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nrssangel Jul 21, 7:49 PM

Long but I do want to learn how to trade under ANY market condition. Will likely be a long time before my account could take the risks of shorting.

jimbocoy1 Jul 22, 3:58 AM

Thanks Tim, long and learning lots in this market and won on $SERV also.

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$830 profit SERV Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm still trading afterhours near midnight as this one is breaking the day high, can't even tye fast enough, alraedy 9.20s, goal is the high 9s or 10s, what a runner

Exit comments: Nearly $1/share and its nearly midnight here and all I want is sleep, I won't get greedy, singles add up, best trade of the day for me, just playing the breakout, will do video lesson this weekend, congrats to soooo many on SERV and RR too!

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Wacker Jul 19, 5:26 PM

Catch-em-up 👍👍

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