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Lx888 May 01, 17 8:06 AM

Thank you, Teacher Sykes

GUAMillionaire May 01, 17 11:28 AM

Thanks for the MTBC commentary, Tim. Looking at its 1-year, 1-month, and 1-day chart on Stocks-to-Trade. Eye-opening watching this in real time: higher highs, higher lows, shorts getting squeezed, momentum buyers charging in, Challenge chat, Twitter chatter...fascinating stuff! Got more studying to do before trading, but excited for my new career to start!

TraderShocker May 01, 17 9:11 PM

Thank you for the detailed info about your trading plans!

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ZiggysMom May 29, 18 1:48 PM

Cut losses quickly, be patient, find a few patterns that work for you, study, start small, grow the account, don't overtrade, and learn from your losses.,Cut losses quickly. Losses are the best learning tools. Focus on where I am successful and where I am the most comfortable. Find a few set ups, start small, grow, don't be in a rush, and don't force anything. Be patient.

sohaelali Sep 01, 18 1:35 PM

His story is very inspiring! The lesson here is to never give up. He didn’t make money the first 9 month but kept going, kept learning from his mistakes until he succeeded. His is the definition of hard Work and dedication. Congrats to him and i wish him the best of luck For the rest of his journey!

HenryCraig Oct 17, 18 4:17 AM

Knowledge supports growth.

LHowell Oct 25, 18 10:44 PM

Love these thought provoking and inspiring videos!

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