$1,167 profit SINT Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this big runner yesterday into the morning dip, goal is to make 7-15% on the bounce, cut losses if it dips past 1.90, could be some shorts still who need to cover and get scared like yesterday's giant squeeze

Exit comments: Beautiful red to green move, not gonna get greedy, solid little gain here to start the day, always remember recent spikers/short squeezes, they can easily jump up again with the right price action

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rbee29 Aug 16, 12:04 PM

Did you buy pre-market?

Imad Aug 16, 5:40 PM

Awesome set up.

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schoky Aug 17, 3:46 AM

i am trading scared, so i am not scared to trade

anne Aug 17, 4:18 AM

If you trade scared with your knowledge and your trading plan then trading is not scary ..because you manage 98% of the trade. Kholentanne

sierra121500 Aug 17, 4:33 AM

If you trade scared, trading isn't scary!

RPhTrader Aug 17, 8:31 AM

Right on !! If you trade scared, trading isn't scary.

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