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Androo Jan 16, 11:53 PM

Thank you Tim, very cool!

Androo Jan 16, 11:55 PM

@timothysykes bring back TRADER CHECKLIST! Hands down your best guide, especially the Sykes Scale! Ive watched it twice so far but its down atm

rmnotes Jan 17, 12:08 AM

Great interview and Introspective Tim

KeepStudying101 Jan 17, 2:58 AM

i enjoy watching the interview but, i wish he asked more questionns. and went off script like steve harvey did in that interview. he looked like he wasn't as interested as steve was. get lessons though. mindset was the best

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$972 profit HIPH Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this strong first green day move on an OTC former runner with this seemingly great news not sure if I'll hold overnight, we'll see how it acts into the close, but I think it can close strongly and my goal is to sell in the .08s or .09s today or tomorrow

Exit comments: Nice strong close as expected so I'm playing it safe and locking in solid profits for my small $12k Etrade account, nice little win of nearly $1,000! No need to risk overnight even though tomorrow should be solid too...these are the types of trades EVERY small account trader should take

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Kingsalini Jan 15, 4:10 PM

I remember this one from Orlando

kondash4 Jan 16, 5:36 AM

Thanks Tim. Lesson learned:I need to react quicker when news reports come out.

southbay Jan 16, 9:29 AM

you used over 70% of your account on this trade?

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Remember this overall market has bounced SO much the past few days, we're due for a selloff and that selloff could get ugly fast, so please be safe!

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