$11,125 profit REFR Long Stock

Entry comments: Added to my longterm position with this short-term position, this is my top pick for January 2014, gonna try to make 20-30% just like my top pick in 2013 ONVO buying in the 2s before it spiked big...we'll see, lots of upcoming catalysts, nice multi-month breakout in the low 5s, $2/share off its highs, solid risk/rewrd, good price action today

Exit comments: HUGE $14,000 profit to start the year as I flew to Miami to meet some very lucky students who will shadow me the next few days and trade live with me on Monday...flying all day helped me be patient with REFR and I have been reewarded

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TimeisMoney Jan 02, 14 6:08 PM

Wow did any if you guys watch his dvd's lol

rhdarden Jan 04, 14 11:06 AM

Watching them several times is good advice, when you begin you most likely won't grasp everything he mentions and will want to return back to those lessons as you begin to fully grasp the entire market. Tim is probably the best teacher I have ever had personally. I am only a small account holder(500) and very new but within a yr I bet I will have enough from compounding to really make a difference in the following years. Make real reasonable goals based on your account and listen and learn from

rhdarden Jan 04, 14 11:07 AM

tim and you will have success!

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$3,874 profit VUZI Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying the breakout over October's highs, slowly uptrending like XXII before its big spike, no resistance til the 4s, wearable computing is hot as HIMX proves, I'd love to see VUZI have a Monday press release hyping their product or some new partnership with big company, supreme risk/reward buying on a Friday afternoon with possible news, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share

Exit comments: Sold into solid gap up on weak news...fully predictable given the chart and industry, congras to all longs here

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JVP3122 Dec 30, 13 4:26 PM

Thoughts on BORN? I see some people playing the run-up, but I haven't seen any news causing the jump today and I saw sideways and down-trending price action late in the day. I've got to think this might be a nice short opportunity if the volume continues to drop tomorrow.

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$4,158 profit DGLY Long Stock

Entry comments: All these other former high fliers like KNDI, ICLD breaking out, DGLY had a mini breakout, might get more notice next week, low risk, goal is to make 50 cents/share

Exit comments: Sold my remaining share for $1+/share gain, solid profit, kinda lucky with this contract, but odds were in my favor as big deals are usually announced on Mondays and the chart was primed for a breakout...taking $4,000+ profits here, not even looking back, it might keep going, but my goal has been achieved

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hcir87 Jan 01, 14 11:54 AM

This is why I'm here trying to learn everything I can about penny stocks. Thanks Tim

gilda Jan 03, 14 3:55 AM

I just signed up and have been watching your youtube videos. I am so excited and very dedicated. You inspire me. Thanks

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piscott0306 Sep 26, 3:57 PM

I do agree with that lack of patience. It's a characteristic I see in myself when trading sometimes. As with all things in life, it's something that's developed overtime.

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