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Kingsalini Feb 20, 9:22 AM

As always good mental food GuruYoda!!

Tommy_D Feb 20, 9:28 AM

Great pick, Tim. I'll have to focus some more on 2-5M vol stocks towards the afternoon. Spent too much time looking at the 25-30M vol stocks lately and they end up with a lot of fake-out breakouts.

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JessAaron25 Feb 20, 2:30 AM

Great videos Tim, enjoyed what you had to say and how passionate you are about stock trading

Azreal Feb 20, 4:09 AM

I laughed so hard at this interview, you did a great job encouraging them to tell you what they had on their minds that antagonized them so much. Being real is key.

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$217 profit NGTF Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this multiday breakout off its highs at .80, goal is to sell into bounce into the .80s, upcoming new product launch next week too

Exit comments: Holding near its intraday highs so could still breakout, but volume is fading and this one is choppy so I'm taking a small gain and not going for anything more, very happy with my $2k+ profits today after missing all executions yesterday...gotta be quick on most morning spikes/panics

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Johnnorth Feb 15, 10:21 AM

Good one Tim. I held over night bto 0.6398 out at .71 today. I still Paper trading but getting better. Thanks for your trading.

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