$1,575 profit SGLB Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm dip buying this 3d printing that spiked to the 4s this morning just tweeted a new article about 3d printing medical supplies https://tim.ly/3auLf1r only a matter of time before everyone realizes it and it can respike, goal is to sell in the 3s

Exit comments: Absolutely beautiful, not gonna get greedy though, just taking singles left and right, the company tweeted coronavirus news about their product, it doesn't get much more obvious than that, although they should've done PR too

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Windwalzer Mar 25, 1:38 PM

So this was a late morning dip buy. I am getting a better library in my head about being adaptable and always looking for that pattern that may work. Thank you.

chrispham82 Mar 25, 4:12 PM

This is awesome! I'm excited and pumped up! I can't wait!!!

onteng Mar 25, 10:52 PM

if you see chart 30 second , you can see 3.3

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