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cwood Aug 16, 14 10:14 AM

I like buying the dip on these delayed morning spikers. BDR and NEO were two good ones recently in addition to HTCH

Chicago777 Nov 21, 15 11:20 AM

LOL! "Bradley human baby seal Face" hahahahahahaha oh man that was funny! i remember you bidding on this! =)

Machinistrades Jun 24, 16 3:52 PM

lol, "don't just buy randomly" applies to real life as well

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($93) loss MNDO Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this earnings winner I talked about in my mid-day video lesson, closing strong, solid base at 2.65-2.70ish so limited risk, 2.80 is key point, if it spikes tomorrow it can go to the low 3s, very similar to HTCH/PLNR which both had nice 2nd days after big initial earnings spikes

Exit comments: Got up to 2.95 afterhours last night, but very few buyers premarket this morning and now this 32k seller at 2.87 scares away all the buyers, maybe this does a delayed morning spike like PLNR/HTCH did on their 2nd day after earnings, but I don't trust it when you have big seller orders like this blocking the way, playing it safe as always

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$510 profit USAT Long Stock

Entry comments: Spiked all the way to 2.10 after several chatrooms/websites linked this new webpage http://www.usatech.com/eport/eport_connect.php showing partnering with GOOG/Paypal, but then it tanked to new lows, 5 cents below where the stock was trading as traders cut their losses, PR could still come which would spike it back to 2.10, low risk, high odds pattern...that's what u get for buying too quick on "breaking news" silly traders, I sit back and have better entry than ALL of them hahaha

Exit comments: Now people are saying it's not even a new webpage, total misinformation, I'm playing it safe, who knows, thought I could be cute getting in 10-15 cents/share lower than everyone else but everyone is wrong here and now the chart is broken so who knows how low it goes, blehhhh

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1Chicago777 Nov 21, 15 11:07 AM

That was a Good example on what someone can use to learn how to do a quick run down of the stocks on your watchlist potential long set ups and or shorts, you can really learn from your thought process might seem a bit fast for new members but they can always replay (y) disciplined trading at All times (sun)

1Machinistrades Jun 24, 16 3:05 PM

Good examples of some bread and butter plays, classic stuff.

1urbo Mar 22, 5:21 PM

be meticulous on the entries, don't buy on random prices or mid-range, look for clean b/o

TimeFliesBuy Apr 29, 3:18 AM

The patterns are alive! I see patterns when I'm driving now.

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$203 profit VUZI Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying after initial strength due to this GREAT FOX interview http://tim.ly/1pajY8H I just emailed you it before I bought the stock short-term, already have small http://tim.ly/timlong position, I knew they were working with Lenovo & SAP, didn'y know about Nokia, this is the bottom of the range, my guess is someone writes a Seeking Alpha article or research note soon, gonna try to give this some time, don't chase the stock as it usually comes down, the goal being to sell into big spikes

Exit comments: Gave it some time to spike on the FOX news, nod ice, this one is truly cursed, keeping small http://tim.ly/timlong position since it can spike big when the right press/article does hit but for now playing it safe

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PeeOn Aug 06, 14 12:53 PM

Cursed, agreed! Perfect junk to short.

eheldman3 Aug 06, 14 9:57 PM

yeah lost on that one before, stock won't move.

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