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pamuhamed77 Jun 05, 1:18 AM

I love your spirit Tim, very motivational conversation.

jtamychang Jun 05, 1:21 AM

Everyday there's a lesson to learn. Yesterday I applied a long strategy that Matt shared in a recent video and had my best overnight longs with $CIDM and XSPA. Study hard and the A-Ha moments are there for you to catch. Thank you all for your valuable lessons.

Kamrul Jun 05, 1:42 AM

oh god. tears cleaning the carrots. KIlled me lol

branwillm87 Jun 05, 1:47 AM

Lmfao. Short squeezes aka nipple clampers. You crack me up.

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$1,710 profit CRGE Long Stock

Entry comments: Trying one more since this is spiking into the close on rumors of new merger, already hit .032 so my goal is to to sell back there, not sure if I'll hold overnight its running fast, goals it the .03s or .04s

Exit comments: It restested earlier highs but not a convincing breakout into the close so I take my single here, worth a shot in this crazy market, but I can't hold a stock that doesn't breakout strongly into the close, probly a better potential dip buy into the pattern tomorrow

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Windwalzer Jun 04, 7:57 PM

Dip buys. I working on those. Thank you.

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$1,605 profit CREX Long Stock

Entry comments: Breakout over day high and yesterday's highs too, goal is to make 10-20% on the breakout, could be quick like yesterday was

Exit comments: Got a little breakout but massive wall of sellers at $3.50 and overall market fading so I'll just take my single here and not risk it, something like +$15k today for me today just insane

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Windwalzer Jun 04, 7:44 PM

I had a line drawn on my chart and it was a perfect b/o. To bad I wasn't around to enjoy it. Nice trading and thank you for sharing. I'm getting more educated every moment.

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