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Timothy Sykes

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$NUS was this week's trade. The actual premium was about $2,800 but earnings were not very good.

Posted: Feb 18, 9:28 PM/

In @2.34 out @2.45, Despite fees it was a $18.86 gain! Not to shabby for a first REAL trade, studying pays off... ALWAYS.

Posted: Feb 18, 9:22 PM/

Bought on the second red day looking for a follow up morning spike. Fell below my stop loss and had to cut losses... RSI on 5m was showing over sold and I panicked. Marketed out of my position to see a couple hours later the stock testing and eventually hitting my price target. Wanted .042 to hold and the 200ma to hold.

Posted: Feb 18, 10:04 AM/

there was a previous breakout, but i saw the second breakout but it was overextended , so i got out quickly because it was not probable it to go so much higher

Posted: Feb 18, 3:07 AM/

i thought there will be a squeeze but didnt , so i got out

Posted: Feb 18, 3:05 AM/

chasing more losses, have to seriously stop chasing losses, could have gotten out for profits on this by selling at lod but got greedy & tried to let it ride, spiked back up on me, also was a double bottom, cover at multi month support

Posted: Feb 18, 1:04 PM/

Entry comments: I normally hate stocks this lowly priced, but it just hit my scans for high volume, high of the day breakout and they're doing a reverse split next week just like MOSY, today's big winner, I will NOT hold over the long holiday weekend, goal is to make 15-30% into the market close

Exit comments: Fast drop after big move, scary stock, didn't catch the highs at .078, still made a few hundred and it's almost 3am here in Asia for me zzzzzz

Posted: Feb 17, 2:20 PM/ 9/$

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shorted again, most likely chasing losses but also good downtrend, making lower highs, just got out too early bc i got nervous it may curl up again but didn't follow my risk & didn't realize it kept getting stuffed & could not break high, this could have been a bigger win

Posted: Feb 18, 1:03 PM/

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