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Timothy Sykes

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Got greedy and didn't cut losses quick enough. Lesson learned.

Posted: Mar 25, 6:24 AM/

this supernova really helped!!!!

Posted: Mar 25, 10:41 PM/

up 75% on the day but got aggressive tried to buy HOD breakout after morning dip; ordinarily would never chase this, but HTGM was near identical setup - similar chart, low float, earnings; i was wrong tho and minimized damage only losing 30 cents which was best possible sell the rest of the day; maybe it didn't catch fire b/c ZAIS is in financial sector or HTGM was sucking up all attention, but i was wrong and cut it quick; i'm not actually upset with taking the shot here, just didn't pan out

Posted: Mar 25, 8:05 PM// 5

Not made about this. I entered trade passed on making $175 and $200 shorting the stock. The stock stayed level too long and I would have or should have just exited due to lack of moroce action etc. lesson learned. #STUDY #PRACTICE

Posted: Mar 25, 2:28 PM/

Short sold weakness when 1.90, which was afternoon support, cracked down to 1.85 then came back to 1.90 and I short sold at 1.88. Need to listen to grittani and short near a resistance level or where a perk failed in the afternoon. Got lucky with a good cover but this was a boring stick that didn't have much volume.

Posted: Mar 25, 9:16 AM/

You already know, this monster just went crazy, I was up like $200 then it got halted and I got scared and got out with 6% but it was a great learning trade, to see this bull in a china shop destroy resistance like it was nothing. In the future I'll know to give it a little more breathing room if it shows that much strength. -1PDT

Posted: Mar 25, 4:47 AM/

2nd win on $DRWI in a week. Solid Friday single from an overnight position on a stock I've been watching for a long time. The exit was annoying, since the stock is a part of the 5 cent B.S. Program. I'm wondering if HF traders are taking advantage of that rule but that's another story.

Posted: Mar 25, 4:39 AM/

Trade didn't do as expected to got right out for a scratch. *2

Posted: Mar 25, 9:06 AM/

$190 profitHTGMLong StockbyBee

Chased this a bit in the 11's and got out when it looked toppy. Ended up going to 13, but Good Friday trading. *4

Posted: Mar 25, 9:06 AM/

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