$6,610 profit BILZF Long Stock

Entry comments: Rebought this earnings winner/Bilzerian play as he tweeted/posted on his Instagram story, same setup as my Orlando conference 1.5 years ago, most of his followers will see his posts afterhours and ideally will put in buy orders at the open tomorrow, goal is to sell in the .90s or $1 area, not sure if I'll hold all overnight, we'll see how it closes

Exit comments: I tried to hold but this is just getting insane, all my goals were met and more, potential re-buy tomorrow

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ErykaVS Jan 19, 3:50 PM

Get those singles!

Windwalzer Jan 19, 4:05 PM

What a nice chart and trade. Thank you for sharing.

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-$183 loss DFLYF Long Stock

Entry comments: Drone play similar to UAVS/VISL breaking out, goal is to profit 5-15%, not a hugely volatile play but nice multiday breakout here

Exit comments: Out for small losses, no follow through, BANT was the late day breakout to buy, gotta stick with lower priced plays apparently

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Windwalzer Jan 19, 3:33 PM

Did you let this one try to prove itself until the dip on the backside? Thank you.

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$330 profit TSNP Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this HOD breakout over morning highs on this former runner, goal is to profit 10-20% today or tomorrow, cut losses if this breakout fails or is weak

Exit comments: Zzzzzz weak breakout over .27, I'm not going to to get aggressive, singles add up

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Pie1958 Jan 19, 1:40 PM

At what point do you go from looking at news to looking at stock patterns?

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$1,758 profit BILZF Long Stock

Entry comments: Bilzerian tweet on record earnings https://tim.ly/2NaSGUq if he shares on Instagram it'll go over $1/share thats my goal, cut losses if wrong

Exit comments: Sold into little spike, but not as much as I thought, he posted it on his Instagram story too, just not enough volume, will re-look closer to the close

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ZanderOdom Jan 19, 2:48 PM

Dang I've seen you play this stock multiple times. Definitely going to be following Bilzerian and keeping updated with his instagram!

Windwalzer Jan 19, 3:39 PM

Nice spike. Would you hold o/n, it has spikes, super nova, and spike and fails, plus a huge gap up? Or do you think the tweet will possibly be strong enough catalyst, vol, entry,exit, time of day, keep it going?

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