$887 profit LIVE Long Stock

Entry comments: Small speculative trade as it can't crack day low & is making higher lows, SSR makes it hard to short (trust me I know), going out on a limb on a VERY speculative trade, if it goes against me I'll cut losses quickly, but if this can spike and break out past 5, it has a chance at testing the 5.30 resistance and then who knows...goal is to make 50 cent/share, downside risk of 10 cents...good trade setup given pending buyins at Suretrader later today as they warned peeps

Exit comments: Got a little bounce but nothing much, sellers/shorters look determined in the low 4.80s. FYI due to my success other newsletters piggyback my alerts like on this one so be careful, the whole idea of the alert is NOT meant to be followed, it's meant to be learned from...why did I buy LIVE after shorting it earlier (setup looks like a possible short squeeze thats why), my top students ANTICIPATe my alerts due to chart patterns/price action, this was low risk, decent trade not great

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