-$19 Loss
AIKILong Stock

Dip buy late afternoon, cut losses quickly


-$30 Loss
WNDWLong Stock

Breakout play but as i realized that there is not enough volume im out but i traded again and got out again with small loss. Better be safe than sorry.


-$17 Loss
PBILong Stock

Entry comments: Buy at 3:40 pm. HOD breakout

Exit comments: Buy at 3:40 pm. Sell at 3:42 pm. HOD breakout. Should have put a "stop, limit" order in instead of just a stop order. Stop order triggers the order to become a market order, where the stop limit order triggers the stop to a limit order. Thank you Riley from etrade walking me through it.


$50 Profit
AIKILong Stock
$4 Profit
AMCLong Option

Ugh, this was such a battle and nerve-racking. I was down $350 on this and kept averaging down and then this battled all the way back. As soon as I could get out for a small gain I got out. But then this spiked all the way to $7 in AHs. Huge miss opportunity now as tomorrow this play is prob a $7k gain or more. But i made the right move as i had no idea in predicting the short squeeze along with GME in AHs. This could have gone against me.



Entry comments: Got partial execution on this low priced GME sympathy play being hyped up, goal is to sell in the .10s or .11s, or higher could be fast, sketchy play

Exit comments: LOL this market is just stupid, thx to http://tim.ly/breaking for the alert here, potential dip buy on any big drop


-$21 Loss
PRTSLong Stock

Buy at 3:35 pm. Sell at 3:36 pm. Reasonable trade but fake out break out.


$40 Profit
GMELong Stock

Buy at 3:21 pm. Sell at 3:25 pm. risky trade for me... a dip buy!!! Just scalped some money. Wow this was a crazy stock to watch.



Breakout play but only partial fills for me but its a good lesson here as this is an insane market.



Entry comments: Dip buying this giant panic, one last dip buy today, classic http://tim.ly/bestpattern pattern

Exit comments: Nice late day bounce here too, this market is just absolutely insane, normally I wouldn't dip buy anything this late day but in this market I'm pushing it and being rewarded, now nearly $30k on the day for me


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