$5,183 profit UPI Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought this earnings winner today on a dip, day high is in the 5.20s so I expect it to head back there today or next week...BIGTIME morning spike potential as you saw today, good to buy it way off its highs to reduce risk

Exit comments: NICE mid-day strength, resistance right around here in the 4.60s though so I'm taking safe profits, I'll look to re-buy on a big dip or near the market close, God I LOVE buying earnings winners, they perform well if you time it right

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ravmanrlz Jan 24, 14 12:11 PM

You are right, Tim big fan, thanks for changing the game and helping others!

mestisoz Jan 27, 14 9:02 AM

Kicking myself in the butt for not buying this on the morning DIP. Went down to $4.00 and gaining support around $4.20.. Just couldnt pull the trigger fast enough :( Thats what I get trading from an IPAD lol

2SiK Jan 28, 14 7:14 PM

tim said stop being so lazy lmaaao lmao he always makes me laugh

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$1,068 profit MEET Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought this recent earnings winner on a dip off its mid 2s highs...mobile revenues surging faster than anyone expected, lots of problems, but I think one more piece of good news could spike it to the high 2s or even 3s, also bought some long-term

Exit comments: Sold out for puny gains because its not doing much and I gotta focus on my UPI and try to recoup losses there, still holding longterm MEET

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$4,816 profit YOD Long Stock

Entry comments: Chinese Netflix, could run to over 3 given Netflix surging today, risk being a Chinese company though

Exit comments: Sold the rest at 2.93, disappointing trade, didn't run as much as I wanted, but glad I could do it all live in front of http://tim.ly/sykesmc students, GREAT live trading webinar showing how to trade stocks like MEDL/YOD

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$31,252 profit MEDL Long Stock

Entry comments: I've found the holy grail, thanks to this PR yesterday http://tim.ly/1dP0F09 of a mobile video app "Hang W/" passing 1 million downloads in 9 months, faster than TWTR, FB, Pinterest, 4Square, also have a Google Glass app they debuted at CES 2 weeks ago http://tim.ly/1aL3dGT their CEO broadcast from Google HQ last week & new PR firm http://tim.ly/1edyeUJ just a $12 mil company, this could spike 2-3x given Instagram-like growth, not much risk dip buying at lows, short/longterm, full report coming

Exit comments: Sold the rest as I don't like these walls of sellers, bounced a bit off its lows today, but gotta play it safe...SOOOO glad I sold the majority of my position on the double top late yesterday...no matter how much you love a stock, you HAVE to respect price action/tops and breakouts

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trevind Jan 22, 14 2:48 PM

I start the Challenge in two weeks. Cannot wait!

Rufus91 Jan 22, 14 3:41 PM

@ 2SiK, I wanted to make sure I did not buy this while the stock was trending down. I do not know level 2 well yet but know it will better indicate where the stock is going for the short term

MiniMarkCuban Sep 11, 18 7:36 AM

Nice research!!! studying, studying, studying...

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$1,216 profit VISN Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought the dip, goal is to make $2-3/share, wanted more size

Exit comments: Woooo what a rush, I put in my limit order to sell and it just triggered so quick...glad I sent that premarket text to say buy this on the dip, easy pickings, could go more but I'm happy with this profit

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jackkal Jan 22, 14 1:53 PM

Always Take PROFITS

AustinG Feb 02, 14 5:06 PM

Hes got good at looking for the top!

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