$6,130 profit WATT Long Stock

Entry comments: Multiple chatrooms say Seeking Alpha PRO article coming out tomorrow, MR. http://tim.ly/supertrader even linked to it http://tim.ly/1mhGaOH should skyrocket the stock, not much downside given recent consolidation, goal is to make $1-2/share the next 1-2 days

Exit comments: Got a nice mid-day spike, now 12.99 so I played it too safe....as I said I HATE buying mid-day, volume is less, the moves are less, but this was uptrending and the news is being passed around in chatrooms/message boards and this stock moves fast so better safe than sorry...similarly I'm selling to lock in SAFELY, might re-buy later, but I don't trust mid-day moves like this, congrats to all longs, no way to lose $

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$1,782 profit MEDL Long Stock

Entry comments: Stock is running on CEO letter teasing upcoming announcement with Facebook...given MEDL's Hangwith is mobile video, this could be MASSIVE for this stock with a $8 million marketcap, goal is to sell at .30 or above in the next few days, also have longer term position, wanted bigger position but its running too fast

Exit comments: PERFECT 50% win, in one afternoon, out the next morning

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shiggity May 01, 14 11:55 AM

out at .31. eff. yes.

roozak May 02, 14 1:40 AM

Held MEDL o/n, I work 3rd shift, fell asleep after work, woke up at 9:45 to see that I had been crushed. Ive since re bought at .22, I hope it hits my avg so I can recoup. But then again @timothysykes is in the position long, I may have grit my teeth and tough this one out ...

PeeOn May 02, 14 6:42 PM

Shorted from .3-.2. Made over $100 in my tiny account. God Bless you master Tim!

PeeOn May 02, 14 6:44 PM

@wilsons22 When you can't get a decent entry long, always evaluate for a short.

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$1,401 profit VTNR Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying on the big dip near multi-day support, good risk/reward, goal is to sell in the mid 8s later today, also have http://tim.ly/timlong position

Exit comments: Got a little bounce but not enough to keep me watching all day, underestimated it as it's not 8.48 so I played a bit too safe, def watch my video lesson on similar VDSI dip buy the other day here http://tim.ly/1ktGLZD to see I buy on end of the day breakouts and intraday dips near technical support after big drops, same patterns over & over, learn it!

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wilsons22 Apr 30, 14 12:34 PM

is it too late for isr? wait for a dip maybe?

PeeOn Apr 30, 14 12:54 PM

+2K on shorts with my tiny pee-on account! Thank you Master Tim.

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tsolo Apr 30, 14 3:00 PM

@Kevlar5150 Dude, you sound like a cheerleader...I'm learning a boat load of information. But the way the chat-room is be advertised and pushed this will continue to be an issue because of new traders or investors. Its incredible on how much you have to weed out during trading hours lately. Not to say the moderators aren't doing a good job, just remember they are traders too.

Kevlar5150 Apr 30, 14 3:12 PM

Yea bud I'm with you, but I'm not a cheerleader I just say it how I see it... Not saying that sometimes the way I see things are not all F***ed up lol, I have learned tons and I use this system and it works, some days are better than others.

AngelinGuraj Apr 30, 14 8:07 PM

You're all retards and shouldn't even be in the chat. Its people like you guys above that spam the chat with nonsense. Get real, get serious and be humble

tembotanu5 Apr 30, 14 11:49 PM

may your shorts come down and your longs go up.

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