Watched stock all day. Missed strong open stock spike and waited for dip buy later in the day. Missed to buy in at bottom at .81 and waited to see stock action. Stock consolidated and began to slowly rise into close around 3:00 PM and bought shortly after. Sold entire position into strength prematurely due to fear of not getting out of position (need to fix computer). Note to self: when stock is strong wait to sell closer to close time (around 3:45ish) - missed out on 30 cents profit/share.



Update: Dip buy 4k near EOD for perk to close. 5k at .9197. Sold 1k at .855 (risk), price recovered so cncl (4k open). Did not readjust order size to open position. Wanted to sell remaining 4K at 1.04 for a gain of .12/share. Instead, sold 5k. BAH!!! Had to buy 1k to cover a short position I had no interest and business being in. Filled at 1.25. Lost half of my gains. Should be 400 on the day, but I'm up 200. Thankful to be green after such a boneheaded mistake. Got lucky. So dumb on my part!


($68) Loss
VLRXLong Stock

Entry Comment: Big sell off right at the market open. Decent entry but 20 cents off the low. Hoping for a bounce back to the high 4s. Exit Comment: Weak bounce. Immediately cut loss.


($48) Loss
OBLNLong Stock

Entry comments: Former runner with nice contract this morning its spiking already so I grabbed some, goal is to make 10-20% on more spiking

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz going nowhere fast, like all morning spiker wannabes today it seems so I exit and play safe and wait for something moving more


($61) Loss
CMRSLong Stock

Entry comments: Try again....

Exit comments: took too long to sell..


($29) Loss
HUSALong Stock

bought news but it never really moved


($81) Loss
CRSMLong Stock

just bad thought i was dip buying but no


$959 Profit
WKHSShort Stock

Slow day. Saw this one spike mid day about 35 cents on no news. Wasnt expecting a huge gain. Got in and got out when it hit goal which was good as it spiked later in day all the way to close.


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