$260 profit DLTH Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this spiker on massive dip, aiming to make 50 cents/share on the bounce

Exit comments: Zzzzz, weak bounce, can't get over key level of 10 like I wanted, initial spike seems to be the best here, CLVS dip buy into its morning panic seems to be a better option today

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$875 profit DLTH Long Stock

Entry comments: New earnings winner breaking out of multi-month base, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share

Exit comments: Whewwww, what a rush, hit my goals on huge volume, I'll take it and not get greedy, pays to recognize a good setup, classic breakout over $10 resistance

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DeMattia73 Dec 05, 9:45 AM

Wow so fast but cool to see the stock follow the breakout level and then continue up to the resistance at 11 and then drop right back down.

DeMattia73 Dec 05, 11:28 AM

What made you watch DLTH this morning? Did you see the earnings news - if so where/ is there somewhere you check in the morning for earnings news generally as you make your morning watch list?

Manhunter Dec 05, 12:03 PM

you picked the absolute top to exit and called for 75 cent goal it in your initial plan setup, amazing trade and execution

AGray_KaliSun Dec 05, 11:16 PM

I don't understand this choice of stock. I try to review your early morning suggestions before I head to work, and the Tuesday watchlist I receive in my email inbox, plus I research other sources. This particular stock is listed in neither of your references this week ???? Curious; how did you find it or what prompted your purchase? How were you alerted? Do you all have alerts in this platform somewhere when previously unwatched stocks just spike? Thx.

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andrewtucker Dec 05, 2:41 PM

Watched your recommendations for 3 days. Took your advice to buy CLVS on a dip. First trade ever with Profitly. Lost $200. PISSED. Feel like I’m being scammed.

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$1,150 profit PTI Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this late day breakout on a multi-day winner after several days of consolidation and they're presenting at a conference in 2 days, should be nice enough reasons to keep the breakout going to the high 2s or even low 3s later today or ideally into a morning gap up tomorrow!

Exit comments: NICE solid overnight win on this breakout play/short squeeze, premarket video lesson coming on this, doesn't get much easier than this for 10% gains

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Hong1689 Dec 04, 7:42 AM

I bought at 2.66 sold next Day morning at2.85 profited $152 (7%) 😊🙏🏻🌈

firstgreenday Dec 04, 7:59 AM

Great call Sykes, All the catalysts add up to go !! I see this now, i was dubious to traded this at breakout as my previous attempts had failed. Still learning, did take the trade overnight, Pleasantly took a winning trade

jupiter6man Dec 04, 10:11 AM

Glad you got out i tried it didnt fill waited till market open got filled then took profit no more overnight holds for me for a while

JTrades21 Dec 04, 11:00 AM

Great win Tim! I saw this coming to as soon as I save enough money I’m changing the game

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$738 profit DRIO Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this premarket spiker on a $2/share dip off its highs on news with Walmart https://tim.ly/2YaFeBD small position in case it dips more, but looks to have support at $9ish and I'd love to sell near the open int he $10s or $11s

Exit comments: Got back to the 10s, but pretty solid wall of sellers there so I'll take my single and not be greedy, nice little premarket winner

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AGray_KaliSun Dec 03, 2:35 PM

Ummmm...when was this at $2?? I was trying to find that dip this morning. I only saw premarket lows of around $5 or so. Did you buy it at $2 this morning or a previous day?

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gjbailey36 Dec 05, 8:31 PM

I like 50 % bounces, but I LOVE 100% bounces!

DanVN Dec 06, 1:01 AM

i saw this when it play, but i get in by accident, so it scared and i sold too quick. :)

timothysykes Dec 06, 6:28 AM

@therealmcdougal yup, it's crazy how few people want to study the past when these patterns are so CRUCIAL to their future!

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($360) loss CANF Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this new runner that's breaking past 2 day highs and looks to be a solid short squeeze like I wanted on Friday morning, just hit the 4.90s, I think it can get back there later today or early tomorrow

Exit comments: No bounce, rule #1 cut losses quickly, especially speculative late day short squeezes like this

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204edoane Dec 02, 3:37 PM

Will it recover went to 4.66 back to 4.20 and looked like it was rising again

moneymaking1043 Dec 02, 3:41 PM

React dont predict. Very important lesson to remember. ^

Kari Dec 03, 3:05 AM

Great lesson , if you wanna avoid risks, stay away from these late day speculative short squeezes, Thanks Tim!

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RIVX keeps bouncing, now into the $6s, a 100% bounce off the lows, WOW, congrats to all longs, I played WAY too safe, but it's so illiquid so no regrets!

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Monopolist Dec 02, 11:18 AM

RIVX was not showing on my chart at all, it was so beautiful. Your classic pump'n'dump pattern, awesome stock :D.

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$464 profit RIVX Long Stock

Entry comments: I missed initial panic in the low 3s but this is a PERFECT http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern so I'm in, goal is to make 10-20% on the bounce

Exit comments: Got a little bounce, not bad considering I missed initial dip into 3.11, really would prefer more volume too so I'll take what I can get here

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othelloucb Dec 02, 9:56 AM

What scanner did you use to find RIVX?

Terrynho Dec 02, 11:18 AM

Hold till $6s, then got out. Thanks a lot Tim

Terrynho Dec 02, 12:47 PM

Bought CANF @ 3.24, sold @ 3.86

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