-$650 loss VUZI Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this WIMI sympathy play as WIMI is in the $22s now up 500% so sympathy plays can rock more too, especially Friday afterhours, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: No bounce afterhours, I'm overtrading, gotta stay more disciplined, cut losses quickly, protect gains

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RChen Jul 10, 6:31 PM

cut losses quickly. nice. thanks.

slickrick Jul 11, 2:32 AM

Suprising considering WIMI hit $23 later Friday pm. I guess you have to be cautious on every sympathy play. I was going to short $ALT at $20 Thursday before market close, glad I held off. Both ridiculous spikes that should have downtrnds soon..

Jdegregz Jul 11, 9:33 AM

I’ve noticed vuzi is a tough chart real choppy and seems like always 2 steps ahead 2-3 steps back

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-$560 loss XERS Long Stock

Entry comments: Rumor of Soros stake, I don't even know 100%, my laptop is acting up, but worth the risk, price action looks good, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Not trending properly even though Soros was confirmed in SEC filing, no idea what's happening with this one, not gonna risk it, cut losses quickly

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slickrick Jul 10, 4:26 PM

That's one of your mantras, CUT LOSSES QUICKLY!

RChen Jul 10, 6:12 PM

Thanks, Tim.

Windwalzer Jul 10, 8:22 PM

Rule #1 thank you for teaching us this one.

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