RNVA nice new day high with big volume, gotta love Friday afternoon momo plays

Edsel206 Feb 17, 3:26 PM

Total Noob! Brand new at this, just started trading paper money to practice. Thank you Tim for your TimeAlerts! Made to paper money trades today with CNBX: Buy 1,000 shares at $3.98 and sold at $4.15. Bought another 1,000 shares of CNBX at $4.08 and sold at $4.30. For total gains of $390 (before fees)

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$592 profit RNVA Long Stock

Entry comments: I normally hate stocks this lowly priced, but it just hit my http://stockstotrade.com scans for high volume, high of the day breakout and they're doing a reverse split next week just like MOSY, today's big winner, I will NOT hold over the long holiday weekend, goal is to make 15-30% into the market close

Exit comments: Fast drop after big move, scary stock, didn't catch the highs at .078, still made a few hundred and it's almost 3am here in Asia for me zzzzzz

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Bloody_Shark Feb 17, 3:36 PM

thanks for the alert, bought 25000 units @ 0.067 sold them at 0.076 for $225 profit in 5 minutes THANKS

colmooretrader Feb 17, 7:45 PM

i love timothy Sykes the man of wisdom! am Loyal

bigman Feb 17, 9:47 PM

good trade. clean.

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$1,307 profit GSIT Long Stock

Entry comments: This stock is breaking out of multi-month base, just got compared to NVDA, that's a stretch but chart/price action is solid and market is hot for runners on a Friday so I'll be aggressive here, goal is to make 50-75 cent/share

Exit comments: Got a solid breakout over previous highs, but now volume is slowing and its midday so I'll be more cautious here and lock in profits, potential re-buy on any dip/into the market close but safety, safety, safety, thanks to http://stockstotrade.com scanner for this one

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humblegains Feb 17, 11:26 AM

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

hothordas7 Feb 17, 11:30 AM

I am using stocks to trade also but never saw this come up on my scanner. Which one did you use Tim?

gghsusa Feb 17, 11:44 AM

Nice...I got a good laugh watching on the chart when you bought and sold...very visible at near 4k shares

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We had 1,000 children at my school opening today, what a rush, I'll post pics and videos soon, but you guys ALL need to open your own schools eventually, most gratifying experience of my life

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1timothysykes Feb 17, 8:59 AM

@ingantun read closer, I talk about my previous plays and new ones, they're all potential trades, be meticulous, don't make me repeat myself c'mon

Amadeo29 Feb 17, 9:16 PM

I've been chasing lately because of this. Losing $. Thanks for the heads up Tim.

chartingit Feb 18, 11:45 AM

What are a couple of the best promoters you follow? Thx@Bromarguy

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FoxyTrades Feb 19, 4:35 PM

Great trader for sure but I feel kinda clueless after watching it, your "theory" that you see is working 85-90% of the time, but it only works in "specific situations" ok and how do you really spot them... hmm confusing

Neoblk Feb 19, 5:35 PM

Great Video Dux!! When i start shorting this information will become very useful.

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