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springstead Oct 11, 10:47 PM

On 10/6 @ 2:46 picked up 900 shares of OPTT at $1.26 I kept it over night missed our on a nice pre market spike on 10/7 after the market opened it stalled I sold on the first sell alert at $2.45 and made $171 on 10/7 at 9:36 I picked up 400 shares at $2.83 and another 100 shares at $3 at 11:50 I sold 500 shares at $3.45 for a total of $464 in profit on OPTT. THANKS Tim

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bdd9326 Oct 21, 7:10 PM

Tim, can you let us know what your stop loss is set at for some of these plays?

Millionsarecomming Oct 21, 8:37 PM

I have multiples entry/ exit points you can check the whole trade here I Uploaded a picture with all of them, I didn't trade very well, I think I got lucky. At the end I made almost 15k

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mwg63 Sep 27, 7:53 PM

Knowledge Account Increased.

sultanzeb Sep 29, 6:00 PM

I lost from TATT and many others as well but learning how to act after the alerts as some goes up really fast where we shouldn't buy...

StefanSchwarz13 Oct 09, 4:32 PM

Thanks Tim for all of your lessons. I'm definitely waiting for the alerts and the right plays, but I think I'm missing other plays that should be obvious to me but just aren't quite yet!

SHEANN Oct 09, 5:26 PM

Learning every day, thanks Tim.

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hoantran7286 Sep 24, 5:06 PM

I can't get into the price you give.

Daleburt92 Sep 24, 5:34 PM

So I signed up for Tim’s supernova alerts, paid 399 for the quarter of the year, how do I know for sure I’m signed to to receive sms messages on my phone. Thank you

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loucf Sep 07, 7:21 PM

Thanks Tim that was a great one . Hate to say I could not play this one was working. Thanks again awesome

Miya2018 Sep 08, 9:26 PM

Great! But I did not play it.

springstead Oct 06, 1:03 AM

After receiving your watch list on 8/21 I picked up 27402 shares @ .0096 at a cost of $263. On Friday 8/28 I sold 24402 shares @ .0262 $639.33 and 3000 shares @ .0269 $80.70 for a profit of $457.03. On Monday 8/30 picked up 35900 shares @ .0301 $1080.59 sold it 59 min. later @ .042 $1507.80 for a profit of $427.21. Two day total $1066.54 all while at work my first day trade ever. I am now a supernova alerts subscriber and I’m taking the 30 day boot camp training

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vwolfe1 Aug 26, 8:56 PM

This is Awesome! Thank you! great lesson!!!

Boiler2002 Aug 28, 5:33 PM

learning to tweak the premarket/intraday scan for my daily watchlist...... I must have missed something here... what were your filters to run the desired scan?

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RRPpops63 Sep 17, 6:17 PM

Your reasons for getting into the trade in the first place cannot help you once you have committed your hard earned money into the market. Cutting losses quickly is your first and only line of defense when the trade goes South. . Must keep this on MY FOREHEAD moving forward. Thanks Tim

Carey16w Oct 18, 2:27 PM

I will cut loses early!!

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