$351 profit CYBN Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this STT Breaking News alert, Steve Cohen just bought nearly $20 million of this play, goal is to make 10-20%, should run overnight as more people see

Exit comments: I'm locking in my roughly 10% profits as I'm just nto sure it can get back to the .48s like last night or the .52s like it was premarket...perhaps I should've sold into either of those spikes, but I wanted to be patient and give it time given the solid news. Potential re-buy into any big panic or spike with big volume, just remember to lock in singles along he way

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Shonquel5 Sep 18, 4:38 PM

Saw it reached 5, 10 day highs earlier today. I'm in also!

sjcinct Sep 19, 8:21 AM

👍 thanks Timmay!!!!! (Couldn’t resist!😁)

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