$1,703 profit ZENO Long Stock

Entry comments: I tried shorting in the 3.30s but it dropped too quick so now its a classic http://tim.ly/dipbuysykes and http://tim.ly/dipbuysykes2 pattern, small position though, scary stock, looking for 10-20% bounce

Exit comments: Not getting greedy here, sold some in the 2.80s, some in 2.70s, not feeling like a giant bouncer so I play safe

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donmanuel Apr 11, 17 9:59 AM

No % B confirmation in the pattern and pivot line.

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$460 profit CNAT Long Stock

Entry comments: Morning dip buy on this stock that has been strong lately, plan straight out of the watchlist, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share on the bounce

Exit comments: Nice, I'll take it, do not get greedy, this plan was STRAIGHT from the watchlist, read it outloud, preparation is key in this game

GUAMillionaire Apr 10, 17 10:47 AM

"CNAT is actually a nice breakout, but it's failed so many times in the past I'm not confident it has legs this time around unless they are smart and release some hyped up news to support this move...potential dip buy if we can get a morning panic or potential short if it can spike big...I won't touch it right now mid-range, I need some more volatility to open up better risk/reward opportunity, but I'm watching it closely." -T.Sykes

mastamo Apr 10, 17 2:27 PM

Hey Timothy do you read your DM's?

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-$175 loss XGTI Long Stock

Entry comments: I also bought this wannabe GSAt/STRP sympathy play, the company is a joke, but it's been known to spike big near the market open before and premarket its already spiked to the 1.70s so I'd love to see it get back there, little risk dip buying it here only up 5-10 cents/share now on the day, this won't be a longterm play though, only aiming for the quick morning spike, it usually fades at 10am EST so understand my goals here

Exit comments: No dice on this one either, the STRP sympathy plays both stink, but my dead on call with CNAT wipes out these losses and more, good planning even with small position sizes

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-$120 loss GSAT Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought some of this multi-month breakout play premarket off its highs in the 2.30s on news of a big takeover on STRP, a GSAT-like competitor...my goal is to sell into morning spike anywhere in the low 2s is fine with me as this isn't that volatile of a stock

Exit comments: Out for small losses here, no pop at the open

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GUAMillionaire Apr 10, 17 9:29 AM

Headset on. Clipboard in hand. Ready to study the action live. #backupquarterback

GUAMillionaire Apr 10, 17 9:36 AM

WOW! So glad I have STT. Able to watch you "live" cutting losses quickly. Good lesson from a good example! #backupquarterback

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