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charlieandrys Feb 23, 3:31 PM

How come you didn’t buy into this but posted something about it?

jenHewy Feb 23, 3:37 PM

Great supernova, but I'm with charlieandrys, the alert didn't seem clear to me

mwells1605 Feb 23, 3:50 PM

Late getting alert. In at 7.18, out at 7.81. Still new and Learning, watching videos. Not a big gain, but a profit regardless. Every trade and lession helps for the next.

Nrg10 Feb 23, 3:52 PM

Can we get supernova alerts like GNPX that don't spike for less than one hour and then drops significantly? The last 2 supernovas were not really supernova plays.

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MDM Feb 21, 11:05 PM

Has anyone had this happen??? I recieved an email from TD Ameritrade about day trading Finra regulations subjects my account to increase equity requirements to maintain a minimum of 25,000 in equity on day trading, if anyone can help .

charlieandrys Feb 22, 3:08 PM

@MDM Due to the PDT rule, you can only day trade 3 times during Monday-Friday... unless you have $25,000+ in your brokerage account. Do not exceed the 3 times a week or else they will ban you from trading for like 90 days. Happened to me.

MDM Feb 22, 3:29 PM

@charlieandrys oh ok, thanks alot , I was over trading...A big No No in Tim's book. Well I'm a newbie and didnt listen, that's what I get, was losing money anyway. Thanks again Charlieandrys , I'm learning.....

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us1tahoe Feb 15, 12:01 PM

Unfortunately I was testifying in an arbitration case and did not see the alert on time... However, we know there will be mor.e....

seth03 Feb 18, 1:47 AM

Thank you for the lessons Tim! been watching all the videos in your contents as much as i can while im working on graduating this April, i want to learn more and accept your challenge when i finish!

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$74 profit ENRT Long Stock

Entry comments: This Lithium play is breaking out of a multiday base in the .03s, spiking 50%+ today already on record volume since Tesla is hitting alltime highs and this old ENRT news is being spread around on social media how their lithium is useful for electric car markers, see tweets like this and that makes me think this can go Supernova, a potential 50-100% more in spiking this week, cut losses at .04 if it fails since its so speculative, solid upside though

Exit comments: No overnight press release and Tesla is dropping 7% at the market open on an analyst downgrade so I'm cutting this one for minimal was a 40% winner from my buy alert, but the big Supernova move doesn't look to be panning out so potential re-buy only when Tesla is doing better and/or they issue a press release that spikes the stock with volume. Good first test for Supernova Alerts, I'll do a video lesson with a full recap shortly

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andresh100 Feb 09, 9:59 AM

I received the alert in my email wished i had received it by text message so i could get into the stock on time

us1tahoe Feb 10, 7:53 AM

I reached out via phone due to the non text messages as well and it has been over 72 hours with no return call. I called last week.

willisstan Feb 13, 8:29 PM

I am not receiving your alert. I requested it by text and email.

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Dbadas1no6 Feb 05, 8:14 PM

What's the software you are using during these videos? I have a TD Ameritrade account and when you look at charts there's NOTHING active and dynamic enough to show prices on a rollover.

Dbadas1no6 Feb 05, 8:16 PM

There are a lot of videos to watch, which is good, that's why I signed up, to learn. Is there a tracking mechanism that indicates we watch a video entirely, partial, etc.? For example, I almost watch Supernova #1 again.

garym6020 Feb 05, 9:12 PM

Thank you Tim. Learning, Learning, Learning!

Weefirepengy Feb 06, 2:37 PM

@Dbadas1no6 Tim uses Stocktotrade. Amongst other things but that's what he uses most in the video.

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OcularShinobi Jan 30, 8:52 PM

@timothysykes Great video. Very excited to be a part of this program and community. Going to be watching through my scope tomorrow for my favorite friday short squeeze pattern, it's been doing me damn well lately.

Lilanwhite Jan 31, 12:47 PM

Appreciate the knowledge Tim, Thank you.


I took that INO trade thinking I was being smart and adapting to the market. Started buying in the 5.70s watched it go up more overnight. Took a a small profit. tried to dip buy it on the first red day. Watched this video. Studied more. You're right.. I was stupid and still am. But I'm not lazy!!

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