$1,577 profit FORD Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought a longer term position in this recent merger/recent Supernova as their merger is with a company that makes automated sensors, like this pill bottle that alerts patients when they need to take their meds https://tim.ly/2KgNPis VERY similar to this startup Amazon bought today https://tim.ly/2yPv545 and in this crazy environment with runners like CEI, PED, DFBG I can see this spiking too, just a question of when people notice it and/or they issue a press release so it's a waiting game

Exit comments: Sold into this little 2-day runup, didn't spike as expected on the Amazon acquisition of a competitor, but nice little gain here over a few days so I'll take it...potential re-buy if we get more volume/some news that can really spike it

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kjlaurro1 Jun 28, 11:05 AM

dang it I want to do this sooooo badly just dont have initial funds to jump in "yet" maybe get a few helpful trades from you then I can have the money to purchase.

kjlaurro1 Jun 28, 11:05 AM

invest in me so I can invest in You and Me~

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$385 profit PTOTF Long Stock

Entry comments: I re-bought this stock I had an investment in several months ago as they recently announced their next generation weapons detection system would be installed in several schools and hotels by the end of April so I'm looking for a press release next week confirming that, at which point it should spike and offer a good opportunity to sell in the 1.40s or maybe even the 1.50s. It has support at 1.20 too so limited downside risk

Exit comments: I got a little a bounce in a tough market, but no big press release like I expected...they're even presenting at a Vegas tradeshow the past 2 days and still no PR, aye aye aye...potential re-buy only when they get some actual news out

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sampahtrader May 02, 3:09 AM

tim u buy all in on 7000shares at 26/4/2018 at 1.23 or u buy a few thousand and add on 1/5/2018 and close enough at 1.285 on same day or how? because i wonder how u would react on 30/4/2018 because the price goes drop to 1.200. pls answer.

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zaraza May 06, 11:44 AM

Thank You Tim....

bostman26 May 07, 2:59 PM

Just received my copy today and can't wait to get started furthering my education. Thank you to Jamil,Tim and your team for everything you do for us. I'm working toward being a MILLIONAIRE CHALLENGE STUDENT!!

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