-$226 loss ILUS Long Stock

Entry comments: Former Supernova with solid earnings, just took out day highs, lets see how high this can go, goal is to make 10-20%, aggressive trade for an aggressive market, STT Breaking News

Exit comments: No followup spike, not my day so all I do is cut losses quickly...minimize damage when you're not on, protect earlier gains

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TraderJett Aug 04, 11:50 AM

THank you Tim, me too cutting losses quickly, but on a very low scale, beginner here in the challenge, oioioi

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$630 profit FAZE Long Stock

Entry comments: This recent runner is showing some signs of spiking, lets see how far it can go, remember its a borderline meme play with all its influencers, goal is to make 5-075 cents/share

Exit comments: Nice little winner here, nothing huge, but nice to see these plays spike so fast in this market, just locking in safe profits as the spread is a bit crazy so good ot play safe

tupuad Aug 04, 1:34 PM

Thanks Tim, good work!

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-$180 loss EFSH Long Stock

Entry comments: Premarket dip buy on this early runner, same kind of price action as recent Supernovas, low float, small position, goal is to make 10-20%, buying on big dip off premarket highs, STT Breaking News play

Exit comments: Cutting losses here, no bounce and Etrade is having a tough time with this ticker, I actually had to call in my order to exit, no thanks...uplisting news has the stock all screwed up, small loss is fine with this mess

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$474 profit INND Long Stock

Entry comments: Bigger drop off the highs so bigger position, the company is still presenting at a conference tomorrow, promoters will likely hiype it up all evening long and I'd love to sell into a gap up/morning spike, just the first big green day here with news and big volume so I'll likely take this overnight, let's see how it closes

Exit comments: Had to take profits as its already hit my goals of 10%+ and there's a giant wall of sellers at .0072 and .0073 so no thanks, potential rebuy into any big morning panic tomorrow, just taking singles here and not getting greedy...this market has made me very cautious in my trading aggression levels just in case!

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$346 profit INND Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this big OTC runner off its highs as they're presenting at a conference tomorrow and getting pumped hard, I'd love to sell into a bounce in the .007s where it was earlier

Exit comments: Beautiful bounce, stronger market, not gonna get greedy as I don't trust the promoters here, but this was a solid low risk single and even though I'd prefer a big market drop, I'll take what the market gives me

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SilvasSquad Jun 07, 3:15 PM

Got in this with you at .0066 right as you alerted it. Didn't like the the pull back to .0066 after it went through .0070, scared me out of it. So i broke even at .0066. Not worried about it as i saw the double at .0063 which was my alert to get into the bounce. Seeing the moves and executing is getting better, just need to work on my patience in this market.

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$47 profit CBNT Long Stock

Entry comments: This unknown stock has a solution to protect against active shooters as their PR today says https://tim.ly/3ND11tU and so this is just a question of when people will actually recognize this play...its near year lows and I have a tiny $ position so not much risk, but if it gets noticed, I can make 50-100% so that's my goal. Sadly there will likely be more active shooters so this is an important issue

Exit comments: They actually did a PR today with an order for their product to combat school shootings, but the stock barely budged...it got up to .015, but its now failing so I'm taking puny gains...right idea, just not enough volume

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-$67 loss VAYK Long Stock

Entry comments: I took a position in this vacation rental play that is also soon going to be a crypto play in the next few weeks, see PR here https://tim.ly/3h0x6xv as fellow vacation rental operator ISPO is today's biggest winner so let's see if this can start running due to similar business model. ULTRA low priced so I'm not expecting any fireworks, but its only spiked a bit so there's more upside than downside here if it gets noticed...goal is t make 15-30%

Exit comments: Out for small losses here as it just isn't taking off like I thought despite being a clear cut sympathy play to ISPO...probably due to the sluggish overall market and I just want to rinse my hands of this one and protect, protect, protect, especially if we are going to get any negative Russia/Ukraine news overnight. Stay safe and alert for better opportunities!

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$510 profit EPAZ Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on this STT Breaking news tweet https://twitter.com/epazz/status/1482053536108408832 they'll be hyping themselves up more next week, so nice booster on this recent runner, goal is to sell in the .03s, could be fast given how fast this one moves

Exit comments: Absolutely beautiful move here in such an ugly overall market, I'll play it safe and not risk anymore as I have a busy day and like taking singles!

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RChen Jan 15, 12:40 AM

Nice. Thanks

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