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JKTrades2016 Feb 23, 9:47 AM

Thanks Tim! I've been sitting on the sidelines, mostly due to busy work schedule and the overall market being tougher but haven't let up on the studying. Part-time trader but study full-time!

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$1,026 profit AKER Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this solid first day runner that has a history of spiking for several days...big volume, but no news so it's speculative, but I like the multi-day pattern here, goal is just to make 7-15% today or tomorrow as it's not a hugely volatile stock

Exit comments: My goals have been hit and the overall market just started panicking so I'm not risking my nearly 10% gains here, be safe in this crazy market, take singles, not home runs...maybe this spikes more, but I'll lock it in safely just in case....potential re-buy for me on any big dip

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jbrodie Feb 21, 2:58 PM

Dip buy? I think I need to study more on what you mean by "dip buy"....thanks as always....I'll get there:)

plla20 Feb 21, 4:02 PM

Thank you for your help and teachings! I will get this!!!

yahalomi3 Feb 22, 6:50 AM

My first trade following Tim alerts $18 profit

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