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Pennystocking Silver

Timothy Sykes

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moved my stop up to quick and it hit. My target was 0.225

Posted: Jun 26, 3:12 PM

Another case of not getting in earlier. Maybe one of these days I'll figure that out. Burned up a day trade for a measly 30 bucks

Posted: Jun 26, 1:59 PM

I did chase this a bit, I originally wanted 0.2020 but it moved to fast. I wanted 0.23 but it ran into my stop after i moved it.

Posted: Jun 26, 1:52 PM

Attempted dip buy with low volume into morning spike but after volume dropped it never picked back up. Failed to look at past resistance level which would have shown no clear exit strategy past the morning's HOD. Ultimately was too eager to trade this morning and did not choose the most perfect set up / should have gotten out sooner. Trading with a very small account lead me to being too aggressive .

Posted: Jun 26, 10:58 AM

it ran into my stop. My target was 0.46

Posted: Jun 26, 10:39 AM

Entry comments: Was hoping to sell at 0.48

Exit comments: Fail to break 0.45 should have taken 100$ profit but instead got greedy and lost 100$.

Posted: Jun 26, 9:58 AM

Tried to dip buy it again and ended up breaking even.

Posted: Jun 26, 10:12 AM

Thanks stockstotrade for recommending this stock.

Posted: Jun 26, 9:56 AM

i was waiting for a panic at the open and I didn't get it. It spiked and I didn't want to chase so tried to dip buy. It ran into my stop.

Posted: Jun 26, 10:09 AM

Need to be quicker in executing trades. Keep getting in at the top. Should have traded DCTH.

Posted: Jun 26, 9:56 AM

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