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elninocatracho Aug 12, 10:22 PM

I traded this on that day .2486 and exited at 255 with only 250 shares. Lesson for me was don’t trade OTCs until I finish funding my account - I lost due to 6.5 commissions haha. But if I had learned the history and known about cydy I would of held overnight. I’m more committed to learning after this failed trade for me despite the actual price being a gain.

DeMattia73 Aug 13, 8:47 AM

Thanks Tim! Definitely love the webinars - they add so much value to the challenge!

Badgerjoe04 Aug 31, 9:54 PM

Thank You Tim. In it for the long haul.

sherinemay Sep 13, 5:55 PM

This is amazing video! Thanks Tim

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-$167 loss CSSE Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this rather unknown media play that owns Crackle & a lot of other smaller platforms, I think it's only a matter of time before it gets discovered/hyped up as the next CIDM/GNUS/NTN now UONE/IMTE/SALM type spiker, hot sector so it's a waiting game on this

Exit comments: Sold remaining share for small profit, right idea, I just entered wayyyyy too early on this, congrats to anyone with entries in the 6s or low 7s

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$3,665 profit BLNK Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought some of this electric vehicle charging station maker since TSLA/WKHS/FUV/SOLO/AYRO have all been spiking & this seem like the obvious next one to spike, goal is to make 10-30%, might take some time though so th9is is in my longer term account

Exit comments: Got all the way up to 2.60 but its tough midday so I'll just play it safe and lock in profits, good idea from chat yesterday, but probly needs a press release to really spike the others others in its sector

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timothysykes May 28, 12:42 PM

@Hotrrodder NEVER follow anyone's alerts and don't look to mae up past losses, you need to learn the rules/process, stop going against EVERYTHING that I teach please

Hotrrodder May 28, 1:35 PM

@timothysykes I’ve watched a ton of your videos and and definitely trying to learn as much as possible and know you can’t be even close to 100% right every time but why would you charge for “supernova” alerts if no one should follow them?

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Hotrrodder May 27, 1:50 PM

Did I miss an alert yesterday? Never received anything

relentlessx May 27, 2:03 PM

I’m not receiving watchlists everyday

Dbadas1no6 May 29, 1:48 PM

Wow, a negative nancy in the Aussie poster. We each have our opinions, and mine is one of accolades for someone like Tim to share his experience and knowledge with others in an unselfish way so we too can fee ourselves of financial worries by learning from him. A scam is when someone takes your money and you HAVE NOTHING to show for it. Tim took my money, I got lessons, I acquired knowledge, and I made my money back after a few trades. Scam?? C'mon, go away please. Thx

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