I'll make video lesson right now, getting too many questions, love coming back from a charity event and seeing all this action, so blessed!

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$5,935 profit ITKG Long Stock

Entry comments: I just got back from charity event to see this old play spiking 50% on this news http://tim.ly/2sUDQq2 nice little contract win on a junker I had in my longterm portfolio years ago...given how hot these low priced plays like DCTH and now MARA are this week, my goal is to make 30-50% tomorrow as more people spot this potential runner, Interactive Brokers not taking my order, but Etrade is executing so this is in my small account, thanks to chat for finding this

Exit comments: I just sold into the nice gap up and morning spike too, not gonna risk anymore since this is a HUGE 100% winner for me....maybe it goes further, but this is already aggressive for me, now ANY and DXTR in play too, love and appreciate all these low priced runners!

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1npw109 Jun 21, 3:46 PM

Awesome in Sykes. Look at it go

sontop1980 Jun 21, 5:39 PM

Hi Tim which chat can we spot this. As i am pennystock silver subscriber.

talonknox Jun 22, 9:41 AM

Can't wait till I'm making money/% gains like this. Good shit Tim.


So sick! Recently found some of the cheap companies I can sell on TD Margin acc just not the TFSA cuz its a registered account, but it told me I had to call in ITKG, is it worth it to do a call in? I have done a call in to sell a stock when my broker was being weird and it worked but not used to calling to buy and sell, thanks tim!

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