$222 profit LIVE Short Stock

Entry comments: Shorting overnight, RISKY looks good given lack of buy-in spiking/finishing near lows, if I'm right about this time FINALLY being ready for panic, when it takes out $4.50, it can drop $1/share tomorrow near the market open and latecomer shorts won't get executed...nor will there definitely be shares to short as it's tough to short now. Yes my losses suck, but all it takes is to be right once and they're wiped away, I've played this so terribly I don't even expect that, this is a solid setup

Exit comments: No big morning crack, big buyers just above 4.50 support, no shares to short at most brokers, potential buyins, Friday, all lead me to believe this can spike, potential buy unless it takes out 4.50 2-day lows then its a goner...too tough to call here

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timothysykes May 30, 14 9:58 AM

@ekotr takes time to write my commentary, but if u studied my rules you'd know that i would cover when it couldnt crack 4.50, now 5.20ish, this was a PERFECT cover/alert, you're welcome

ProfitRV May 30, 14 11:14 AM

I got a timely email right @ 6:30 AM. New to this service so I just observed, but I coulda/shoulda/woulda made money if I listened to Tim. Thanks for the morning update, Tim.

tradeDawg May 30, 14 4:15 PM

Awesome tough-love lesson Sir Timothy. This stock sure didn't give you no love but I learned immensely. Thanks man for posting the videos!!

TomzOJO Jun 01, 14 6:26 AM

16 years old from London i've been researching a lot into trading recently and i'm hoping to get started in the summer after exams, any tips for where to enhance my learning and fuel my determination?

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$887 profit LIVE Long Stock

Entry comments: Small speculative trade as it can't crack day low & is making higher lows, SSR makes it hard to short (trust me I know), going out on a limb on a VERY speculative trade, if it goes against me I'll cut losses quickly, but if this can spike and break out past 5, it has a chance at testing the 5.30 resistance and then who knows...goal is to make 50 cent/share, downside risk of 10 cents...good trade setup given pending buyins at Suretrader later today as they warned peeps

Exit comments: Got a little bounce but nothing much, sellers/shorters look determined in the low 4.80s. FYI due to my success other newsletters piggyback my alerts like on this one so be careful, the whole idea of the alert is NOT meant to be followed, it's meant to be learned from...why did I buy LIVE after shorting it earlier (setup looks like a possible short squeeze thats why), my top students ANTICIPATe my alerts due to chart patterns/price action, this was low risk, decent trade not great

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($8,430) loss LIVE Short Stock

Entry comments: Chart is now broken, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share, wish I'd been more aggressive but this stock is scaryyyyy

Exit comments: Not cracking playing it safe to avoid squeeze

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