$17 Profit
LYFTLong Stock
$18 Profit
MTPLong Stock

Pre market play, low float


($26) Loss
TEDUShort Stock

Fridays are not the day to short. However, I felt the set up was there on a green to red move. It was on a third green day spiked then had a hard pull. I was giving it time, maybe gave it to much. It started to grind back up and again being Friday I took no chances and got out. Ended up fading later but protect is the name of the game. CLQ ALL THE TIME!!


($309) Loss
NUGLShort Stock

This pump was bouncing for the past couple days and was looking weak. I decided to short some with the idea of it dumping red on the day. Gave it some time but it kept holding up so I got out for a loss. Really should've held off from taking the trade in the first place.


($16) Loss
FCELLong Stock

Second trade on this one, Entry 370K average .01836 Exit .023, decided to be a little more patient since the chart and movement were picture perfect... Amazing alert from Mr Sykes on this ticker!!!


$25 Profit
CEILong Stock

Entry comments: 15:55 - Buy 400 shares @2,56$ (+5$ fee = 2,5725$) Buy at oracle point. Wishing the price will follow the same movement it made on may 16th-17th-18th.

Exit comments: 9:53 - Sell 400 shares @2,33$ (-5$ fee = 2,3175$) [One of my first swing trade...] The stock didn't move up. I waited too much before to take my loss. Bad entry price...


($2) Loss
SANDLong Stock

15:15 - buy 100 shares @6.40$ (+5$ fee = 6,45$) Decided to buy this 52w-HIGH breat out stock at end of day wishing for a spike. But the float is big... Decided to swing to (at least) cover fees... 10:27 - sell 100 shares @6,48$ (-5$ fee = 5,43$) The price went up to 6,695$ (should have made little profit). Was waiting for more... but it drop down. Should have sell break even (at least)... Still learning


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