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PocketPAT Jun 26, 1:34 PM

Thanks Tim!!! YES. There's a difference between a stock TESTING the support break and actually BREAKING below support. Candle WICKS don't count as much as actual bars. I love singles!

Wolfie5280 Jun 26, 1:52 PM

What makes you set your goals? Or at least what helps determine those goals??

SMetzger Jun 26, 1:56 PM

Skipper says that he loves to see these patterns, and Tim playing the bounces... Skipper is a NEWBIE to the Challenge!!

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Overall market tanking and $VUZI still holding strong in the 4.30s, that's how solid of a pattern it is, wait for premarket videolesson tomorrow on it that you're going to want to watch!

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$889 profit VUZI Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent runner using the plan in my watchlist, no big panic just a little dip so perhaps it goes red to green and bottoms, goal is to make 20-40 cents/share, nothing huge, but good odds

Exit comments: Nice little pop there due to some minor news about their product now working with drones, good little pop on that, I'll take these profits even as I got a bit lucky here

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RMattner Jun 25, 1:30 PM

Tim I get your Message!!! I Just signed up Today Monday June 24, 2019 with Chris K for your Millionaire Mentor Program. Could not Sleep , got up to finish your Chanukah Gift #4 a Very reliable Dip Buying Pattern Dec 27, 2016, GOT IT, Study the Past, Review: PREPARE , Trader Checklist; Keep up the great Teaching Stay Well, and God Bless.

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AceOfSpades Jun 26, 2:27 AM

Kudos for putting your students first! I have to say watching that go up with you out was pretty torturous.

BClarke Jun 26, 12:32 PM

Safety first! Protect your nest egg! When you have the mindset of cutting loses quickly it really protects you. You can always get more aggressive later on or when your account is bigger. So trade conservative and like a sniper. Trading is frustrating so have patience.

PocketPAT Jun 26, 1:28 PM

Thanks Tim!!! I'm a SNIPER. Hide in the bushes, avoid detection, don't mistime the shot, but blow them away when the shot is clear. A safety sniper.

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LizLele Jun 21, 8:38 AM

"But Tim! I see spikes" lol. This sentence he wrote was totally for someone with my type of brain. "Sure, sure, there could be some spikes along the way, but this is part of the reason why I personally don't like trading short squeeze stocks as they're VERY choppy so even if I would turn out to be right I'd probly get faked out by some choppiness and have to cut losses like I did on TIGR so I'll just sit back and watch and wait for better setups." Thanks Tim!

RichieRichW Jun 21, 9:31 AM

Thanks Tim, as always! Tim I have a bad back also. A few years ago I had a surgery that took 17 Hrs on the table. They actually had 3 different teams of Doctors to work on me. I was opened up on the left front and straight up the center of my back. Both incisions are about 14 inches long. Hope you don't have to go there. recovery was tough, to say the least. So, hang in there and treat your back as your most valuable part of your body.

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