$534 profit AITX Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this former Supernova that's having a solid first green day today, the CEO just went on a roundtable with CEOs trying to go after illegal short sellers and he's teased a video update and AMA on Sunday https://tim.ly/3X1PVDg so I'd love to see a PR next week from him regarding illegal short-selling and its an AI play too...very similar setup as GTII last week which works so well, goal is to make 15-30%

Exit comments: Taking profits here since its basically hit my goals and there's a massive wall of sellers at .0105. so this is probly best case scenario since this isn't a hugely volatile stock (unless they have a PR) I'm also not sure if I'll be around at the market open on Monday, but if I am its a potential re-buy on any big volume/news or intraday panic, just remember singles add up, I'll have a video recap here over the weekend

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Calljoeblack Feb 03, 2:33 PM

Long 50000 shares. May add more at end of day.

trader_22522 Feb 03, 2:48 PM

Long 100k but I was late, entered at 0.0101

trader_22522 Feb 03, 3:29 PM

sold 100k at 0.0103, no gain no loss is not bad

Lucky7paws Feb 03, 4:03 PM

@timothysykes bought 70k at $0.01 and sold at $0.0115. Starting small but made solid 15% gain.

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$750 profit BZFD Long Stock

Entry comments: Early morning buy on this news https://tim.ly/3Dl2GSj on this beaten down stock, PERFECT January Effect play with solid new deal with Facebook/Instagram, let's see how far it can go, goal is t make 10-20%

Exit comments: It probly goes more but I'm now in customs office at airport and can't focus on this trade, will explain everything later, aye aye aye, potential dip buy into intraday panics all day, this is gonna be an interesting day for this one

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paqustee Jan 26, 9:49 AM

made a quick 1 k at the opening thks to you got out fast cause i was scared of the early hype

Sidewayztoprofits Jan 26, 10:05 AM

Customs may have saved you from BZFD! Good luck with customs!

donlyng Jan 26, 12:59 PM

Keep making those moves!

trader_22522 Jan 27, 5:16 PM

I have a small account so only bought 1k shares on the alert and got out really fast, made $120 all thanks to you.

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$540 profit PRAX Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm dip buying this big morning spiker/breakout on a big dip off its highs on solid insider buying https://tim.ly/3GGwF8g I think it can run later today or next week on this news/move, gal is to make 10-20% on the bounce, small $ position though as this stock is very choppy

Exit comments: Just found out I might be flying Tuesday at the pen (the markets are closed on Monday for MLK Day) so I'm locking in this safe single as it looks to have just topped at 3.60ish on its rebound attempt too

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Thom7 Jan 28, 12:19 PM

I love it. Third time is a charm.

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Jason7282 Jan 09, 7:27 AM

thanks for the heads up Tim!

NeHiOrange Jan 09, 10:45 AM

Thanks very much, Tim. Extremely helpful ! Shalom.

mwg63 Jan 10, 4:32 PM

Knowledge Account Increased

2TheMoon Jan 11, 4:12 AM

Glad I watched this one. You basically confirmed what I was witnessing in the market, so I've been taking small gains in and out and finding it rewarding cause most of the spikes don't seem to hold.

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$396 profit BMXI Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this late day runner/former Supernova on this news https://tim.ly/3i03Zi8 of a ridiculous analyst price target of $6, what a pump! Let's see how far it can go, it already hit .21ish so I'm catching it on a slight dip, goal is to make 15-30% today/tomorrow

Exit comments: Nice little win here just getting my feet wet with this new market environment, the stock keeps going now in the .23s so perhaps I'm playin too safe, but when a play is up 300% in a day I get a bit worried, I wish it would've slowed down and gapped up/morning spiked tomorrow, but I'll take what the market gives me, video lesson coming too

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rechinu Jan 09, 1:04 PM

Thank you for the lesson

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$860 profit GTII Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this former runner that's showing signs of big spiking in heavier than normal volume, its holiday trading so I can be more speculative, goal is to sell in the 1.20s or 1.30s

Exit comments: Beautiful weekend gap up and morning spike so I'll lock in my profits here, slid single on a speculative trade

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