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Daoudy Apr 28, 9:11 AM

Good morning Tim! How do I trade premarket?

Jbroome Apr 28, 9:23 AM

@Daoudy most brokers let you trade premarket I use tradeking and I can trade from 8 to 5 but they charge$0.10 before and after normal market hours But each broker is different

jeremi23 Apr 28, 10:00 AM

How much should I start with?

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It's midday now so trade less, study more, here's a GREAT new blog post http://tim.ly/sykesmin on account minimums and proper mindset, please read and leave a comment under the post with your thoughts so I know you read it!

BIGPOPS Apr 27, 2:25 PM

I open a small acct. w Opt.Hse.with $1,200, there is no minimum, good customer support, cheap,BUT you cam

BIGPOPS Apr 27, 2:28 PM

BUT you can't short anything, have to hold stock for 3 days. I found out the hard way. I studied your short selling mostly and went in w that mind frame, well I did get a couple shorts in but ,then they caught up , so Saving up to open at Etrade soon and keep this little acct. for longs,

BIGPOPS Apr 27, 2:31 PM

The good news is that I'm still about even, but I learned TONS of knowledge with just certain rules and navigation

BIGPOPS Apr 27, 2:32 PM

oh, you have to have $25,000 to short at Options House

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