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Timothy Sykes

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Same mistakes. Rinse and Repeat.

Posted: Apr 29, 1:31 AM/

Held it overnight. It started going up P/M, (got up to $3.09) which made me believe that it had room to spike up since a Chinese Billionare had invested 25M into it (he bought it at $2.60). However, it was not volatile enough, so I cut my losses quickly when it opened and it was going against my plan.

Posted: Apr 30, 9:17 AM/

Would of could of should of. Got caught between a resistance line and support lines. Ended up not going on my side of the trade. Then on round two I was all over it to gain back some of my loss. I was 2 min from open when I covered and it dropped 20 cents per share more. Oh well. #STUDY

Posted: Apr 29, 3:45 PM/

Whew, amazing trade, not by profit but by the fact that I got out just before it ramped up back to the high 2.70's and closing at 2.78. This is a #2 trade in my battleplan, which are stocks under $5 under lawsuit and on a spike retracement. ALSO I'm now above $3K in PROFITS!!!!!! April was rough but I made my low goal! :) :)

Posted: Apr 29, 12:57 AM/

bought this contract winner on the morning dip. in @ 3.247 for 250 shares and wanted to see it test the HOD after it failed twice to do so I got out @ 3.2219, to protect and glad I did because it dropped to 3.17 after.

Posted: Apr 28, 11:23 AM

Dont go long on these slowly/boring days Smh. Bought into consolidation after the morning panic, because it was still up over 10%, it found support and it was oversold. But fading volume. Failed to cut losses quickly again. Will keep trading small until im having consistent profits

Posted: Apr 30, 11:00 AM/

was up a bunch p/m, was having trouble at 3.75, panic at the open so i shorted the bounce, was right about ticker, what i have to do better is let my winners run, cover some at support & let rest ride, let it set a new risk, add more when it breaks down more, until g/r

Posted: Apr 29, 9:36 AM/

shorted the gap up spike, got in too early, played it safe & cut losses when it broke p/m high, wanted to add some at the triple top from prev day but ran out of shares to short so didn't want to go along for the ride, if there were shorts available i would have added bc stock looked weak and had massive resistance prev day so i wanted to be more aggressive and risk it since it had good odds of getting more stuffed

Posted: Apr 29, 9:37 AM/

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