ILUS new highs now .023s, unreal

Spennyxyooj Jan 27, 4:08 PM

The spread were quite big. I papertraded this one and lost 10.1% on a 0.022 entry and a 0.0205 exit. 4% on a 0.022 entry and 0.0229 exit. Phenomenal panic (#5) breakdown before the close with entry at 0.17, exit avg at 0.196 (15%). The first trade was stressful since I forgot to take into account the 5-10% spread

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$1,431 profit ILUS Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this big all day runner slightly off its highs of .015, I think it can get back there and maybe do more, remember VDRM a few days ago similar price action

Exit comments: Tried to have patience but now possible double top at .017 so I'll play safe and take my single here, still nice, potential rebuy into the close depending on how it closes

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Windwalzer Jan 27, 6:16 PM

Nice trade and chart, interesting sectors today, and wild. Thank you for sharing.

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