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Wolf_fang Jan 18, 11:25 AM

Safety was the name of the game on Friday, just watched and made no trades.

dickie_dew Jan 18, 1:17 PM

always appreciative of the lessons

Holdmytexan Jan 18, 10:51 PM

Thanks for the lessons boss. Understanding you can be wrong on any play, sell into strength, and follow rule #1!

JoyLouise Jan 19, 12:23 AM

Thank you Tim! Enjoying these videos and holiday reading of An American Hedge Fund! Love the added tips for AITX & TPTW

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Timsstudent Jan 13, 11:16 PM

I got in at .074 and put at .15at 440 shares

Timsstudent Jan 13, 11:28 PM

Excuse me....a lil over 1000 shares...not just 440

dthetinttrap007 Jan 14, 2:49 PM

This happened on my b'day great gift Tim but just watching and learning and for ONUR123 Try ameritrade they allow OTC trading but charge 6.95 for them all but free on most trades , they have been fine with me so give them a shot and good luck mate. Thanks Tim

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js2020 Jan 08, 12:05 PM

@timothysykes FTFT would of been a great SupverNova call.... did you miss it?

sarki Jan 08, 6:59 PM

I missed MGTI today, I’m trade on Robinhood app, Robinhood doesn’t have MGTI stock. Can you please give me the name of stock broker where I can found every stock Thank you in advance!

sidtrader Jan 09, 4:30 AM

Got my first winner today. Thanks for the guidance.

Btl2005 Jan 17, 1:14 PM

Tim thanks on this alert. I held it until day 4.

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Jmeehan2020 Dec 30, 20 4:36 PM

I got caught on this one, liked the price action and bought 1000 shares at .09 and sold quickly after for a small loss of $42

Kjone Dec 30, 20 5:56 PM

Thanks for alerting only solid plays as I like to watch the stocks the way they follow through after getting in and out. Also, I disagree that it's not fun to sell too early because it is an awesome feeling to get out knowing that other opportunities will always present themselves!

Holdmytexan Dec 30, 20 7:17 PM

Thanks for the lessons boss, I was in another play when you alerted this one but I did watch the way it ended. Like you I thought it would have continued on that news, crazy market tho lol

SHEANN Jan 04, 1:29 AM

Learning every day, thanks Tim.

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iamjfc Dec 29, 20 12:45 AM

PS. Sorry for the multiple posts. Stupid tablet

Aech8478 Jan 04, 10:37 AM

We want QUALITY alerts over quantity. If you want more alerts, sign up for another service whether it's Tim's or not. Tim has hand-picked stocks that were the BEST performing stock of the day and next day out of thousands of stocks. The strategy is 3-5 alerts / month, if you don't like it, look for more picks elsewhere.

Aech8478 Jan 04, 10:37 AM

The Supernova system works if you're patient and disciplined. If you were to double your $ once every 2 months, in a year that would be a 64 multiplier of your initial investment. No dilution on stock picks please.

loucf Jan 05, 8:00 PM

Hi Tim I prefer slower ones thanks TIm good lesson

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ibrahim_zacharia Nov 10, 20 7:14 PM

Hi Tim, I'm not getting alart by phone, can you please check that? Thanks I'm very new student of yours

JR13803173 Nov 23, 20 10:28 AM

None of the DVDs are opening

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springstead Oct 11, 20 10:47 PM

On 10/6 @ 2:46 picked up 900 shares of OPTT at $1.26 I kept it over night missed our on a nice pre market spike on 10/7 after the market opened it stalled I sold on the first sell alert at $2.45 and made $171 on 10/7 at 9:36 I picked up 400 shares at $2.83 and another 100 shares at $3 at 11:50 I sold 500 shares at $3.45 for a total of $464 in profit on OPTT. THANKS Tim

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