$20,072 profit QUIK Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculatively buying this multi-day breakout above 3.65, gapped up strongly today & now big buyers near day highs, reading this post http://tim.ly/1iTa4Re makes me think we might see Samsung announcement next week, I also bought some longterm as I read conference call notes, earnings miss was due to inventory issues, nothing major going forward, goal is to sell short-term at resistance of $4ish, hopefully it spikes into the market close, 30-50 cents upside, 10-15 downside, SPECULATIVE

Exit comments: Didn't get the Samsung news I wanted for a bigger spike, but the weekend Seeking Alpha article pumped the stock price up a solid 15%, could run more, but tons of sellers already premarket 4.30-4.60...really wanted to sell 4.50 or more, but other sellers prevented that so I will take what the market will give me...potential rebuy but not gonna be aggressive here with this ugly longer term chart...might really run like EKSO/YOD all day or more likely fade like WATT did

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Ciocana May 26, 14 11:48 PM

on the 19th QUIK did not go all the way up to 4.22

bankkeen May 31, 14 8:23 PM

Looks like a solid gainer

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($3,647) loss RCON Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this earnings winner on the dip off its highs, it likes to spike in the morning as we saw today, it moves fast so my goal is to sell into a similar spike tomorrow ideally in the mid to high 4s...not surprising it consolidated all day long due to down overall market and digesting bagholders in at higher prices...not much downside here, should have support at 3.90-4ish, I'd LOVE to sell in the 4.50s

Exit comments: No morning gap up or spike right near the open like yesterday means I gotta cut losses quickly, never fun or easy...but trade like a sniper, be methodical, move onto the next potential runner...these are the rules by which I trade and following these rules makes me wealthy, break the rules and sure sometimes you'll get lucky but getting lucky is very different from winning 75% of the time and growing your account exponentially quickly like my top students have

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RikiRisnandar May 16, 14 9:49 AM

lesson learned.. i also cut my losses coz 4.00 could become new resistance.thx

Misteroh May 16, 14 4:55 PM

Hi Tim, DDS its a earnings and breakout winner, how you like, but have one problem, its a NYSE stock and 5 billion$ stock, you buy this stock if the pattern its right, like yesterday 15 May ?

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