$206 profit PTOTF Long Stock

Entry comments: Former runner spiking on news of their first meaningful contract of their security system, lets see how high it can go

Exit comments: Out with small gains here as it's not spiking much, mainly due to nasty overall market with Dow down nearly 400 on China trade War fears...no need to be a hero today, be safe as this could get uglier, small loss of a few hundred dollars total is acceptable for me

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JRomero May 23, 7:29 PM

How much did Etrade charge on commisions for a 10k share trade?

Britt12b May 23, 8:37 PM

Studying checklist, Chris contacted me,as part of silver challenge?

Cellins May 24, 10:35 AM

i am so new to this, its starting to click but need more studying.

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MAParm May 23, 7:48 AM

Mornin’ Thanks Tim

PocketPAT May 23, 8:53 AM

I'll be keeping that First Green Day strategy in mind. 1) Solid FGD, 2) Catalyst (ideally news), 3) OTC (to avoid overnight gap downs), 4) Sell into opening spikes. "It works more times than not."

PocketPAT May 23, 8:54 AM

LMAO "freight trains". Hilarious.

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