self sufficient and get to know yourself as a trader

VanRyan Apr 17, 17 3:24 PM

@Jerry86 Tim is great at caring for his students and teaching you the basics, and will help you get the right mentality. But when it comes to live trading, you need to follow your own instincts and utilize what you learned. Don't follow other peoples' alerts or advice when trading, you will get burned. I know this from experience ;)

Jerry86 Apr 17, 17 3:25 PM

@VanRyan thanks man. I will do my best. I'm just horrible at my entry points. Have his dvds and Britannia trading tickers, buy I am horrible at my entry points lol. Pulling money out for 6months to do more studying

Jerry86 Apr 17, 17 3:42 PM

@VanRyan i see that you are still messaging me.but I don't see any of it. Is there a private chat?

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You might've seen my http://tim.ly/popsykes link for my birthday wish, thx to all who donated, but special thanks to Mark Croock, Kenny Bailey, Wendy Hiatt and Bobby Bowman who each donated $360-500, we're not 10%+ of the way there, I want this to be a beautiful school in honor of our great community so whatever you can give it's most appreciated!

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Bbowman2002 Apr 17, 17 8:56 PM

You are very welcome. I'm glad I was able to help such a great cause. Bobby

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$150 profit ZENO Long Stock

Entry comments: I used my small account to buy this stock spiking, the key is it breaking 1.50 which it couldn't do Thursday, goal is to make 15-30% on a morning spike

Exit comments: Got a little breakout past 1.50, but not convincing enough for me so I play it extra-safe, trade small positions with this one

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GUAMillionaire Apr 17, 17 9:43 AM

6-minutes, $170 profit. To the untrained eye, that seems so small. But, it equates to making $1,700/hour! Nice sniper shot, Tim!

shanTA Apr 18, 17 6:43 AM

Well timed on the exit

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GUAMillionaire Apr 17, 17 10:05 AM

ZENO "..it's only a potential dip buy into a big panic or a convincing breakout past $1.50 and beware this stocks moves FAST so please be extra-careful." You called it! Your entry was $1.42, there was a breakout past $1.50 - but it was NOT convincing - so you exited quickly and safely at $1.52. Exciting to follow along by watching the STT chart and challenge chat room in real time. Great tools to learn and trade!!

carlada Apr 17, 17 11:40 PM

Thanks I've taken note and will definitely watch and do some paper trading on one or more tomorrow. Glad to be learning from one of the best!

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HenryCraig Mar 07, 20 10:39 PM

Knowledge supports growth and development.

jtamychang May 24, 20 12:27 AM

I promise to be a dedicated students! I have a full-time job. It was hard at the beginning, but I become more and more obsessed with learning and wanting to get better.

001CP Nov 28, 20 12:49 AM

I promise to be a dedicated student. Thanks Tim.

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