NONE of you should be surprised that weed stocks are getting crushed, they looked weak yesterday and they're SO over-extended, glad I called it well in my watchlist

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$169 profit HIPH Long Stock

Entry comments: Spiking on news of new CBD drink, let's see how far it can go

Exit comments: Zzzzz weak bounce, entire market, especially weed stocks getting crushed and staying crushed as I suspected in my watchlist, similar plays POTN and PURA down 15-20%, but better bounce patterns there so no thanks on this one

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ChristineSmith Oct 17, 9:55 AM

Thanks for what you do Tim, my light bulb is getting brighter!...:)

Dupa Oct 17, 10:18 AM

Good one teach... Watched and learned on that one! ...and also, thank you for all you do too...

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drew911 Oct 17, 9:19 AM

Thank you and added to the list!

ZachR Oct 17, 9:30 AM

Thanks Tim

SpartaTek9 Oct 17, 10:17 AM

Amazing Watchlist & Run Down Commentary Of Plays Working now & market environment conditions, over extended stocks & Hot Sector Catalyst-"buy the rumer & sell on the news", Concerning the official legalization launch date today of Marijuana in Canada 10/17/2018. Thx Tim Always Learning, Not Giving Up, Still Dedicated. 1Love!

pappybizness Oct 17, 4:19 PM

Thanks Tim, We appreciate your insight!!!

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Important video lesson coming tomorrow so stay tuned, for now please read/memorize this KEY post https://tim.ly/mason and get pumped up by this https://tim.ly/2QR8E2H both are 2nd year http://tim.ly/sykesmc students, Mr. http://tim.ly/sykesyoung is a 3rd year Challenge student so realize it takes time for it all to click!

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mjbwarrior Oct 16, 7:50 PM

Something clicked in that kids head and it was awesome! Great job Mason!

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