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1960Kile May 25, 2:00 PM

TY! Modulate position size.

TJDJ May 25, 2:01 PM

well Tim i had been in BTCS for over a month, and patients was on my side bought in at at .06 and sold at about .11 scared haha i am a Silver student.. and watching every day thanks my broker will not let me short.. but that is ok for now.

JeffreyPBorja May 25, 2:02 PM

Modulate position size. And learning to take SAFE PROFITS is a GOOD HABIT that I need to develop!!!

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TCS should be interesting, it's up a few cents/share premarket, but the question is can it spike big like yesterday, I might add to my long position on any dip, but be warned its morning spikes can be quick like yesterday when it jumped 50 cents/share in 30 seconds so be prepared to sell into strength ahead of time

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$2,025 profit TCS Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this earnings winner which has tons of support at 5.30ish and we saw it spike not once but twice this morning into the low 6s so while I'm not sure it can get all the way back there tomorrow, I'd love to try to make 30-50 cents/share of upside with any positive press or analyst upgrades on day 2, busy day, but I'm sticking with what's been working best, bigger position given limited downside here

Exit comments: Sold my remaining position for minimal gains, maybe it spikes more in a delayed spike, but I was going for a big spike in the first minute or two, BTCS and BTSC turned out to be better overnight, damn IB and their issues not executing those

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elecTRONic1982 May 25, 12:05 AM

You are such an awesome inspiration!!! Thank you so much for everything you do to help us understamd the processes better each and every day!!!

chytex2005 May 25, 6:32 AM

Great! I just singed up, studying hard and fast ; can't wait to start trying out some trades

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$435 profit CHGG Long Stock

Entry comments: I re-bought this earnings winner on the big intraday dip on low volume, it should have tons of support at 11.70ish, my goal is to sell it back in the low 12s so roughly 30-50 cents/share of upside, but it might just hang around the 11.90s again so I'll take that too, low risk, low reward play, dip buying earnings winners at support

Exit comments: I'll take this choppy stock hitting the bottom/conservative end of my goals in roughly an hour, pathetic % gain, but this isn't a fast mover so it's not a total shocker...I actually thought I was gonna hold it overnight, but no overnight risk on a non-ideal stock (due to higher price) is something I'll take every time and my few hundred bucks at a time is adding up nicely today, $1,000+ in profits, +$106,000ish in 2017 now

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1chaunse May 24, 1:40 PM

Could definitely see a bounce coming, but not worth the risk for a 30 cent profit, especially with a very low account. Have to pass

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