$2,024 profit DXTR Long Stock

Entry comments: This low priced junker seems to have the momentum today as similar plays DCTH, ANY, MARA have seemed to lose their momo so this is the current play and it's close to a one-week breakout...it just dipped into the .32s where it has a lot of intraday support and I was trying to build a position there, but it's uptrending now so I'll sit on my position for now and look for a high of day break, goal is to make 10-20%, stay conservative, not every stock will be a home run, but this is the niche now

Exit comments: Beautiful followup spike, actually got all the way up to the .38s, but I was in the shower so I'm happy to sell here since it hit my goals and like I say again and again, it's better to go for singles on these speculative plays, especially as the overall market is tanking, I'd be extra-careful on all longs right now...potential re-buy for me before the market close, but right now I like locking in profits here

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npw109 Jun 27, 4:21 PM

thanks Tim I was able to get in during breakout of .35 and exit at .38. nice 9% profit.

DavidVRey Jun 27, 7:43 PM

is this worth trading tommorow morning?

ambitious_ Jun 27, 10:47 PM

2,000 DXTR in on Friday at 0.26, out early morning today at 0.31...Wish I would have held a bit longer, again sold to soon but better safe than sorry

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niner Jun 27, 10:00 AM

Yup! Thanks for the help!!! Got up a little later, than I usually do. Got my coffee and decided just to watch. Until MBRX. Looked to good to pass up. Thanks, for the quick reminder, Tim! In at $1.88 out at $2.04 for about $120 profit.

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I NEVER post about ringing the closing bell because to me when the stock market closes, my studying and preparation for the next day begins...closing bell for me is when my AdvilPM kicks in nightly around 1-2am, change your mindset and use the nighttime to study/get better!

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Reminder all you Challenge students Tim Grittani is doing his live trading webinar tomorrow 9am EST so be sure to tune in as you can learn SO much from these live webinars!

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$24 profit ITKG Long Stock

Entry comments: I re-bought this play at lower prices than I did earlier this week on a big dip off its highs as the contract win earlier this week might have legs as more people see it and as I outlined in the video lesson I had been waiting literally half a decade for it...lots of support in the low .04s so not much risk given the big drop, my goal is to sell in the 5s or 6s, I doubt it goes big again like before since low priced plays seem dead today so far

Exit comments: MARA is the best play today as I alerted earlier in chat, but I'm unable to trade it as I'm having broker issues again with my Etrade account due to my travel, I've been on the phone with them for 30 minutes, so I'm exiting this one for small gains as broker issues on fast moving stocks are no good, they keep having problems with me trading from other countries, so I might have to just use Interactive Brokers when I visit these weird places

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sontop1980 Jun 23, 10:37 AM

Hi tim as ur student.why would you buy Mara now when its up alreadyso much for the day. Just curious

kenny34731 Jun 23, 12:42 PM

Wow! MARA Great timing on your alert! Thanks, yried to get in @ .1288, missed it. I was sacred to chase, wish I did now. At .14, good lesson though!

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coltonje Jun 26, 9:42 AM

@WizeFool but in Tim's watchlist he says "DCTH, ITKG, MARA were all winners earlier this week"

timothysykes Jun 26, 9:50 AM

@coltonje they were winners last week, not earnings winners, I'm talking about % gainers, c'mon

coltonje Jun 26, 10:26 PM

@timothysykes Sorry Tim I just keep getting "earnings winners" beaten into my head from your videos. I misread... Thanks for the clarity!

timothysykes Jun 27, 2:23 AM

@coltonje no worries, I know this stuff can be confusing and I do make mistakes myself sometimes too!

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