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Jo897B Apr 30, 2:28 PM

Great interview, thx!

smillie327 Apr 30, 3:00 PM

Huge gratitude to Tim Sykes for great interviews with successful traders (M. Goode, Dux, T. Grittani) recently...this was wonderful insight Tim Grittani, thanks for willing transparency re: your journey...loved it!

Jcks_Th_Nm Apr 30, 3:28 PM

Lots Of Great Lessons in this one! Will Be Back!

BigDog Apr 30, 4:16 PM

wow, Thank you TimTim!!!! Great!!!

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$443 profit CDXC Long Stock

Entry comments: I re-bought this choppy new billionaire investor play on a premarket low volume dip as it was in the low 3s around 3.10ish late yesterday and earlier today too, I think it can get back there, goal is to just make 10-15% on this, not a hugely volatile stock but looks to have support in the 2.80s so limited risk

Exit comments: It got back to the low 3s, but 3.10ish is holding as resistance so I play it safe and lock in small gains, better dip buy in the 2.80s only

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1jeremi23 Apr 28, 10:00 AM

How much should I start with?

brosefinance Apr 28, 10:56 AM

was there catalyst for yesterday's vol?

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It's midday now so trade less, study more, here's a GREAT new blog post http://tim.ly/sykesmin on account minimums and proper mindset, please read and leave a comment under the post with your thoughts so I know you read it!

BIGPOPS Apr 27, 2:25 PM

I open a small acct. w Opt.Hse.with $1,200, there is no minimum, good customer support, cheap,BUT you cam

BIGPOPS Apr 27, 2:28 PM

BUT you can't short anything, have to hold stock for 3 days. I found out the hard way. I studied your short selling mostly and went in w that mind frame, well I did get a couple shorts in but ,then they caught up , so Saving up to open at Etrade soon and keep this little acct. for longs,

BIGPOPS Apr 27, 2:31 PM

The good news is that I'm still about even, but I learned TONS of knowledge with just certain rules and navigation

BIGPOPS Apr 27, 2:32 PM

oh, you have to have $25,000 to short at Options House

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I wouldn't expect $CDXC to get back to the day high in the 3.50s, but if anyone notices this big new billionaire investor, I don't think the low $3s is out of the question, hence my dip buy in the 2.80s

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$24 profit CDXC Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this new billionaire investor play http://tim.ly/2qakhVJ not a great longterm chart, but now I see 50k bidders in the 2.80s and this hit the low 3s earlier today so that's my goal again

Exit comments: Out of this stock roughly breakeven as I have to catch a flight and I'm not sure if it'll have wifi so better to play it safe while flying, potential dip buy though for me tomorrow for sure, trading while traveling is TOUGH

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Dbainy Apr 28, 2:06 AM

Good call on CDXC, did spike up to 3+ near the end. Market is crazy bull these days!

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1JeffreyPBorja Apr 27, 7:04 AM

Went over this list w/my dad who's been wondering what my excitement for penny stocks has been all about. Used STT to show him AOXY and SHOR as examples. He's pretty impressed with how much I've learned in the last few months. Still got a long way to go, but thanks for the coaching, Tim!

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