Happy weekend, check out the incredible month these 4 great challenge students just had: https://tim.ly/2XHzZtm retweet/favorite & congratulate them too, $170,000 in profits between them, use that as motivation to study harder daily, especially on weekends! Really dig through the http://tim.ly/jbook book & all the video lessons/DVDs/webinars you have access to!

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cfm1320 May 30, 9:42 PM

Great video! Now I know why my orders were not filling. Also, getting to see how an order is executed and the thought process behind it, very helpful. 👍

kelii1318 May 31, 6:29 AM

That intro though haha <3

night_knight May 31, 10:20 AM

Its trading on 27th May, Wednesday isn't it? Took me a while to realise. Was wondering why you would go short on a first green day. haha

reverselong May 31, 11:05 AM

the mischievous smile at the end toasting to taking money from new traders LOL

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SurfinWaves May 31, 9:26 AM

It is my goal and my dream to make 48k a month. I will not stop pushing until I get there. Thanks for all that you do Tim. You really do keep it real. And even though I get frustrated at times, your realness and brutal honesty has really pushed me to be better and I feel like I have turned a corner recently. Thanks again!!

Cybermax1 May 31, 12:33 PM

I would definitely love to make 48k in a month, consistently. Lots of learning and studying to do yet though as I am new to this.

rabbit196568 May 31, 12:39 PM

Would love to make 48,000 in a month! And I will!

therealmcdougal May 31, 1:24 PM

Congratulations Jack, Kyle, Matt, John, all students that are profiting! So awesome and encouraging, that's why I love this community and KNOW that our teachers, mentors and students are REAL.

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$1,360 profit GMBL Long Stock

Entry comments: Trying one last dip buy into this intraday panic on a big runner, overall market dropping hard on tough Trump talk on China, this is $1/share off its recent highs, would love to sell into bounce in the $8s

Exit comments: Yesssssss, market bounce and I've finally made a good trade, just buying into panic, that seems to be the key for me lately, even if its late day, I'll take it and can finally rest easy after some pretty unspectacular trading day, really the past 2 days, video lesson coming still

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Hammadi53 May 29, 3:44 PM

I bought it for 8.09 i made $1.18

Windwalzer May 29, 9:05 PM

Adapting, you are proving what you teach. It's good to see to help understand the process. Thank you so much.

RChen May 30, 9:25 PM

Nice. thanks

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WRTC might be runner into the close given the whole riot situation but then again main officer involved in the George Floyd's killing was just arrested so we'll see...

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