[TimChallenge] @swisstrade sorry couldnt reply for some reason. i kind of expected $ADXS to halt here at 7.00 and bounce a little. not sure if its going to keep going or not i doubt it... its already red for the day big time!!! again sorry for the open message.


[TimChallenge] $CUBA speculative buy on this midday b/o. In $9.80, chickened out at $9.93...too many sellers around $10 and it is very slow. No catalyst, only multi month b/o, so playing extra safe.


[TimChallenge] $AMLH announced this week that it has completed the acquisition of a petroleum distribution center and convenience store located in the area of Butler County, Pennsylvania. I think these guys bought a gas station.


[TimChallenge] $BBEP is down 75% this year but it's a real company. Market cap is still over 2.5 bil. If you think oil is coming back and they are not at risk then they might be a good long play for sure. You need to do research on them. If oil suddenly comes back then yeah a lot of this depressed oil stock are going to jump but I figure we all know that.


[TimChallenge] $KEG seeing a rise in price, and as I am still pretty new to this, I am trying to see if there was a pattern to identify on this stock. There was a big jump in Dec off of oil price news, but this morning it shot through some points of resistance within minutes and can't find anything that would support that jump. Is this a stock that I shouldn't be looking at due to volatility? Is this something I should look to short if it reaches a point of resistance again? Any input...

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